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1 Twilight

Congratulations Twilight! You have scarred the minds of many teenage girls who will never understand what true love is.

Some of the worst acting ever put on film. This franchise is a joke.

This ruined the young adult genre of books and movies and made batman and robin feel good

Ah the haters, are all big babies upset because the vampires aren't blood sucking monsters nope they're romantic.

Come on it's better than a franchise based on a Twilight fanfiction.

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2 Alvin and The Chipmunks

Honestly, I love the first live action Alvin And The Chipmunks movie, it has a moral and great meaning to it, like about how kids can change your life and how kids should be treated like kids, not adults. But the other ones are trashy, don't have lots of meaning, and too hip.

Who asked for these films to be made? I honestly feel like these films were made by marketing executives in an office somewhere rather than someone who actually cares about film-making

This is a disgrace, Alvin and The Chipmunks is the greatest movie franchise of all time! Look if you have a problem with this franchise then you don't know good movies. This is the citizen kane of the modern theatre. How dare you say this is a bad franchise.

@AnimeDrawer, I respect your opinion on the first movie. I hated it but I thought the moral was great. - Swampert02

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3 Resident Evil

I hate all the Resident Evil movies equally, the thing that makes me so mad about this series is they decided to make the whole movie about Alice they should have just called the movie franchise Alice The Zombie Slayer why bother having the Resident Evil Licence if they're not going to use it, It's a big middle finger to the RE fans is what it is the only Resident Evil movies that are worthy of the RE name are Resident Evil Degeneration and Resident Evil Damnation both fiture characters from the Resident Evil Games. - ZZDOORAL

Just because a movie franchise makes a whole lot of money doesn't make it good that's the case for Resident Evil they should have called this franchise "Alice the Zombie Slayer" because that's all Resident Evil is. - egnomac

This movie doesn't have anything on the games. - MyRockets345

All these movies are garbage its not even about Resident Evil and Alice sucks as the main character. - egnomac

4 Children of the Corn

Meh film, but came up with some funny jokes.

Now I'm questioning if there's a version called "Children of The Candy Corn" - mattstat716

5 Gingerdead Man

Run Run Run as fast as you can you can't escape from me I'm the Gingerbread man, Wow what idiot came up with this garbage. - egnomac

They really made a movie of a giant cookie killing people? Why would anyone go to see this in a movie theater?

It's almost as if the person who wrote the script used to be a porn director... with the bad puns and all

Ohmergawsh! A KILLER CoOKIE! Just pour milk on it from the get go

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6 High School Musical

How on Earth is this lower than Alvin And The Chipmunks, Fast And Furious, and Transformers those 3 franchises are awesome, but this franchise is a disgrace to Disney, Movie making, Music, and sanity, I literally banged my head watching this terrible franchise at school!

Worst movie ever so annoying!

7 Transformers

How are these so popular? They're nothing but explosions, lame dialogue, and a random hot girl who serves next to no relevance to the plot (which it didn't have much of in the first place).

Loved the first one, thought the third one was okay, but downright hated the second and fourth ones. Only good thing about films 2-4 were the robot fights. Let's hope the fifth one doesn't get messed up. - OnyxDash

Many people want to say this to Michael Bay "You ruined Transformers" - egnomac

The only good movies are the 1st and Dark Of The Moon. Revenge of The Fallen, Age Of Extinction, and The Last Knight were garbage. - HoldenFanatic

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8 Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew
9 The Fast and The Furious

The movies that made any douche, that can barely afford a loud muffler, think he has the right to drive like an idiot.

This franchise is just an excuse to make money.

Parts 7 and 8 were the only good reboots, nothing else...

This franchise has dragged on for far too long now

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10 Amityville Horror

It just turns ridiculous after a while - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

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? Monster High Monster High
? Bratz

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11 Police Academy

I hate 4, 5, 6 and se... we don't talk about that 1

12 Final Destination

Watching people die in ridicules fashion gets boring within the first death. - egnomac

It's like A Thousand Ways to Die made for the silver screen.

Dumb Ways to Die The Movie (s).

Dumb ways to die, somany dumb ways to die

13 Star Wars

Who put this here. I mean the prequels are bad. But why one of the best franchises on this list? Someone is on drugs.

Star Wars is the crappiest movies in history. It's dumb stuff and lifesavers. The movies are boring and annoying

Lol whoever put tis here is an idiot. Star wars wouldn't be the most iconic and popular movie franchise in HISTORY if it was bad

Lol people are just mad that this is the most popular and most iconic franchise in history. just accept the FACTS people.

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14 The Matrix

Call me weird, but I loved every movie in this trilogy even the last one.

Agreed. I love the first (it's my second favorite movie of all time). The sequels get to much crap thrown at 'em. - stinkyjaden

The bad movie is the revolutions movie

Worst Movie Series ever.

15 Pitch Perfect

2 sequels! Can't imagine how it ever made it past the first movie.

16 Alien vs. Predator

Because of the present day Earth setting, some people think these are prequels to Alien (they're not, at least not anymore). Having Aliens on present day Earth just doesn't make any sense, especially when the previous Alien movies took place in the future and in space, and considering the fact that the Aliens have the potential to wipe out the entire human race. To me, having a complete disregard for the continuity of the previous Alien movies makes the AVP movies worst than the Star Wars prequels. Thankfully, both AVP movies have been retconned by Predators and Prometheus.

Other than having the two titled creatures, the AVP movies are nothing like the comic books they're based on. The comics have the fights take place in space, so the door is open for the Colonial Marines. But the movies take place on present day Earth. Who cares about Earth? Outer space is the ultimate escape fantasy. I want to see the Colonial Marines on the big screen again!

The two worst movies involving either Alien or Predator. These movies should never have been made.

Mainly it was Requiem that sucked.

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17 Air Buddies
18 Porky's

This title is acurate because this franchise is a pig sty - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

19 The Swan Princess

Really? THIS movie got 6 sequels? The Swan Princess got 2 sequels in the 90's and then; for some unknown reason, Nest (now Crest Animation) decided to revive the series as a Sofia the First wannabe with 4 sequels with bad CGI reminiscent of Motu Patlu and Mighty No.9-tier voice acting. The worst part of it is that they have plans to make even more shoddy entries in this once-great franchise!
This series should've honestly ended on either the 3rd or 4th movie because after the 4th movie, the franchise jumps the shark by having both Odette and Derek get shoved aside for their new adopted daughter Elise and having Odette never turn into a swan ever again! Seriously? Your franchise is named "The SWAN Princess" and your supposed "main heroine" hasn't turned into a swan since the 4th movie! Epic fail, Nest/Crest/Swan Princess Partners/whatever they are called nowadays! Epic fail!
The official website, is no better with the makers bragging about how the ...more - PerfectImpulseX

20 Arthur

Ok we get it your rich then poor - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

Everyday when you walking down da street and everybady dat yu meet has an original point of vioo.

21 Marvel Cinematic Universe


22 Ice Age

I still love this franchise.

Here's a sequel for them Ice Age Extinction. - egnomac

This franchise should have been put on ice...

Ice age 1, ice age 2, ice age 3, ice age 4, ice age 5... ice age 12... ice age 23... ice age 52... ice age 99... ice age 174... ice age age 1892... you get the picture.

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23 Jeepers Creepers

The whole plot is just horrible - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

24 The Hills Have Eyes

Then first was awesome but the rest sucked - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

25 Fifty Shades of Grey

How is this not higher? I think we can ALL agree on this one.

An even worse relationship than Twilight.

Cringy, just cringy!

26 Saw

Still a better love story than twilight.

27 Harry Potter

Some of the movies weren't that GOOD but it has good books

The one who put this here must be stupid.

An overrated cliché

I don't know why people eat this series up so much I bet jk Rowling got half her ideas from lord of the rings!

One does not simply make an avrage book series and get labeled as one of the best authors of all time! Oh wait somebody did!

28 The Land Before Time
29 Scooby-Doo

When Scooby zoinks all over your jinkies and he doesn't say no homo.

30 Meet the Parents
31 Paranormal Activity

The first one was scary, but the rest of it is just the same thing over and over and OVER again.

32 DC Extended Universe
33 Meatballs

Not as good as it sounds - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

34 Child's Play
35 Spy Kids

Terrible special effects that look like a child puked it up on paint. - ArpstaAmy333

Oh my god I have been scarred for life

36 Street Fighter
37 Dr. Doolittle
38 Jurassic Park

So bad

39 Teen Beach

Doesn't even hardly appeal to its target audience. (teens) Poor plot development, excessive and boring character insight, repetitive, irritant musical numbers. I bet the actors in this movie don't brag about their role too much, either.

Terrible movie. Most of Disney's live action movies are trash, besides movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Mary Poppins, The Kid, and a few more. - PeeledBanana

40 Scary Movie
41 Species

It's a knockoff of Alien, and it's nowhere near as good.

42 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Why would someone make these books into a movie series and not do it chronologically? I liked the books! The only redeeming qualities of the movies was the physical appearance of the actor because they looked the way the book characters do or, at least, close enough to them and the fact that while the movies followed to books very poorly, to the very least they were somewhat funny here and there. Other than that, these movies SUCKED!

Is it really that hard to do an adaptation?

Not the most well-made movies, but just barely enough charm to grasp your attention for a few hours. Not bad humor, but not great either. 7.1/10

43 Lion King Series

They made the worst characters of all time and they're still alive not dead

44 The Terminator
45 The Smurfs

Just as worse as Alvin

Ruined My Childhood

Smurfs are just demented munchinkin

46 Pirates of the Carribean

The 1st one was good, the rest of them sucked

Personally, while the first one is good, the second is my favorite. All the other ones are good too though. - stinkyjaden

47 Men in Black
48 Hangover

This is the ordinary the first one was good and made a lot of money so we're making a sequel type of franchise.

The first movie was funny but it made everything they could do with the plot, a hangover. The sequel was okay, it felt very forced though. The third than, horrible, sure some things were funny, but everything was forced and the pacing was off. They did go from a scene where someone was getting shot to a joke scene.

This franchise died with Hangover 3...

49 American Pie
50 National Lampoon
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