Worst Months of 2015

Someone already did the best months of 2015 and 2014 list, so I thought this woukld be ar relevant list, since it's the worst year of my life, so let's see which months I hated most in 2015.

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1 June

Oh gosh, June is usally a happy month where school has ended, but NO! In 2015, June deicdes to haunt me with the scariest nightmares ever, and the worst part is that I was playing a game which turned out to be the SCARIEST GAME EVER! Spiace Quest V, such a dissapointment, the first game in the series was really good, the second one was great, the third wa a masterpiece, the fourth one was meh, the sisth one was bad but playable, but this is something completely different! It's three words; Disgusting, Boring and SCARY! I hate this game, and I hope will never have to play this Star Trek rip-off agian! - darthvadern

2 December

Now, this is really uncommon that a December is bad, but I'll tell you why it sucked for me, it was the beggining of the nourishment drink period which began on December 7th 2015 and ended January 18th 2016. So basicilly, my whole December was ruined, at least I had a Lego city advent calendar so I had something good in December unlike in the disasther June! - darthvadern

3 March

Let's see, I don't remember anything from this month, which probably explains it was just a boring school month. - darthvadern

4 August

Beggining to 5th grade, the second worst grade I were in, I did remember the trip to Sala and the moose park, which was ok, but I can say that 5th grade was overall HORRIBLE! With impossible math exercises and yeah, overall, a BAD month. - darthvadern

5 September

This month in 2015 was kinda stressful for me first 2 weeks of school was super stressful except the first day - trains45

Now this month was much better than those disasters December and June, but, here's what I dislike about this month, I went to theaters to see Hotel Transylvania 2, I was so anticipated for it, because the first one was my favorite animated movie of all time, but NO! The sequel is everything wrong with the first movie, but WORSE! But at least my birthday was in this month. - darthvadern

6 November

It's funny how all the months that are usally my favorite are were the worst in 2015, this was the beggining of the nourishment drink period, with November 22th being the day I got to know this thing, I liked the party I were at earlier this month, but overall this month is below averege. - darthvadern

7 April

Not a bad month, just decent, I thought it was ok, my moms birthsay, easter was ok and overall a pretty decent month to an awful year. - darthvadern

8 May

May was actully quite ok, my trip to Parken Zoo was fun, school wasn't that annoying, this month actully looks like TheGodfather compared to 2017 May (OH H*LL NO THAT MONTH IS A DISASTER! ). - darthvadern

9 January

Went to Stockholm to a museum, was ok, overall, decent month. - darthvadern

10 October

This month was quite stressful for me worst around the 20th - trains45

The Contenders

11 February

I thought 2015 February was quite good, the semmel day was good, the temperature outside was good and I liked this month. - darthvadern

12 July
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