Top 10 Worst Movie Characters of the 80s

Now its time to look at the absolute worst movie characters from the 80's decade the worst of the worst.

The Top Ten

1 Valerie Vomit - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

I could have easily put the entire cast of the Garbage Pail Kids movie on this list since their all so terrible and repulsive. - egnomac

2 Nuclear Man - Superman 4: The Quest for Peace Nuclear Man - Superman 4: The Quest for Peace

Possibly the lamest Super Man villain in existence just what kind of lame name is Nuclear Man for a villain. - egnomac

He looks like Will Pharrell. - Not_A_Weeaboo

3 Greaser Greg - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Definitely not voice actor Jim Cummings proudest moment. - egnomac

4 Howard T. Duck - Howard the Duck
5 Dodger - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
6 Shecky Moskowitz - Going Overboard

Adam Sandler's first staring role and it was downright abysmal. - egnomac

7 Taran - The Black Cauldron Taran - The Black Cauldron

Out of all the Disney protagonist Taran is easily the most forgettable he's your typical cocky hero who's desperate to prove to everyone that he can be a hero and finds out that its much harder than he realizes. - egnomac

Think of Link from The Legend of Zelda cartoon in the Disney universe. - OnyxDash

8 Willie Scott - Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

Even Short Round proved to more useful than her and less annoying seriously the constant screaming got annoying really fast. - egnomac

Not gonna lie, I kinda like this character

9 Gurgi - The Black Cauldron Gurgi - The Black Cauldron

About the only positive thing I can say about this annoying hairball is that he's at least more useful than main hero Taran who sacrifices himself to stop the power of the Black Cauldron, - egnomac

10 Ali Gator - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

The Contenders

11 Nat Nerd - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
12 Leonard Parker - Leonard Part 6

A movie and role that Bill Cosby personally dis honed possibly one of the worst things Cosby has ever done next to all the sexual assault. - egnomac

13 Private William Hudson - Aliens
14 Windy Winston - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
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