Top Ten Worst Months to Have Your Birthday On


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1 August

Yea it is my birthday month. I love this month very much, my Father was born on August and me. August is a popular month even lot of my friend are born on August. So you don't need to hate it.

What's wrong with this month? My birthday's in this month, my mum's birthday is in this month and my Grandma's birthday is in this month. It's my second favourite month of the year (nothing can beat December! )

Hey that is wrong I have my birthday on that month and I love it you idiots - 2storm

In christmas is the best day for a birthday

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2 February

Best month is February to celebrate the birthday. And as you are telling October month is best that's not true because it a bored month and people born on this month are fools and jealous of everything even they are guy. understand idiot people

This is my birth month, my birthday is on the sixth. It has always been such a cold and miserable time of year. One time, there was such a big blizzard on my birthday, that we were all trapped in the house and all the power went out! - NerdyPweeps

Imagine having your birthday on the 29th of february, the leap day. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

I don't know why the hell you got 2 dislikes bro (I liked it to give 1 dislike) - sryanbruen

I'm born in February but cause I live on the other side of the world its summer when it's my birthday

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3 December

This is the worst month. I too have been told to pick a gift under the tree. I constantly get forgotten. Money's tight the majority if the time because everyone is spent from Christmas. Many times I have not had a birthday cake. I hate being told happy belated Birthday constantly, or on Christmas, "Oh it yeah it was your Birthday a few days ago." Also as soon as the gift is opened, your a second string again to Christmas. That is really it your birthday is over. It is onto Christmas. When family is over from out town for Christmas you will be forgotten.

I agree many people may not be well off enough, to have a Birthday Cake. However when you that your loved ones do, and they don't because they forget, or over spent for Christmas, you can not help but be disappointed.

Because of this I go out of my to make others Birthdays in my family bigger and better.

Have a Merry Christmas!

I was born 5 days after Christmas so on Christmas I get some stuff and then I have nothing that I really need and then I have to wait till Christmas if I want something in the middle of the year. My sister was born in May so when it's Christmas she gets stuff she wants and when May comes she has time to get bored of them and then gets new stuff she wants for her birthday.

I was born exactly a week before Christmas, and it's good because I would always get double presents. But I did get bored with some of my stuff in the summer and had to wait the longest. - PositronWildhawk

Worst month ever to have a bday, mine is the 21 and never have I ever gotten a gift on my actual birthday only on Christmas. All of my friends go back home or spending family time while I’m just sitting alone or working on my bday because no one remembers due to it being over shadowed by Christmas. It’s ok I’m not human, I don’t have a bday.

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4 September

September is the best month! They appear to be the smartest in their grade due to the elementary school cutoff, have nice weather so they don't have to wear a lame birthday tie. And many more reasons. Check my list called Top 10 Reasons Why September Birthdays Are The Best

My birthday is on September. It's September 13. - Kiteretsunu

In other ways, I saw December lower on this worst month list than September, Really? December and August should be #1 and #2

I hate to have my birthday when school starts! Thank God mine is not that month

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5 July

Worst time to have a birthday especially around Independence Day since everyone is usually gone on vacation or away for fireworks, unless you enjoy the summer heat and summer vacation then it may be the perfect month for you

Not the worst month but it can be bad because its summer and no one will go to your party - peaceswagtv

I love it you can go to outside swimming pools and more mines the 14 of July every body that I invited comes because there not going until like the 20 I love it

In my opinion July is the best month to have your birthday in, because first, your birthday isn’t on a school day which can be very irratating and boring especially if your having a test on that day which can ruin that special day. Secondly, you would be a summer baby which is a very good thing as well as have a summer zodiac sign which is known to be the best out of all of em. In addition, you would be on vacation and enjoy your time. Finally, you would be a queen/king and you wouldn’t have to worry for making a party or any of that.

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6 June

You ALMOST get to see your friends at school, party with them all day long (especially since it's in the end of the school year, most teachers don't care that much), and everyone's in the hype to get school over with. You're all happy and then...

BAM! School ends on the 20th, and your birthday is on the 21st. Lol, first day of summer is also your birthday it sucks so much! Honestly I would cry if I had a summer birthday, even though summer is the greatest season.

June is not the worst month to have a birthday it is the best month of the year to be born December is the worst month to be born on and to have a birthday I was born on October 18th I wish I was born in June is my most favorite month of the year.

I wish my birthday was in June, my favorite time of the year, anyone who hates this month I will gladly trade you mine from October if I could the best and luckiest month to have your birthday summer is the greatest season. - Lordvader3500


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7 January

This is my birth month, I use to hate it at first because I was the only winter baby, my brother and cousins I grew up with was born in the summer time but over the years I grew fond of January and it's my 2nd favorite month of the year

No one will ever show up from the snow

Everyone thinks its okay to add your birthday to your Christmas gifts if it is early in the month.

Because of the winter season, any and all attractions and events that seem fun shut down right after Christmas and don’t open back up until the spring.

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8 November

My birthday is on November 9, usually around the time when no one else cares, let alone even remembers my birthday at all.

I don't celebrate my birthday as much because of the sheer amount of holiday clusters anyone has to put up with. We've just passed Halloween, we're planning thanksgiving and Black Friday so we can spend stupid amounts of money on a big holiday my family members and I could care less about, and that my friends is Christmas. (I'm Jewish, so bah humbug to you guys lol) So what makes you think anyone in your group of friends or your family would ever devote their easily busy schedule to even wish their son a happy birthday around this time. Hell, last year during my 14th, my older sister called me, but instead of birthday wishes, I got angry shouts and death threats because her baby brother "became gay." Not once did she even remember my birthday, nor does she even care. And half of my family members make it up to be just some ordinary day, nothing ...more

Yep your right, this is the worst month to be born also many serial killers where born on this is month so this should be number 1 who ever agrees the end of the year is in 2 months to January. - Lordvader3500

My birthday usually falls under Election Day, so people often forget my birthday in favor of talking about the election results.

My birthday is on 4 November I know many celebrities or people that shares my b-day

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9 May

May birthdays are the best! Warm weather but your friends aren't gone for summer yet. End of May is the best because that is usually when all the pools open so you can have a pool party! My birthday is May 23 aka the best birthday.

May might be a warm month, it is not really a good month to be born in because of allergies. Also the saying April showers bring may flowers is not true. April is really warm. Plus may doesn't have celebrations.

May rules actually the perfect month for a birthday there's only one bad thing watch out for tornadoes if its sunny and warm your fine if its raining thunder lighting hailing hard winds there's probaly gonna be a tornado but who knows I was born in april and a dang tornado came close by in cullman but I still had a good birthday and I got to see it me and my grandpa had to deliver caskets and then we saw the funnel of the tornado so we just said screw it lets go back before we see whats heavens like cause I wanna live me life I was 9 years old and my mom was angry and worried but we got a basement so we survived it didn't even came to us it was in cullman man tornadoes suck

Is good

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10 October

October is the best month. Not scorching hot anymore, but not yet freezing! I was born on October 13th and it's never rained on my birthday (that I can remember) and I can whatever I want since it's the happy medium between summer and winter. I love to go to the mountains and celebrate, the smell, the foliage, the lakes, everything in nature just seems extra prettier in October.

Yeah right, is my birthday month. What I have to say that I hate this month very much, I wish I was born on June. My birthday is in October 18th I was born on the worst month June is the best for birthdays May June and July rock for the best birthdays better than other months! - Lordvader3500

Yea it is my birthday month. I hate this month very much, I wish I was born on June. My birthday is in October 18th I was born on the worst month

This is my birthday month and I love it. I was born on Oct 1st, same day as my grand father. My Mother in Law is the 13, two aunties birthday is this month. My nephew, brother in law, sister in law, father in law Was the day before mine I had a boyfriend who's birthday a day before mine too

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11 April

1 day after April Fools. All my relatives have birthdays in Sept -Jan which are really close so everyone remembers everyone else's birthdays but since mine is in April they usually forget mine.

April Fools! Your whole life is a joke! - Censorship

Best month ever and the best day of that month is April 30th cause that's my birthday

April! 2 - 23windomt

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12 March

I've already commented on how terrible of a month to be born March is, but it is so bad I wanted to comment again. Now I have learned that people born in this terrible month have higher risks of heart disease. Also, what are supposed to be the best careers for March borns are bad for your health. The birthstones are terrible, too. Aquamarine just looks like Blue Topaz, to my knowledge a more durable stone. Blood Stone is just ugly. Jasper is ugly, too. The month itself isn't very good, either. You are very lucky if you where born in any month besides March. I'd much rather be born in any month but this terrible one.

Some of the people in the comments only like this month because its Justin Biebers birthday, that's not a reason to make it the best month to have birthdays in, the best month for birthdays should be based on the interests of that month like maybe the season its in or the holiday(if one) or if its during school year, the weather or maybe you knew someone special that you were close with in that month, if a sports season is starting or maybe you like it because its your birth month and you cherish your birth. Not because of a celebrity who you will most likely never meet and one who could probably care less if you fell down a well.

My birthday is in March, and I hate that. Of all the celebrities in the world, there is only one I like that has this birthmonth. There a lot of celebrities I hate born in this month, though. I'm not even close with anyone with this birth month. Also,this is just such a boring month. School is very boring at this time of the year. The weather is boring, too. It is typically still cold out, and by March I'm always sick of the cold. Spring does start in this month, but it normally doesn't get warm yet. Nothing special, besides Saint Patrick's day, which isn't that big a deal for me, happens either. That is why I hate that this is my birth month.

I think it is the worst birth month by a mile.

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