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1 Sony Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in K┼Źnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

They are so stupid

Ah, the emoji movie.

Their movies are garbage!

2 Lionsgate Summit

They make so many awful movies like gods of Egypt,norm of the north and other

3 Cannon Films
4 Image Entertainment
5 Freestyle Releasing
6 Video Brinquedo

I really cannot stand the fact that they put zero effort into their awful creations, and shamelessly tried to disguise them like popular animated movies (Cars, Ratatouille, Kung-Fu Panda and the like) in the hope that some less-informed grannies will mistake them for the blockbusters the grand kids are always talking about. Truly a disgusting attempt to con people - good thing enough of us were smart enough to avoid buying their movies, leading to this atrocious conpany going bankrupt! - Entranced98

Oh hell no,the creators of horrible movies like Ratatoing and Little Panda Fighter are considered a movie company? Those aren't movies,those are weird CG blobs plastered on a screen with like,2 voice actors in EVERY movie,most of the time being the same people. Just stay away from Video Brinquedo. - Epicsauce45

7 The Asylum

They rip-off so many pixar movies it just needs to end

Most of the movie they make are just rip-off of other movie ex: Transformer, Terminator, Predator, Alien, Snake on a plane, Indiana Jones and more.

The creators of Sharknado, Transmorphers, Atlantic Rim, etc. They don't really deserve to be called a movie studio. More like a bunch of idiots with $5,000 who wanted to make a movie.

8 Screen Media Films
9 Millennium Entertainment
10 Viacom Viacom

The Contenders

11 Threshold Entertainment
12 Illumination Entertainment

Stupid minions. - bendyfazjazz234

13 Walt Disney Studios

They killed everything. - bendyfazjazz234

This corporation is killing its competition with multi-billion dollar acquisitions. (First they took Marvel, then came Lucasfilm, and pretty soon Fox will be next! )

14 Happy Madison Productions

This company is anything but happy.

15 Tomcat Films
16 Sony Pictures Animation
17 Universal Studios
18 Dreamworks Animation Dreamworks Animation
19 Dreamworks Studios
20 Spark Plug Entertainment Spark Plug Entertainment

Pretty much another Video Brinquendo. - Entranced98

21 Phase 4 Films
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1. Lionsgate Summit
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