Worst Movie Cliches

Watching the new Batman movie made me review the best ways to ruin a sure blockbuster.

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1 All the main characters magically survive
2 It was all a dream

That really pisses me off, on some movies that do this I think to myself I sat through this piece of S/ only find out it was just a dream its like a huge middle finger to the viewers is what it is. - egnomac

That only worked in "The Wizard of Oz".

Where is
"And we never saw the unicorn again! "

GAH I HATE IT - MoldySock

3 Love interest is kidnapped

A lot of the time, the love interest isn't even interesting/likable enough to make it exciting. Besides, the Super Mario series's overuse of the damsel in distress trope all but ensured that I will never be able to enjoy any straight use of it. - Treacle

Who hasn't seen that a thousand times. - egnomac

It's just not cool.

Oh please it's the most oldest cliché in the book. And why is the female usually portrayed as weak, she doesn't even try half the time either.

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4 Ally gets mind-controlled, hero says fight it, ally says he can't.

Oh this is annoying - adventurer

5 Unoriginal/meaningless villain deaths
6 Villain holds gun at hero, tells him everything, hero kills villain
7 Ally dies, hero is sad, ally comes back to life
8 Villain tells hero big plan
9 Singing for no reason at all

Yeah! Take Frozen's "Let it Go" for example

10 Kissing at the End

More like in the middle or some time before the movie ends

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11 Hero sacrificing himself
12 Extensive soul searching
13 Guns never run out of bullets
14 People shoot guns, but miss their target every time.

They must have lousy aim or were just really really drunk during filming. - egnomac

15 The rubbish players score
16 Villain devises elaborate hero death
17 Bomb disabled when there's one second left
18 "And they lived happily ever after"
19 Sole black character dies
20 The quick dodging unemotional hero
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1. Extensive soul searching
2. Villain tells hero big plan
3. Ally gets mind-controlled, hero says fight it, ally says he can't.
1. Main character survives
2. Everyone magically survives
3. Villain is not dead
1. "And they lived happily ever after"
2. Singing for no reason at all
3. The misunderstood hero

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