Judging based on irrelevant and inacurate resources

First of all, i agree with the fact that Onaga is one of the worst combattant in the series. He was boss after all, but a really easy and disapointing boss in my opinion. Should he return? I hope that he'll be way harder to defeat and unplayable if he's got to be a boss. All he has is his look to make him a contender for possible boss to return.

I also think that Blaze and Mokap deserve to be much higher on your list. Mokap was a joke character (An intentional joke though.) and so never really had the space or the spot that a character with a full storyline or bio was supposed to have. OK, he was overpowered in MKA, but still many characters were during that era in particular and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was kind of a compilation. I think they felt the need to introduce everyone in this game, regardless of how silly they were by doing so. Even Tremor, Monster would have had a bigger impact than Mokap imo.

Reptile, Nitara and calling a character that had only one shot and a story, bio in MKA stupid:

I really don't come close to understand why are those characters in the list. Hell, Reptile was so great they had to make him a secret character in the first game.:P If this is the top tens list, allow me to say that you guys really have poor taste in characters. But yeah, Reptile was a ninja first and then he turned into more of a lizard as the series moved forward. What's wrong with that?

Oh, yeah. He's not Scorpion i agree. So it seems there has to be a ninja in the top ten worst characters? Oh, but just introduce the less popular and most annoying of the original three. That's pretty easy for sure. I think Reptile is a really great character. Looking at all the others, he clearly doesn't belong in the top ten worst.

Seing my favorite character Nitara there also enrages me for she had only one or 2 games to prove her worth yet. Therefore, she never had the fair chance that Raiden or Scorpion had since the beginning. You could say she's not the only one but since you seem to dare introducing names like Taja or Tremor and Belokk in your top ten best characters when they were not even playable once in the series? They were only mentioned or seen. How would you dare judging a character that has been playable in two games harder than characters that we still don't have a clue about their gameplay?

The comments about Nitara are the most inacurate comments i've heard in the top ten MK characters list so far. How would she be stupid with no good reason? She had Shao Kahn killed (She made it easier for Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to do by distracting Reptile.) She made of Reptile her slave, gained Cyrax's trust and was the hero in MKDA since she's the only one who achieved her goal. All the other good guys died and Raiden failed.

There are other characters in the list like Quan Chi, that i think are just plain wrong choices when many characters weren't introduced in the series as often as he was. He's been everywhere since MKDA. But it must be annoying since he's not Scorpion or Raiden? He must be liked to this day.

So yeah, i think your list is just plain wrong since even Shao Kahn makes players curse still to this day but what does he deserve that Quan Chi doesn't? He was the big bad boss i agree. And used to be a cool one. But...

All that being said, I think this list is as biased as everyone's list sadly. Nitara is surely disliked by some but since the very first time she was introduced she became a fans favorite amongst the players community. She didn't have a fair chance yet and like Reptile, you can be assured that if they were introduced for three or four games in a row, there would be a backlash at the team of creators once they would dare taking them out for one game, as much as people started to complain when they decided not to add Scorpion and Raiden in one MK game after willingly making those two characters the characters that were the most seen or heard of in the series.

So, i think this list could have been way better. Really disapointed. Mostly when characters that no one has had the chance to play with yet are introduced in your top ten best characters. Don't judge or criticize a playable char, if you dare to criticize a non playable one.

That was just my opinion. Thanks for your time.