Top Ten Worst Movie Fanbases


The Top Ten

1 Frozen Fans
2 Twilight Fans
3 High School Musical Fans
4 Paranormal Activity Fans
5 Star Wars Fans

The internet is only dedicated to major democracy of opinions over a certain subject, and only care about the highest standards of originality! If you love all six Star Wars films, including the prequels and the remastered original trilogy, then stay off the internet!

All they do is constantly bash the prequels and attack anyone who likes them. There is no place on the internet to be a fan of the entire saga. Only of the original trilogy. - PeterF

Pretty much all Star Wars fans are like Social Justice Warriors.

This needs to be higher on the list! They made me ashamed to be a fan!

6 Final Destination Fans
7 Fans of The Lego Movie

So rabid and so utterly devoted they make the Frozen fans look sane.

8 Zootopia Fans

Yay!, Get These Assh ats On The List! - VideoGamefan5

9 Finding Dory Fans

TAKE A MATH QUIZ - VideoGamefan5

10 Secret Life of Pets Fans

The Contenders

11 Minions Fans
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