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1 Michael Bay Michael Bay Michael Benjamin Bay is an American filmmaker known for directing and producing big-budget action films characterized by fast cutting, stylistic visuals and extensive use of special effects, including frequent depiction of explosions.

Michael Bay masturbates explosions and boobs like a drug dealer has crack on a frequent basis.

He has no idea what makes cinema so special to our heats; he takes on projects that are totally out of his league, and he just can't direct his actors in an effective way. It's like he's focusing on the effects and the action over the actors.

Mr. Bay, stop making movies please. We've had enough of your Transformers crap already.

Not to mention that he has fans who are crazy, stupid, overzealous, defensive, dishonest, plain gullible, or all of the above. They refuse to get enough of explosions and what else Michael Bay has in store! They hated stories and they think of critics as Adolf Hitler! I believe they're happy that way and of course they wanted to escape from everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, because after all, this is America; the land of freedom, which what Michael Bay and his movies might represent. I am an American myself, and at least I'm not as crazy as him and his fans, but it's just that I'm not a huge Michael Bay fan at all.

She's right about him as Hitler? Well, you might wanna think again because Fox is now teaming up with Bay again for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know she's one of my favorite actresses, but she's working with the wrong director that cost her job for Transformers 3. Careful what you wish for, Megan.

Idiot for idiots

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2 Uwe Boll Uwe Boll Uwe Boll is a German-born Canadian filmmaker and restaurateur, whose work includes several films adapted from video games.

Uwe Bolls movies are unbelievably bad. He plays the stock market with his movies, so even if they bomb he gets money to make more because nobody will fund him. He got so mad about the piss poor reviews on his movies that he challenged them to a boxing match. What's wrong with this guy?! Shamalamadingdong and Bay are bad, yes. But they don't even come close to the monstrosities this guy have made.

Uwe Boll Is 1 Billion Times Worse Than Michael Bay And M Night Shyamalan

The five stages of Uwe Boll movies:
1) Watch it, hating every moment.
2) Think about it afterwards, and hate that you wasted any amount of time on it.
3) Realize that even though it sucked, he made money with tax loop-holes and the stock-market.
4) Understand that you now have brain cells dedicated to him, his work, and his actions.
5) Feel the need to find Uwe Boll, and personally take those brain cells back with a rusty spoon!

He Sucks - VideoGamefan5

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3 M. Night Shyamalan M. Night Shyamalan Manoj "M. Night" Shyamalan is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor known for making movies with contemporary supernatural plots and twist endings.

I loved avatar a lot. When I heard about the live action avatar I thought it was a chance for a lot of people from around the world to know about this amazing show. But the Indian director ruined completely! The character look nothing like the serie! And how was you supposed to fit 4 season of geniousness into a 1and a half hour money-grabbing tool?

Besides, his movie is all about plot twist (all of it! )

Apparently there is a big divide between people who hate this guy's work, and those that um, appreciate it. Okay he might have had one great hit in the Sixth Sense, but after that it's been garbage after garbage. The latest example being The Last Airbender. Just watch clips of the T.V. show on youtube to see how funny, brilliantly creative, and popular the show is. In trying to broaden his genre, he completely massacres what could have been a great entertaining and comedic movie, and instead dishes out the most boring and lifeless movie I ever watched in my life. The only thing about that movie was the visual effects, but the dialogues, the deliveries, the pacing of the film, and everything else about the direction of the film was flat out bad and insulting.

He single handily ruined Avatar the Last Airbender movie the only good movies he ever made was Unbreakable & The Sixth Sense. - egnomac

He's a mixed bag. Sixth Sense is good, never saw Signs, The Last Airbender made me bored and agitated, so on. However, I heard Split was good, so maybe his movies are getting better now. - Elric-san

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4 Aaron Seltzer

Directors of films such as epic movie, meet the Spartans, disaster movie and other films that are spoofs of other films.

He should kill himself for ruining parody movies

Directs like he's on dope. He never gets high.

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5 Jason Friedberg

Thanks Friedberg and Seltzer we needed more after your previous movies.

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6 Ed Wood

Worst director of all time by far. He made the likes of Plan 9 From Outer Space, which is considered the worst movie ever made. He is famous for only shooting scenes with 1 take without taking another take to fix the errors of the first. He often only spent a few days to film his movies. He worked with terrible props and made horrible special effects efforts even for his time. His awful self-made scripts for his movies paved the way for his terrible, lacking in effort, directing skills.

I don't think that Ed Wood deserves to be on this list. Was he terrible? Yes. But his movies were enjoyably terrible. Watch Plan 9 From Outer Space and try not to crack a smile.

Yes his films were bad but these days now his films are classified as bad films that are good

Did any other director get a movie made about how bad they were?

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7 Lucifer Valentine

The director of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (yes, that's a real movie).

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8 Catherine Hardwicke

Director of the first Twilight Movie.

She may be pretty but her direction needs some work.

9 Joel Schumacher

Ruined Tim Burton's great batman series! Batman 1989 and Batman Returns was great, but Batman Forever and Batman And Robin sucked ass! Batman was ruined until Christopher Nolan made Batman Begins and The Dark Knight!
They were great! Thanks Nolan, for making Batman great again!

I loved Burtons Batman. Schumacher's Batman absolutely stank like my crap! Thank you so much Christopher Nolan for making Batman even more awesome than he was! Nolan's Batman is the best. I love Burton's batman but Schumacher's batman is crap.

I think batman forever was ok, but not as good as the first 2 batman films. Later I watch batman and robin and went in with low expectations, but even with that I thought the movie was annoying, childish, and stupid. The movie was filled with puns, horrible visuals, robin being a brat, too many close ups, and George clooney's terrible acting. Before I watched this movie without seeing anything I thought that it would be like batman forever, but no I was wrong. Later I saw that Joel Schumacher apologized for this movie saying that he was trying to entertain.

One bad movie. Is that all it takes? - BeatlesFan1964

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10 Zack Snyder Zack Snyder Zachary Edward "Zack" Snyder is an American filmmaker, best known for his action and science fiction films.

Worst director ever. He sacrifices story arcs in favor of bloody slo-mo zoom in shots and green screen compromises. Man has never made a single well-directed movie

Most of his films focus on a story that is completely different than the movie's tile, constantly using slow motion where it gets annoying, too much use of blood and weapons, and always hires people that suck at acting.(Ben affleck)

His movies are filled with over use of blood, random explosions, slow mo, shaky camera, and story that is totally different from the title. Worst director ever.

WORST DIRECTOR EVER. Thankyou Hack Ruinder for ruining DC.

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11 Paul W.S. Anderson

He destroyed everything that was good about Resident Evil, its my opinion the reason he made Milla Jovovich the star was because she couldn't get work anywhere else.

Resident evil could've been a good film series, if he didn't ignore all the source material!

He ignored all the source material for the Resident Evil films. - PCgamer98

Milla was the star because she was his wife

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12 Spike Lee

Tries his very best to put his victim complex in everything he makes, in addition to making hood movies he is also a douche

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13 James Nguyen

He is a really bad director, because he thinks that his films are top notch and world class, however they are really crap. That is why they are the best films

Honestly, I really don't know why people would even find his films so bad they're good. Don't believe I'm weird when I say his films are just plain GOOD!

He directed Birdemic... And the second... Which was even worse than the first... He made a film which basically got the ratings of a potato, 1.8 out of 10 on IMDb, then made a second with 1.7 out of 10... Dear lord this man should never make a 3rd

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14 Fred Vogel

Filming a group of social awkward young adults doing depraved acts of violence on a cheap handheld camera isn't really movie worthy. Every movie after August underground was slightly better, but still far worse than anything M. Knight or uwe boll has put out to date.

15 Brett Ratner

Come on he's the director off Rush Hour and that was a box office hit even though Jackie Chan said it was his least favorite action movie - bert631

Ok at least bay had a couple of good films, this guy has nothing, just many box office flops

Worse than Shalyman

When your best movies are X3, Rush hour and red dragon, you know it's time to give up

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16 Dennis Dugan

Made only one decent movie (Happy Gilmore). Besides that, all of his movies suck.

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17 Mickey Liddell
18 Tommy Wiseau Tommy Wiseau Tommy Wiseau is a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor based in the United States . He is best known for The Room, which has been described by many critics as "one of the worst movies ever made" and has gained cult film status .

I did not hit her, I did nawt, oh hi Mark! Truly one of the great film quotes

You are tearing me apart Lisa!

How's your sex life

What a story mark

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19 Eric Stanze
20 McG

He ruined terminator only once.

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