Fifty Shades Movies Suck

I think we can all agree, that this movie franchise is the worst movie franchise, Is it even a movie franchise? Fifty shades of grey, Fifty shades darker, How many fifty shades movies do we need? There is a new fifty shades movie coming on 2018. It has a low rating on rotten tomatoes (Thank god) and a low rating on IMDb! (again, thank god) Fifty shades of grey has a low rating on IMDb and Rotten tomatoes too. (Yet again, Thank god) Since both movies have low ratings, fifty shades freed would probably get a low rating too. I forgot to say, this movie franchise is the transformers of drama movies, And I'm not even kidding.

These are the worst drama movies, Those fifty shades movies are basically stupid. Suicide squad and Batman v Superman may be bad, But fifty shades darker was bad in many ways. Fifty shades of grey, fifty shades darker, fifty shades freed, can't we stop with these fifty shades movies? They're horrible, And also, fifty shades of grey is just mixed up with transformers, These two movie franchises are bad. What's next? Fifty shades of Jake Paul? Fifty Shades of MatPat? Seriously, those fifty shades movies need to stop, Now! This movie franchise is the one that I hate the most, This movie franchise is bad, Just like transformers. Like I said, these fifty shades movies need to stop. Transformers Is also bad, but we are not talking about stupid transformers movies, We are talking about stupid fifty shades movies.

why did they have to create a new fifty shades movie coming in 2018? Fifty Shades freed will obviously suck. Will fifty shades freed be worse than fifty shades darker and fifty shades of grey?

Let's rate those fifty shades movies.

Fifty Shades Darker (2017): 0/10.

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015): 0/10.

Fifty Shades Freed (2018) is not released yet But I am sure it will suck. We don't have to watch a stupid fifty shades movie. So yeah.

This movie franchise, Is the worst movie franchise. Why do we have to watch a new fifty shades movie? Don't even release a fifty shades movie, this movie franchise is terrible In many ways, I hate this movie franchise so much.

In Conclusion:

Fifty shades movies are bad, Fifty shades of grey was bad, and so is fifty shades darker!

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