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21 Ending Bakugan

Freaks. Doesn't anybody ever think a cartoon has quite a number of fans, and you just suddenly stop it with weird storyline? It was one of the best shows compared to the now running stupid cartoons! We want Bakugan back, with the story writers for new vestroia and battle brawlers, NOW!

I hate this show, this show is just a ripp of from Pokemon.

At first I wuz happy that Bakugan got canceld but now I regret it

I think they need to get bakugan on air... I mean why are u just trying to do something which is foolish
And bakugan creators shed at least try to make it 5th season

22 Calling Teen Titans Go! your "favorite show"

It makes me so mad! It's like they're forcing us to like it.

I hate when they said that!, It makes me want to destroy them - GenoKenneth

It used to be a good show but now it's annoying I feel like throwing the remote at the screen

That NIGHT BEGINS TO SHINE is really annoying I am 9yrs old and when I saw bad episode names I agreed because in Money Grandma had no grandma.if George Washington was alive today he will be fearoius. If they did that to Donald trump he will be mad I will feel bad for him...

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23 Premiering Johnny Test

Just like Teen Titans Go, I "USE TO" be a fan of johnny Test.

But unlike Teen Titans Go, There wasn't a episode that angered me,

I was just beginning to see the Pattern of every episode, Got bored & annoyed from hearing & seeing the same over & over & over again.

It has some good moments I recollect from time to time, But overall it just lame.

What makes it worse is how Cartoon Network made it last longer then it should have.

(Kind of like Nickelodeon & SpongeBob.) And should have ended it after the 3rd season.

(Seriously...SEVEN SEASONS!? )

Come On! Just End It Already! The Show's Been Here For Like A Decade! No Terrible Show Should Be Going That Long! They Should've Cancelled It Like At Least 3 Years Ago, Oh Well, But I Think They'll End It Off With A 3-Part Special In 2016, Which's Enough To Make Like What, A Johnny Test Movie? They Never Did A Johnny Test Movie Before. At Least There Trying Something New Which's Actually What The Show Needs If They're Planning To Keep It Alive A Little Longer, But If Not Then Just Cancel The Show! Just Kill It With A Gun Or A Knife, Or Even With Fire.

This Show Is Getting Lame Is The Same Thing. And The Worst Of All. He Well Be Back In Christmas!

Cartoon Network You're Idiots! Premiering Johnny Test Again On Christmas?!

This Show Need To Die Right Now! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Hey hey! Johnny Test didn't even deserve hate like Teen Titans Go!

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24 Cancelling Courage the Cowardly Dog

This show was super funny! They could have just gave it a few more seasons and it's a show!

It was a funny lil cn classic that got cancelled

I loved courage! It had funny moments while still keeping that creepy vibe. This was one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network.

Absolutely! Who's the dummy that ended it?

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25 Canceling The Powerpuff Girls

Brilliance... Replaced with not only a TERRIBLE anime but other dumb shows... :(

I was sad when it got cancelled! Now we have to live with the 2016 one

Bring Craig McCracken back and bring back Bunny

Replaced with a crappy anime, some other style, and now the awful 2016 reboot. - mayamanga

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26 Premiering Annoying Orange

Sucks never followed the online series

I subscribed to annoying orange

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27 Powerpuff Girls Reboot

They ruined my favorite cartoon all of them sound so wrong and I hate that they changed the voice actors

This better not go the road teen Titans go went...

It ruined my favorite show. I dislike Bubbles the most in this reboot, am I the only one who thinks Bubbles is such a mary sue in this reboot?

The old ppg was better

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28 Ending Regular Show

All is not lost, They have one hope left, We Bare Bears, If it gets cancelled, Cartoon Network will die

Can we talk about how they treated it during it's finale day? Because I'm not sure you want to know

Serves that overrated show right. - AinezoChan

Actually, this is one of Cartoon Network's biggest improvements yet. Why didn't they end Regular Show in the first place. RS is just as bad as CN Real. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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29 The CHECK it theme

Better yet the Powerhouse era look, bumpers and logo should've stayed. That was when Cartoon Network got things right.

The Powerhouse Era is still and will always be the best era of Cartoon Network! I want them to bring it back on air!

The Powerhouse Bumpers were some of the most creative ones ever produced, how I miss those days.

The nood era bumpers and logos should have stayed

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30 Cancelling HAMTARO In North America

This was a horrible choice by Cartoon Network because I loved the Little Hamsters Having their Big Adventures Hamtaro and the gang And I still doo Kush Kush Tiki Tiki Ba-the Ba-the - Curti2594

That show was amazing me and my best friend would watch it everyday together I still have my books on it! It was a big mistake on canceling it.

I miss this show so much! It should come back to T.V. Tokyo and Cartoon Network, so I wont avoid Cartoon Network!

31 Airing Too Much Teen Titans Go!

Air the old shows like Ed Edd n Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter's Laboratory. Teen Titans Go! Sucks. It's ironic that they barely air Adventure Time and Regular Show these days. They used to treat them better.

Every time I find a Steven universe rerun I record but instead teen titans go is airing it like their tricking us

It drove me mad when I found out about this. What's worse, they're bringing it back for season 4 (I just hope it's the last season)!

They treat TTG like it's the best thing ever and treat the good shows like a number, or even a shadow. It's like if they have been brainwashed forgetting how much the other current shows are worth (Gumball, Steven Universe, Regular Show). Cancel TTG right now and rerun the original series!

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32 Moving The Theme Song of The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball is a great show, but Cartoon Network decided to take away the theme song, it was catchy but they moved it away into their trash bin, What is wrong with CN and other channels these days?

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33 Canceling Johnny Bravo

Yah because he is another brock but is dum ugly and is 9000 percent more liking girls and dumped more and its funny

34 2007

Yeah, I agree, 2007 was a terrible year for Cartoon Network.

2007 was a great year! Only 1 live action show and that dumb Fried Dynamite but everything else was great! The whole year was filled with Ed, Edd, n Eddy, The Grim adventures of Billy & Mandy, Camp Lazlo, Foster's, Naruto, and many more plus DBZ and Courage came back but if you want to look for a horrible year then what you need is "2013"

This year isn't as bad as 2009 for Cartoon Network, but it's the year where Cartoon Network truly began to go downhill for the most part. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I watched Nick Jr more

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35 Cancelling Toonami

Seriously canceling Toonami, biggest mistake and guys Clarence is even worse than Uncle Grandpa

Thank God Toonami came back. Although now it's on Adult Swim. On the bright side, they can show more mature anime series more than before!

Why in the world is this so far down the list? I expected this to be at least in the top 5

[adult swim] already brought back Toonami. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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36 Stuart Snyder

Guys do not blame the company blame this idiot that cancelled the old shows and toonami and aired live action

Everything that happened from 2007 and onward are all this guys fault mostly all those live actions shows and cancelling all good shows such as Ed Edd N Eddy. SO BLAME IT ALL ON STUART SNYDER I'm GLAD HE GOT FIRED! - Pastakirby7

Christina Miller is much worse. Well at least Snyder had made a few good shows (flapjack, chowder and regular show were the best).


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37 Rebranding New Thursdays to New Titans Thursdays

Good news! They are bringing New Thursdays back this Thursday!

*Starts singing "Attack on Titans" theme in anger*

Seriously! CN is really milking TTG! They've gone too far with rebranding New Thursdays!


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38 Canceling Megas XLR

Canceling Megas was probably CN's worst mistake EVER

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39 Creating Steven Universe

Get this off the list! Steven Universe is one of the good shows on CN! It's awesome, has a great storyline, good characters, great songs, good lessons, good humor, and is fun to watch! Also Rebecca Sugar created this show and she's amazing and has many talents (she can sing, write songs, draw, and of course make this awesome)!

Get this off the list! It's an awesome show! I love it! A lot of people love it! It has great characters, great songs, and an amazing storyline! It's also the first CN show to be created by woman, Rebecca Sugar and she's amazing and has many talents (She can sing, write songs, draw, and of course make thing amazing show)!

Now my personal WORST CARTOON NETWORK SHOW! It wants to be a 15 minute emotional drama now, We were right here, over 5,000 years ago. WHO CARES? With Gumball dying with The Fury and this atrocity destroying Cartoon Network, The Channel has hit its nadir and is a zombie now, It's dead, It no longer has shows that captures the spirit of shows like Chowder, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Dexter's Lab, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, etc, It's just dead

Wow. I can't believe someone had the nerve to put this on the list. So sad.

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40 Teen Titans Go! Becoming As Popular As Frozen

Both of these were tolerable before they got insanely popular. Now you can't walk two feet outside your house without seeing the Frozen logo. Ttg is tied with uncle grandpa for worst current CN show in my book. And what about the GOOD Cartoon Network shows? Nope. Almost nonexistent now. The guide is cluttered with daily TTG marathons while the good stuff (Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gumball, We Bare Bears) barely gets any airtime. And then we have CN Saying, which is CONSTANTLY quoting the most annoying moments from the show even when it's not on. The only GOOD move CN has made lately is the introduction of We Bare Bears. I don't care what you say about it, I'm really enjoying it so far and it is a worthy contender to kick TTG right off the number one spot, seeing as it is entertaining to older and younger fans alike. Whoever made that show really knew what they were doing. Okay, this is becoming a rant, so I'm gonna wrap it up now.

All the new teen titans need to be killed by the Titans in Attack on Titan.

I was with my mom shopping for superhero shirts in Walmart, then suddenly I saw TTG shirts ( With Robin, Cyborg and BB on it) I was like, " TTG is becoming popular as Frozen now! I think it's because that DC comics is counting on the show to sell toys and clothes for example because it's the only one that's still airing. (even though it's a disgrace to the DC comics) that's why it's not cancelled yet.

When me and my sister and mother were at Books-a-Million,we saw a book of TTG and we told Mom about the book.we were so angry.

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