Mega Rants - (Most) Marvel Fans

MegaSoulhero I’m gonna be honest. Marvel fans can be idiots sometimes. I’m a Marvel fan but there are tons of fans that just really get on my nerves! So I’m gonna rant about them.

The thing that has been really annoying me lately is the people who are constantly asking Marvel to release the Infinity War trailer! What is the point of asking for the trailer? It’s not like they’re never gonna release it! Plus, why would they release it in September if the movie doesn’t come out until May? The first trailer for Civil War wasn’t released until November 2015! And Civil War came out in May 2016! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s first trailer wasn’t released until the middle of October in 2016! And the movie came out in May! The point is, it’s still too early for an Infinity War trailer! Apparently, someone started a rumor saying the trailer would release on September 29th. Someone showed a picture of him asking in a direct message on Twitter when the trailer will be released and Marvel replied saying September 29th. And people believed it! Even though IT IS OBVIOUSLY FAKE!!!!!! WOW!!! I’m pretty sure the guy used photoshop to make it look like Marvel was actually replying! Besides, why would Marvel confirm it via direct message? If the trailer was being released today, they would’ve told everyone! But a lot of Marvel fans are such complete and utter morons that they will believe anything at this point! The IQ of most of these fans is ridiculously low. These people need to learn a thing called “patience”. Because ever since D23 and Comic-Con happened, the trailer is the only thing people have been asking for. And it’s really getting on my nerves.

Another thing that bothers me is that Marvel fans can’t handle criticism! Seriously! I’ve seen a bunch of reviews on YouTube of people critiquing certain Marvel movies and pointing out flaws in them and people start complaining “NO THIS MOVIE IS PERFECT! HOW DARE YOU!!” Jeremy Jahns’s review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a perfect example of this. He said he didn’t care for the movie and he spent most of the review telling us its problems. And he got a lot of hate for that. All throughout the comments, people were mad that he was pointing out flaws! There’s this thing called an “opinion”. Which I think they should look up. I liked Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it was far from perfect. But the point I’m making is that some fans refuse to admit that a Marvel movie has flaws! I remember saying in a comment section that I thought Spider-Man Homecoming was overrated, and people hated me for saying that. Marvel fans need to learn that not everyone is going to like a certain Marvel movie!

This is something that I just needed to get of my chest because it is a very big problem. Out of the fanbases out there, this is probably one of the worst. I’m a fan of Marvel but most of the other fans have major issues! So infuriating! We know an Infinity War trailer is coming! We just have to wait! Probably when Thor Ragnarok comes out! And Marvel fans need to learn that not every Marvel movie is perfect!


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