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41 Teen Beach

Doesn't even hardly appeal to its target audience. (teens) Poor plot development, excessive and boring character insight, repetitive, irritant musical numbers. I bet the actors in this movie don't brag about their role too much, either.

Terrible movie. Most of Disney's live action movies are trash, besides movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Mary Poppins, The Kid, and a few more. - PeeledBanana

42 Species

It's a knockoff of Alien, and it's nowhere near as good.

43 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Why would someone make these books into a movie series and not do it chronologically? I liked the books! The only redeeming qualities of the movies was the physical appearance of the actor because they looked the way the book characters do or, at least, close enough to them and the fact that while the movies followed to books very poorly, to the very least they were somewhat funny here and there. Other than that, these movies SUCKED!

Is it really that hard to do an adaptation?

Not the most well-made movies, but just barely enough charm to grasp your attention for a few hours. Not bad humor, but not great either. 7.1/10

44 Lion King Series

They made the worst characters of all time and they're still alive not dead

45 The Terminator
46 The Smurfs V 3 Comments
47 Pirates of the Carribean

The 1st one was good, the rest of them sucked

48 Men in Black
49 Hangover V 1 Comment
50 American Pie
51 National Lampoon
52 The Haunting of Molly Hartley
53 Taken
54 Human Centipede
55 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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