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81 Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg

I love Steven Spirlberg's work! HE is my all-time favorite director! He truly chose the right career for his life and the greatest composer for his projects, John Williams. He is a prime example on directing in cinema history. My favorite films of his are the Indiana Jones franchise, Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, the Adventures of Tintin, War Horse, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence! After seeing and being astounded by Raiders of the Lost Ark, I knew Spirlberg would have to be the greatest director to ever exist! Personally I think he is 10 times better than the immoral Martin Scorsese. However, I am a bit disappointed in some of his work like Lincoln (too much talking, should've done a Civil War battle), Amistad (hardly exciting) Indiana Jones 4 (de-railed the franchise), Bridge of Spies (dull boredom) and Munich (too violent and dark) but all in all he is a pro! I would love to meet him, tell him what a ...more

Please don't hate me just because I don't like a movie that you like. I've never said that I hate spielberg. He's a very talented director and he's made some great movies in the past. But that doesn't mean I have to like ALL of his work.

Why in the world can't he even direct Transformers? Why can't he make an avenger movie? His movies are classics! I'm sure he was old when he directed The BFG.


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82 Marc Webb

He's making a lousy remake of Sam Raimi's version of Spider-Man! He's not doing the original version. He also did bad casting

The guilty of the newest spiderman movies, Sam Raimi's movies was better

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84 Tom Shadyac
85 Roger Christian

Can't believe this guy did part of Star Wars. But he proved to be an embarrassment to directing due to slandering Scientology with Battlefield Earth. Yet again, the book's plot was uneven

86 Paul Verhoeven

A lot of his films are outdated.

87 Tamra Davis
88 Steve Carr
89 Shawn Levy

He directed big fat liar, cheaper by the dozen

He did okay with the Pink Panther and Night at the Museum. He could've done Cheaper by the Dozen a bit better

90 Michael Moore Michael Moore
91 Phillip Bloom
92 Kenny Ortega
93 Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan

I hate his work! The only good film he did was the Dark Knight. It was a great farewell to the late Heath Ledger's extraordinary and iconic performance! The rest of his films are dead in the water

Nolan's movies are just boring and overly dramatic

He is not bad director but his works except
the prestige and inception are extremely overrated especially interstellar - Thirdwindz

94 Irvin Kershner

I must say, Kershner really needed to know how to make his other films but the Empire Strikes Back was astounding! He made the best sequel for a movie! He made the best sci-fi battle and one of the greatest lines in cinema history: No, I am your father! It's classic! I wish he made his other films like it.

95 David Kellogg
96 John R. Leonetti
97 Troy Miller
98 Tim Hill
99 Les Mayfield
100 Alex Zamm
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