Worst Movie Endings of All Time


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21 The Dark Knight Rises

This ending does not deserve to be on the list Cause it's the best ending I've ever seen

Danteem probably put this ending here, he is the only in the world than hate this end

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22 Ocean's Eleven
23 Color of Night
24 Pay It Forward

This defeated the whole purpose of the underlying message.

Help others out and you'll get hurt.

Great Ending *Sarcasm*

The ending made me wish I hadn't watch the entire movie

25 The Matrix Revolutions

Why isn't this ranked higher this is the worst ending ever it ruined the whole movie and didn't explain any of the important questions raised

26 The Happening

This the worst ending of a movie I have ever seen. It's like it just cut off the end with about 30 minutes left of the movie. - westofohio

27 Skyline

This movie was all special effects and no story. I'm seriously the mail character has his brain put into an alien!? Really?

This was the worst movie ending ever. Who wants their brain sucked out!

28 The Lion King

The reason why this isn't bad and because timin and pumbaa didn't die and go to hell

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29 I Am Legend
30 The Last Airbender

I mean why only do a part 1 in the Cartoon it is called book 1 but this movie happen in 2011 I think and they have not done book 2 and 3 come on now it is the year of 2013! - toy

The Moon Spirit is damn fish. Like, what? I'd be surprised if that was actually on the show, because clearly this was just another dumb twist Shyamalan pulled out of his own ass.
(by the way: I've never watched the show.)

31 Grease
32 Paranormal Activity 2
33 Hugo

This movie sucks it makes no sense why is he living in alone in a public place and no one is helping him plus the end is stupid

There was NO climax. I was hoping maybe something would happen but NO! The end was just as bland as everything else

This film is stupid and makes no sense, the only thing is good is the steampunk themed stuff - Harri666

34 Rocky
35 Remember Me

The guy dies on 9/11. There, I just saved you 90 minutes of your life.

Horrible movie, the ending was ridiculous.

36 Serious Moonlight
37 The Grey

What happened to him. Doe she die or does he kill the wolf?

38 A Serbian Film
39 The Birds

Dreadful film, dreadful ending. - PositronWildhawk

40 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Have you forgotten that there's still one more movie to go? It's not a bad ending, it's a cliffhanger.

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