Top 10 Worst Moves by Nintendo


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1 Allowing the Philips CD-i Mario and Zelda games to exist

Without these games, there would be no YouTube Poop - jameshoward

There's nothing, and I mean nothing good about these games. - Delgia2k

2 The Virtual Boy
3 Complete lack of game quality filter on the NES and Wii
4 Crappy online play in Super Smash Bros.
5 Releasing Yoshi's Story as a sequel to Yoshi's Island

Eh, could be worse. It's pretty hard to surpass a masterpiece like Island so it's not too surprising.

6 Metroid Prime: Federation Force
7 The Nintendo Wii
8 The Wii U
9 E3 2015
10 Making way too many versions of the DS

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11 Not allowing enough third-party support
12 Milking the Mario franchise to death
13 The Wii Zapper
14 Cancelling their handheld Super Metroid remake
15 Miiverse
16 Metroid: Other M
17 Making overly gimmicky consoles
18 The entire launch of the 3DS
19 AR Cards
20 AM2R Copyright Strike
21 Literally releasing Pokémon X and Y
22 Producing outdated hardware
23 The Super Mario World Cartoon
24 Not having a remake of Super Mario RPG

I like Super Mario RPG, Is one of my favorite games - GenoKenneth

25 The Game Boy Micro
26 Wario: Master of Disguise
27 Still not having Quote in Super Smash Bros. 4
28 The Zelda Cartoon
29 The Zelda Rap
30 Twilight Princess's Art Style
31 Mega Man's moveset in Super Smash Bros. 4
32 Making Meta Knight ridiculously overpowered in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
33 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
34 Classic NES Series: Metroid (when Zero Mission already had the game on it)
35 Mario Kart 7
36 Yoshi's New Island
37 Hey You Pikachu!
38 Ending their deal with RareWare
39 Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
40 Creating the "No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination" meme in Super Smash Bros. Melee and then referencing it with For Glory mode in SSB4
41 Nerfing Captain Falcon and Mario into the bottom tier in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
42 Deliberately joining in on the Skylanders fad with Amiibos
43 Completely removing the Kremlings from Donkey Kong Country Returns
44 The Flying Blue Shell in Mario Kart
45 Watering down Mario's difficulty way too much
46 Wii Motion Plus only being used for a select few games
47 Star Fox Adventures
48 Star Fox: Assault
49 Adding numerous usually-annoying helper characters to the Zelda franchise
50 Dumbing Zelda down too much
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1. The Wii U
2. Miiverse
3. The entire launch of the 3DS
1. Allowing the Philips CD-i Mario and Zelda games to exist
2. The Virtual Boy
3. Crappy online play in Super Smash Bros.
1. The Virtual Boy
2. The Nintendo Wii
3. Allowing the Philips CD-i Mario and Zelda games to exist


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