Uwe Boll

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Uwe Boll is a German-born Canadian filmmaker and restaurateur, whose work includes several films adapted from video games.


Absolutely awful, he has never, I repeat, NEVER made a good movie. Also, why does he base his move is on video games if he's just going to ignore the games plot and do his own bad story? Also, he's an arrogant jerk who cheats the tax system in Germany to fuss his movies, and has quit film making (yay! ) after they shut his scam down and nobody wanted to support him on kickstarter. Finally, he challenged some of his critics to a fight because he wanted to beat them up. This guy ads like a spoiled 3rd grader.

Truly, he is a new breed of pathetic. I'm glad he's gone.

I wonder how he went to the film school...

Say what you want about Michael Bay. At least when he actually tries, like with the movie Pain and Gain, he can actually produce a good film. This guy.. Well, I'm pretty sure he's deliberately trying to make flops, so he'll never even try. - Zach808

You can't possibly get worse than this guy...I mean yeh Michael Bay sucks but at least Bad Boys and Armageddon was half watchable...and as for M. Night Shyamalan, he produced The Sixth Sense and The Village which was alright...both those directors aren't very good but Uwe Boll and his team are just plain LAZY in their story writing and action sequences...absolute garbage he is...

Michael Bay got only 4 good movies, Shyamalan got only 2 or 1 movies, but uwe boll don't got a good movie, only rampage and not is so good like the sixth sense and the first and three of transformers

He called Michael Bay a retard. And Michael Bay called him out for it. Michael BAY. You know you are hated when even Michael Bay hates you. Oh, and Boll's movies are terrible. - Pony

At least bay and shyamalan had good movies this guy makes the crappiest movies ever not one of his movies is good on the least

The best movie he ever directed (Assault on Wall Street) got a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes. This guy just CANNOT make a good movie.

Making bad movies is bad already, but challenging critics whom gives you a bad rating in a boxing fight?! That's ignorant!

My entire family died when watching one of his movies

While Michael Bay and M. Night Shyamalan have done at least one film that's good, Boll has done nothing redeemable. Mainly focusing on video game movies like Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, Far Cry and House of the Dead, this guy makes films only for money through German tax loopholes and Kickstarter Campaigns. If you even like one of his films, please look for psychiatric help immediately.

Stop crying for Bay guys, this german makes Bay looks like Kubrick

The worst director of not movie person in History. Uwe Boll is a pathetic little wiener who has ruined the movie industry. He has done awful things like ruin videogames, insult good directors, critics and actors and is a Facist for God's sake.

He has created an array of pathetic excuses of movies. Some of his worst include Bloodrayne, Postal and Alone in the Dark. He has insulted these great videogames by making rubbish films about them. How he got licensing to besmirch these videogames God knows how. World of Warcraft thankfully slam dunked him when he asked to direct the WOW movie. Use Boll should be ashamed of himself as he has ruined for me a range of good video game franchises.

Secondly Uwe Boll cannot except criticism. He is nothing but rude to these critics who are doing their job and criticising his abominations to mankind. He has gone as far as badmouthing actors and directors because they are doing better than him. He has even challenged innocent critics to ...more

Thankfully he will not do movies anymore! - Yona_db

Michael Bay and Shamalamadingdong have at least made good movies in their career. But Boll has only made terrible movies.

This guy is much worse than Bay and Shymalan! He should be no. 1 for eternity, his disastrous film streak is extraordinary!

Uwe Boll is much worse than Bay and Shyamalan combined. Boll makes video game movies, which have a bad reputation in the movie industry. His movies bomb at the box office and are panned by critics. So really,Boll is the big ginormous loser.

Michael Bay and M. Night Shyamalan at least good movies with good puntuation in rotten tomatoes

So, once again:
Boll is not a bad director when it comes to movies he is truly interested in making. He has done outstanding pictures such as "Attack on Darfur", "Assault on Wall Street"
(aka "Bailout") or the "Rampage" movies. This is what Boll should be remembered for. He put almost no heart and soul into the video game adaptiond like "Far Cry". He directed those in order to earn money to be able to independently produce his serious movies. His movies are often political or sociocritic, and also controversial. Not too many studios want to finance those. So he was kind of forced to direct mainstream movies he was not interested in a bit. And yeah, that reflects in the quality of the pictures. - Martin_Canine

Taking great video games like House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark and adapting them into some of the worst movies of all time. That's one reason, but he also challenges critics to boxing matches when they give his awful movies negative reviews. Also not a single film he made was even slightly passable.

This guy actually makes M. Night Shyamalan look like Steven Spielberg.