Worst Movie Cliches

Watching the new Batman movie made me review the best ways to ruin a sure blockbuster.

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21 The strong damsel in distress

Honestly I have seem many strong heroines but those women were a part of the following
1.a damsel in distress at some point
2.a love interest
3.A sidekick
4.stupidly removed or dies
take all of these heroines for example

princess Leia(star wars)-1,2,3
Hermione(harry potter)-1,2,3
Vanessa(Austin powers)-2,3,4
Katniss(hunger games)-2

22 The goofy villain
23 Be careful...
24 The misunderstood hero
25 Relying too much on CGI

It used to be awesome back in the days of Jurassic Park but somehow the advancement in technology has resulted in CGI looking LESS realistic. Not to mention there are times when a practical effect would work just as well if not better. Example: Those Raptor heads in Jurassic World (when they're in restraints and two characters are talking about them) didn't need to be CGI. They could easily have used animatronics in that scene and it would have been more believable.

26 Husband arrives from work opens the door and says "Honey, I'm home!", and then his wife serves him dinner.
27 The sparkling teeth
28 The great speech
29 Everyone but the hero and love interest die

That's so dumb. It's not like it makes a difference to everyone else, dead or alive. It was new and acceptable when it happened in things like Shakespeare, but Titanic, so what?!

30 Villain points gun at hero but doesn't shoot
31 Villain uses expensive simulations to show off plan
32 The car won't start

Why won't the car start THE KEY IS IN THE KEY SLOT START!

Wouldn't it just be easier to run. - egnomac

Maybe it's because it's OUT OF GAS?

33 Movie ends with the main character and love interest kissing
34 The overbearing, religious parent

Watch Bubble Boy and you'll see what I'm talking about.

35 Love just because

Glad I just brought this up to #28

36 Celebrities popping out of nowhere
37 The shaking cam

This is already on the list.

38 Main character survives
39 Everyone magically survives
40 Villain is not dead
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