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41 Start Showing Johnny Test

I wish they would STOP airing 5 year old shows like this one.

I love johnny test I just don't know why Cartoon Network can't just make 3 more seasons please Cartoon Network I beg you please put johnny test back on air

42 Adding a Nude Scene in Steven Universe

In one of the most recent episodes of Steven Universe, the Lars character was completely nude when getting out of bed, I can't believe CN would put something like that in a kids show, Nickelodeon did something inappropriate with Oggy and the Cockroaches, with that boob scene, and it got banned, I bet the same will happen to Steven Universe.

I remember that scene. I was surprised that Steven Universe would do that - SupaLady

One day Steven you shall be banned... One day!

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43 The cancellation of Time Squad

Anyone remember Time Squad? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

44 Putting Teen Titans Go! on Boomerang

I think I added this. It was awful. - mayamanga

45 The cancellation of Grojband

Actually, I'm glad Cartoon Network got rid of Grojband. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

They cancelled the best show ever just to make room for another crappy show! Why Cartoon Network? Why? - regularponyfan09

This was even beaten by Teen Titans Go!

Shame on Cartoon Network for getting rid of Grojband!

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46 European Co-Productions

RobotBoy was good though

But robotboy is good

Uh, no it wasn't It was just a LOUSY rip-off of My Life as a Teenage Robot. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Fat Dog Mendoza, Spaced Out, The Cramp Twins, and Robotboy are the only Cartoons good to watch from the European Co-Productions. Chop Socky Chooks and Hero: 108 is Ok. Skatoony and Eliot Kid is Bad

Just.. ALL of them. None of them were good!

1. Fat Dog Mendoza
2. Spaced Out
3. The Cramp Twins
4. Robotboy
5. Skatoony
6. Eliot Kid
7. Chop Socky Chooks
8. Hero: 108

Most of these shows weren't shown in the United States. No surprise, all of these shows are TERRIBLE! Any show co-produced in Europe by Cartoon Network was not good! NONE of them! Every single show that they've co-produced in Europe was TERRIBLE!

47 Thinking it was a great idea to air Grojband

This shows animation is terrible it is the number 7 worst show I've ever seen and yes this is worse than sidekick which was horrible enough. the characters are stupid crybabies. and I just knew this would not be good because they spelled a word wrong in the title that's like the signal a cartoon will be terrible like problem solvers

Grojband is THE worst show to EVER air on Cartoon Network! THIS SHOW IS WORSE THAN SIDEKICK!

This should be changed to "Thinking it was a great idea to CANCEL Grojband". - regularponyfan09

I personally don't like Grojband, but I bet my friend ChatNoirFan18 likes this. - AinezoChan

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48 Ending Bakugan

Freaks. Doesn't anybody ever think a cartoon has quite a number of fans, and you just suddenly stop it with weird storyline? It was one of the best shows compared to the now running stupid cartoons! We want Bakugan back, with the story writers for new vestroia and battle brawlers, NOW!

I hate this show, this show is just a ripp of from Pokemon.

At first I wuz happy that Bakugan got canceld but now I regret it

I think they need to get bakugan on air... I mean why are u just trying to do something which is foolish
And bakugan creators shed at least try to make it 5th season

49 Cartoon Network Losing Hours to Adult Swim

Why Cartoon Network why?!

Adult Swim Used To Start At Nine. But Now It Starts At Eight. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Good news! Ever since last week, CN's hours got extended! So now it switches over to adult swim at 9:00 but I don't know if that change is permanent or it's only for the holiday season.

Adult swim used to be sundays at 11 pm and showed original programming on their channel now since they start at 8 pm its like another fox channel showing loads of Family Guy american dad the cleveland show and Bob's Burgers (even though I like bob's burgers)

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50 Stopped Airing Pokemon

They screwed over one of their many acquired series that they have long aired as if it were tradition... (yeah, it used to be owned by 4Kids, but Cartoon Network has had Pokemon in its lineup for a LONG time.) It's almost like disowning your beloved child and not giving a care in the world about it. Thankfully, Disney seems to be a worthy foster network that will treat the Pokemon anime with better respect than Cartoon Network ever did under Miller's belt. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Every Day at 7 am and new episodes come at Saturday at 8 am

They still air it

Cartoon Network really messed turning over Pokemon to Disney I can't even watch it now cause I don't have Disney 😡😡😡

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51 Ben 10 Series

I just can't stand at this stupid show. I hate all the 4 shows.

This show is just better for younger people, I liked it when I was little.

I can't understand the story and the Ben Tennyson is stupid

I am 11 years old and the show is BORING!

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52 Showing 210 episodes of Teen Titans Go! in one week

That is why Teen Titans Go is now really annoying - JellyBean2000

I hate that show! Its on like 99% of the day! I just want to kill it - SupaLady

It's like the only show that they are showing.No Regular Show or Adventure time just TTG.

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53 Canceling Flapjack Too Early

This is incredibly stupid. They cancel both chowder and flapjack the same year. However, chowder at least had an ending. Flapjack however didn't get one. You can't cancel a show so early and you especially cancel one early without finishing the damn cartoon.

This also was one of Cartoon Network's improvements. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Flapjack was one of the best shows on Cartoon Network and one of the only cartoons Cartoon Network stuck with before Gumball made everything great for 2 years, But now, Cartoon Network is dead, and if you want to see shows like Flapjack and more back hashtag these

54 Canceling Megas XLR

Canceling Megas was probably CN's worst mistake EVER

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55 Reject reboot of Courage the Cowardly Dog from the creator V 2 Comments
56 Ren Seeks Help

This is Nickel... I mean this is Spike

Guys, you know this is Nickolodeon, not Cartoon Network, right? - tiffanyfrozen5110

This has nothing to do with CN whatsoever. - AinezoChan

57 Making Teen Titans Go! The Worst Cartoon Network Show Of All Time!

It IS the worst CN show. - mayamanga

58 Giving Teen Titans Go! a Fourth Season

They should not have done that. - mayamanga

59 Putting Steven Universe on Long Hiatus between Seasons

It's said the next episode won't air until Thanksgiving, Cartoon Network is screwed.

This show is really rare to watch, even though it's the current best on Cartoon Network.

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60 Cancelling Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Ugh! Why do you people even LIKE THIS SHOW! It's not that good, it's HORRIBLE! The only good shows to come out of Cartoon Network's City/Yes era, that are made only BY Cartoon Network (and not some other company) are Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Ben 10, Robotboy (even though it is a European co-production), and Class of 3000. That's literally it. You are out of your mind and have very bad taste when you think shows like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi are good. And I literally mean it.

Oh my god, everyone's love for Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is REALLY getting on my nerves! People are forgetting about the 2010s, a great animation decade, where we have shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sonic Boom, Grojband, and Clarence. Gumball and Steven Universe were good too, but I mostly love Grojband, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Sonic Boom. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi IS a god awful show, and it never should've existed. Before you say that this is better than Teen Titans Go! and/or Johnny Test, let me stop you right there, and tell you why Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi IS just as bad as TTG and JT. They're all loud, obnoxious, and annoying! Saying that this show is better is like saying garbage is better than diahrrea. I'm glad Cartoon Network cancelled this show. I don't understand why people like this show. At all! I think it's terrible in every way!

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi was one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network! I CAN'T BELIEVE CARTOON NETWORK CANCELLED THIS IN FAVOR OF OUT OF JIMMY'S HEAD! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

HHPAY deserved to be cancelled. - AinezoChan

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