Top Ten Worst Moves by Microsoft


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1 The Xbox One

Totally agree. Horrible graphics for 2015. Play station passed walking over them in this generation. Terrible games, no improovement in graphics since Xbox 360 at all, and EXTREMELY expensive. Even having to pay to play online

2 2013 E3 Presentation
3 The Red Ring Of Death
4 The Big Fat Original Xbox Controller
5 Windows ME Windows ME

Hi, I'm Windows ME, and I'm a crashaholic - Supergameplayer

6 Milking The Halo Franchise To Death
7 The Kinect
8 Always Online and Strict Policies
9 Don Mattrick

He presented the XB1 and crowd boo'ed em - htoutlaws2012

10 Ending support for Windows XP

To be fair, Windows XP was supported way longer than their operating systems usually are and all operating systems get dropped at some point. - 3DG20

The Contenders

11 343 Industries 343 Industries
12 Bill Gates Retiring
13 Windows 8

I HATE WINDOWS 8! Windows XP is 1 million times better and easier to use!

Honestly, I think Microsoft liked Windows Vista better than XP, and 7.

14 Always Replacing After Realizing The Mistakes Made

In other words they replace the original big controller with a small one which is good but now it's common they do this sort of thing - htoutlaws2012

15 Steve Ballmer

He’s such a hypocrite. He laughed at the iPhone when it first came out because it had a digital keyboard instead of a real one and a touch screen saying it was never gonna go anywhere, but then Microsoft does the same thing the minute it gets popular. He also called Vista the 2nd or 3rd best-selling operating system of all time when even back then, it wasn’t even close and seems that he can’t handle any kind of criticism. - 3DG20

16 New logo
17 Windows Vista

Horrible system. It even looks like they did no testing at all when launching this os

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1. The Xbox One
2. 2013 E3 Presentation
3. The Red Ring Of Death
1. Ending support for Windows XP
2. Bill Gates Retiring
3. The Red Ring Of Death


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