Who is the worst Movie Director?

A common question, you can find many that would gladly make their movies to cash grab or unintentedly torture the viewer through them. This is a discussion post about in my view some of the of the worst Holywood has ever seen.

A first contender is a not a big surprise. It is Michael Bay. Now Michael Bay, insults the viewer through his movies ever since Armageddon. He started off Pearl Harbour. This insulted many people due to it being historically inaccurate. This was basically the typical boring old action movie. This was the only the start of what was to come. He made 'Transformers' which was fine, but could have done with a sequel. However 'Revenge of the Fallen' was horrible. It was lazy and insulted me. Then he made 'Dark of the Moon', clearly putting no effort apart from the explosions. Then 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' came out, and had no consideration as Shredder clearly was too big for this movie. April wasn't in it, just some Yellow Jacket Lady and Megan Fox, who was clearly there just to be eye candy. However, he wasn't done there. 'Age of Exinction' was too come. It was boring, it was the tipping point for many people, for once a promising director, he was in the mind of hatred of many Transformers fans. It was changed to make more money he thinks it works and it does. Then 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2' came out, it was crap just like the orgirinal and horrible and lazy nothing added up, It made less money however, meaning kids must have not liked 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'. Then it came 'Transformers: The Last Knight' the WORST movie of 2017, it sucked BIG TIME. WHAT WAS THAT GIRL DOING. However, it was remarkable that it had 'only' made five hundred million at the box office, however it did not mean the franchise was dead. There is a 'Bumblebee' prequel coming out. This is a lazy and lousy director.

Our next contender is a rather unknown one on here, Uwe. Boll..
Boll has never made a good movie, Probably because he does Video Game Movies, which all suck. He is retired however. Our first example is the 2013 movie 'Suddenly' This sucks BIG TIME. Why? It is always flat-go and never goes anywhere. With such a talented writers, and actors how did this suck? Boll was the center. It had bad acting, the actors did not care, terrible writing, which was dreadful, and abysmal directing. It was on par with some of the top 100 worst movies of all time. It went under the rader, people did not care, too busy watching Iron Man 3 or Frozen or something like that. The dialogue is hollow, It does no justice to the orgirnal. This is a typical Boll movie. His worst however is 'Alone in the Dark', Nobody was intrested, for good reason, god knows why i saw it. The so called 'Monsters' looked like Star Trek rejects, some of the humans looked like Con Air rejects, It is hard to find and the under the radar of many bad movies. This is a absymal director who creates tremendously bad movies.

The Next is M Night Shaymalan, the final contender.

This man puts effort and has a chance to redeem himself after 'Spilt'. Before you say: 'HE WAS NEVER GOOD' Well, explain the Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. The thing that also redeems him is that he tries to express himself, or his dreams sometimes i think. It started off with 'Lady in the Water' which was confusing. But then. but then, there struck THE HAPPENING. This was hilarious, by I mean hilarious I mean hilariously abysmal. Plants eat humans? Wow, and it set itself up for a sequel, but then 'The Last Airbender' came out, and was called one of the worst movies of all time, pretty fair, no one put any effort apart from him, and make Aang as dull as possible. If that is what ya wanted then good job!

Those three directors make me disgust their names,and them in a manner of fact. Which is the worst in my sense, Uwe Boll. Duh, Should be Obvious. But hey, whatcha think in the comments below, let me know.


Uwe Boll was obvious. But he is garbage - DCfnaf

Yes he is, video game movies are never good but you can use video games to your adventage in some movies. - visitor

Michael bay jerks off to explosions I bet - Phillip873

Haha yeah - visitor

He does. - Fullwalking2