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1 September

Summer ends, school starts getting serious and you can't slack off, but anything you do seems pointless due to the lack of assignments in the grade book, all you can think about is the 9 months of torture ahead, you are in a frenzy because you don't know what your grades are and its difficult to get a foothold on the school year and gauge how hard you should be working on homework and in school during September. All this, while you are trying to get used to waking up at the crack of dawn and being forced to sit in a cold, dark room with 30+ students, when just a few weeks ago you were able to sleep in to you heart's content and could do whatever you wanted when you wanted without worrying about homework and grades! Also not to mention the 9/11 attacks anniversary and how bad September always is for the stock market and the economy!

September is not a good month at all. The 9/11 attacks occurred during this month, and school starts up which ruins your sleep schedule that you used during the summer. There is no holidays either, so nothing exciting happens during September. The only thing I like about it is the weather. Its nice and warm, not as hot as it is in the summer (but don't get me wrong, I really like the summer weather too). Other than that, September absolutely sucks in general. - TopTenJackson

September is great because it is the month where I get the first holiday from school. School starts in August in my district.

In Georgia, where I live, school starts in August and ends in May. - Sunwhisker

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2 February

Everything about Valentines Day. EVERYTHING.
Mainly for me, it's the fact that it starts up the WORST WEEK OF THE YEAR for me. Two days after is is my sisters birthday, where she starts acting all bossy and tells me she wishes I would die. Not to mention the fact that my low self esteem goes lower when this month makes me realize almost every person I know has been asked out at least once, but not me. My best friend has had two love letters, and has been asked out three times. I'm standing over here, forever alone. *Insert meme here.* The only good thing is chocolate, puppy bowl, and the beautiful last day of February. Did I mention it took me at least TEN YEARS just to learn how to spell February correctly?

Aka, worst month of the year for me. Why can't October come quicker? Somehow it is the month with the least days, but it still feels the longest.

This month isn't that bad because my birthday is only two days after Valentine's Day and then it's my mom's birthday two days after mine, but other than that this month is quite horrible because it's freezing cold where I live and plus I still have school and the work just gets harder. I would rather have my birthday in June or July at least its warm and there's no school to worry about.

I like February. I can stay in, look how heavy the snow is, and enjoy some hot chocolate. And best of all, school delays and cancellations. - Mariomaster63

It’s all because of that one hell day known as Valentine’s Day. Seriously that holiday can burn in hell - Gametheorysucks

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3 January

I actually quite like January. If you have your birthday on this month, you get Christmas present PLUS the amount of presents you got for your birthday. Also it's Martin Luther Kings Birthday, you know, the guy that made everything better and also there's that glorious warmth of sitting by the fire with hot chocolate of getting cozy in your warm, fuzzy, bed. Clearly, January is NOT that bad. Everybody is complaining but my opinion is March. I have allergies and it's basically death for me. I dread every year spring is around the corner.

Christmas decorations come down, I suffer from the January blues and you begin school again. January sucks because it's super cold and everyone is just waiting for spring to come around.

It may not be as depressing as September, but once the Christmas stuff gets taken down and forgotten, the remaining winter months gets a hell of a lot colder. - BKAllmighty

January is basically just the aftermath of Christmas and New Years. - Gametheorysucks

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4 November

November is my favorite month. It's the greatest. January is depressing because it's so cold and the year has started over. February is boring and slow. March is boring and I have so many friends born in March I have to go everywhere. Although I was born in April, I really regret it. Then comes May where summer starts and everything is anticipated. June is then so hot and way overrated. July is an equivalent to June. August is hot, school starts and it is very depressing. September is an equivalent to August and everyone has pretty much gotten older. October can be creepy. December is a great month despite it being cold. November is the only month where everything is happy and plus it's Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. November is the only month where there is no problems.

No! November is awesome! At least it isn't as crazy as January, or as boring as February, or as wet as March, or as forgettable as April, or as anticipating as May (your anticipating when school ends), or as HOT AS JUNE, or as overrated as July, or as depressing as August, or as serious as September, or as creepy as October, or as cold as December! The truth is, November is the only month that doesn't have anything wrong with it.

November is a cold bland month with nothing but mandatory stuff, and that continues into early December. September is warm, October is the month I was born and it's a happy one, December has Christmas, January has New Year and a free week and in February the weather starts getting better slowly. November has nothing fun in itself, as in my country we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so I hate this month.

Why is this on the list? We have Thanksgiving break and no school for some margin of the month. I think it's a pretty nice month overall.

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5 April

I don't remember getting hail or tornadoes in May here at North Texas. So I would rate May a lot higher than April because of severe weather.

The month I was born. I don't like it because it's always raining and there's tornados everywhere in April and May in Northeast Texas! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The month when I get into a lot of fights, get grounded, and get really angry (I don't know why it's this month). At least I can look forward to Easter.. - ethanmeinster

Weirdly enough, It's the same for me as well. Last year I got into three fights that month and smashed a chippy window. Not the best of ideas. - xfcuk-Swifty

April sucks

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6 March

I have my birthday at the beginning of the month. It is not bad as people claim, and yes it is very muddy in March but for me it isn't because I live down in the Southwest. It's a pretty nice month because it starts to become warmer and the temperatures start to become less cold.

The snow starts to melt at the end of this month, then it gets all muddy wherever you try to go for a walk. This month is super boring just like April and August. In this month you got to say goodbye to winter. I like winter

I was born in this month

The only reason I care about March is the March Madness tournament - Gametheorysucks

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7 August

School, I think, actually starts at late August. It usually does that for me. My birthday is also on September.

This is when I have to go back to school for the worst time of my life and too much stress. I hate it so much and I spend every night doing homework. From when I wake up to when I go to bed all I do is school :(

No brain! No Mom! No Dad! I don't want to be reminded that next month is HELL! Also you will start to prepare your clothes, books and your bags and accessories for school. - njalabi63989

My birthday is in August but school starts again😒

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8 May

It sucks because this is my birthday month. But this month also is about finals. And I'm stressed out more than I'm excited for my birthday. At least this year I can get drunk and forget all the stress I had over college finals since my birthday is days after this years' finals date. - Rue

Overrated, this is the month where you are begging for summer vacation

That's insulting, my birthday is in that month

Sure there’s Finals but then school ends so it’s a fair trade - Gametheorysucks

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9 October

This is the best month! Good people don't vote and you are good!

I hate October, it rains and is cold

No holiday is important. Besides Columbus Day... sorta? Whatever, this month is just terrible.

There’s nothing to like about October. It’s the last warm month but it’s rainy and Halloween is so overrated that I hate it altogether - Gametheorysucks

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10 December

December is mostly in the Fall. - NewYorkCityTopic

If you hate snow so much, move to southern california

That is literally the whole month. Same with November. - errrr

This is where weather starts getting bad but you get time off for Christmas - Gametheorysucks

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11 July

If July didn't existed you all will be controlled by britan

Awesome month. - Gametheorysucks

July should be 1

July sucks it is miserable... never ending stretch of 100 degrees and being stricken by lightning. Summer used to be the thing in youth... but now just sucks. I can't enjoy life without my shirt being drenched and having a heat stroke or being fried by lightning due to the turbulant bipolar-ass weather. Bring on October.

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12 June

What? School ends for summer break!

January, February, and March are in the spring. April, May, and June are in the spring. July, August, and September are in the Summer. And October, November, December are in the Fall.

But it's hot. School ends June 3rd because they built a new high school attached to the elementary building! - funnyuser

I was born in june! But I like school.

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