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21 Arthur

Ok we get it your rich then poor - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

22 Jeepers Creepers

The whole plot is just horrible - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

23 Ice Age

I still love this franchise.

Here's a sequel for them Ice Age Extinction. - egnomac

Ice age 1, ice age 2, ice age 3, ice age 4, ice age 5... ice age 12... ice age 23... ice age 52... ice age 99... ice age 174... ice age age 1892... you get the picture.

Some Can Argue That It Is Nothing But A Punchline Nowadays.
But It's Not Blue Sky's Fault In My Opinion.

20th Century Fox Is Holding Them At Gunpoint And a Telling Them Too Make A Mediocre Cash Grab.

24 The Hills Have Eyes

Then first was awesome but the rest sucked - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

25 The Land Before Time
26 Saw

Still a better love story than twilight.

27 Paranormal Activity

The first one was scary, but the rest of it is just the same thing over and over and OVER again.

28 DC Extended Universe
29 Meet the Parents
30 Harry Potter

The one who put this here must be stupid.

An overrated cliché

I don't know why people eat this series up so much I bet jk Rowling got half her ideas from lord of the rings!

One does not simply make an avrage book series and get labeled as one of the best authors of all time! Oh wait somebody did!

31 Street Fighter
32 Marvel Cinematic Universe


33 Meatballs

Not as good as it sounds - whyiseveryusernametaken1234

34 Child's Play
35 Inspector Gadget
36 Ghost Rider
37 Fifty Shades of Grey

How is this not higher? I think we can ALL agree on this one.

38 Spy Kids

Terrible special effects that look like a child puked it up on paint. - ArpstaAmy333

Oh my god I have been scarred for life

39 Dr. Doolittle
40 Jurassic Park

So bad

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