Top 10 Worst Motorhead Songs

Don't get me wrong i love Motorhead but not every song they have made is great these are the weakest out of the bunch

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1 March or Die

The lyrics are the only good thing about this title track because everything thing else isn't that good especially the insturmental which is so non Motorheadlike that if Lemmy wasn't singing I wouldn't have guessed this was Motorhead - christangrant

The only one I dislike.
I like the March Ör Die album, especially the song Hellraiser. But this song is the weakest.

2 Make 'Em Blind

Again another song that sounds nothing like a Motorhead song aside from Lemmys Vocals this song isn't very good it gets annoying at times - christangrant

3 Kingdom of the Worm

I don't know what it is but I don't like this song. - christangrant

4 I Ain't No Nice Guy

Motorhead are hit or miss with their ballads but this one has to be the weakest this ballad is pretty boring and is if it couldn't get any worse it features Ozzy Osbourne which we all know how good Ozzy is at singing ballads (Spoiler Alert he isn't good at singing them at all) - christangrant

5 Wake the Dead
6 Slow Dance

We Are Motorhead is one of Motorhead's more underrated albums but this and Wake the Dead aren't that good not bad but certainly could be better - christangrant

7 Fools

The weakest song from the 70s Motorhead albums - christangrant

8 I Don't Believe a Word

Don't get why this is on the list. It's one of Motorhead's best songs from the 90s. - Mumbizz01

How the hell is this one of their worst? It's one of their most underrated! - Haze

9 Dust and Glass

Wow, this is a terrible song by Aftershock’s standards.

10 Night Side

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11 Keep Your Powder Dry
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