Top 10 Worst Movie Genres

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1 Romance

Actually, even if it's not as interesting as it could be, romance adds a twist to the tale. It could be a basic happily ever after which isn't so good, it could be the girl chooses the wrong guy or vice versa, and the other guy swoops in, or an argument could tear the whole thing apart until everything is fixed. Isn't the romance what makes things interesting? Isn't it what people root for? If movies didn't have romance, there wouldn't be as much humor, as much thrill, as much drama, as much fear. Romance is apart of everything, even in the slightest way. No matter what, it will always be important.

Not because it involves sex/love but rather because it's boring and predictable - DarkBoi-X

EVERY SINGLE MOVIE I watch has this genre.
Like, why?!
It's there, even if it doesn't fit the movie.
Two characters I know fell in love in a elevator, that's a reason why I hate the genre. - starryrcad

I HATE ROMANCE! It's all almost love of drama include they get marry and have sexs. Gross!

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2 Musical

The music is so cheesy. - XxembermasterxX

Musicals are pointless and they waste time. Why can't a character just talk without bursting into a ridiculous song and dance number? Avoid these like cancer and AIDS. Then the world will be a much better place. - ArpstaAmy333

I love musicals but I'll admit...they're not for everyone.

Why do people just put some talking and a bunch of songs put together and call them movies? - venomouskillingmachine

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3 Porn

Why isn't this #1?! Porn is absolutely disgusting!

This should be number 1

Do I really need to say much?


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4 Romantic Comedies

Boring. The only one I like is Wall-E if you count that. - codgtamk34

Their jokes aren't funny.

Romantic comedies are not really comedies. They are fantasy dates. They are meant to be cute, not funny. They are more childish and escapist than anything from the so called fantasy genre.

Total and utter garbage

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5 Sports

Why the hell is the sports genre not at #1? Yes, every movie genre has its highlights, but at least most of the genres mentioned on this list have variety. Almost every sports movie is exactly the same formula rehashed over and over and over again, especially football movies. Absolute worst movie genre I have ever heard of in my life. - ScampVsSimba

There are a few good sports movies, but for the most part they’re all the same. Underdog athlete wants to win. No one thinks they will. They train and practice a lot. And then they win. The end.

Yeah the plot is lame and predictable. You know the underdog game is gonna win at the end so why bother watching? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

It's so boring! I hate watching sport, I hate playing sport and I know I'm a hateful person but come on. This is the worst genre. - Catlover2004

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6 Rape and Revenge

They usually romanticize them. Rape is a terrible thing, stop making excuses, Film Directors!

How do they make it romantic? Last house on the left was pretty disturbing but good.

7 Comedy

I can find lots of great thrillers, fantastic horror movies and sci-fi with superb twists...but It's really difficult to find a passable comedy.

I love a good comedy but the problem is, there aren't any. What is classed as "humour" today is awful.

Comedy is alright. There's some funny moves but what people consider humor now are farts and overly sexual content. - SirSkeletorThe3rd


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8 Video Game Movies

Except Detective Pikachu and 2018 Tomb Raider, they all suck - codgtamk34

These SUCK. The only one that was semi-decent was fudging WRECK-IT-RALPH. - Michaela4444

I could hardly get through donkey kong and the crystal coconut.

How did I have to add this! Video Game Movies SUCK!

9 Teen Drama

Why watch a film about it when you can just go to a high school? - codgtamk34

10 Film Noir

Best Genre Ever, not for Kiddies.

They use the "dark side" of humanity.

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11 Drama

I really don't see any good reason to seek out depictions of sensational moments for entertainment when you could experience them yourself first-hand

They think they are realistic, when they tend not to be.

Idiotic Trash. - AlphaQ

Godfather? Shawshank Redemption? Citizen Kane? Gone With the Wind? Casablaca? How is this above Rape and Revenge? - 445956

12 Action

This is my all time favourite genre. Please remove it - Peppapigsucks

Action? Advneture? Horror? Comedy? Having all these on the list obviously means that you hate all movies, because those are some of the most popular movie genres ever.

Why would you hate this awesome genre? It's super thrilling no not cheesy at all, the stints are also really cool and yes this is the best genre. - AlphaQ

I am the creator of this list and I put horror action and adventure on last because those are my favourites.

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13 Snuff Film

Why would I want to watch a movie where someone actually is murdered? IS THIS EVEN LEAGAL!?

Seriously, how is this not #1?

IN a snuff film they actually kill the actors on screen!
Worst type of movie ever
But there has never been a snuff film released in theatres and we should be really lucky about that

How is this not #1?

14 Superhero

The most boring movie genre ever.
- everything is perfectly fine
- villians destroy everything
- superhero kills villian
I can't believe such boring predictable "movies" make millions of money. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Bad movies like suicide squad, amazing spiderman 1 and 2, avengers infinity war, justice league, black panther etc

The Genre is not that bad! Watch The Dark Knight, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Logan, Spider-man 2, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Iron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

When Hollywood having a lack of ideas they makes superheroes movies. Especially in those last 2 years (Spiderman 4, Green Lantern, Batman 4, The Avengers, Iron Man 2... ) SO Overrated!

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15 Children's

I really don't like children's movies. They're just so plastic and boring! - Peppapigsucks

Not all the stuff in the world is made for kids (example is watership down).

There is no such thing as a kids movie. Animation is for Everyone, And it is awesome - GreenDayFan21

Children's movies are really boring, not to mention that I hate them.

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16 Adult
17 Horror

Cheap jumpscares, never any good horror build up and anything scary is wasted on simple premises. Worst genre, as it never has a good story or theme.

There are some good horror movies - ElSherlock

Why is this here? I LOVE horror movies!

Musical, I would have to agree on. But really? Don't we all need to see something to scare us out of our minds once and a while?! I live for horror movies. I just finished watching N
Nightmare On Elm Street (part 3), Dream Warriors

About 5 minutes ago!

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18 Cannibal
19 Family

What passes for "Family" today would have pushed June Cleaver past the grave and straight to the crematorium! I can hardly watch one without covering my kids ears and eyes.

20 Christian

Christian movies are boring.

21 Western

I wish to see more western movies in recent years. WE NEED MORE OF THESE MOVIES!

Cowboys suck

The same film over & over again, all filmed in Monument Valley. Tedious.

22 Fairy Tale
23 Natural Disaster

Sharknado, 'enough said. - starryrcad

These movies a pointless, natural disasters in real life are very rare and only last a few minutes, so why make a hour long movie about them? Because of this they devote the entire movie on the characters and the disaster only shows up in the last 5 minutes of the movie, who would ever find that entertaining? Just keep natural disasters on T.V. , it's the right length of time and it's the main focus, natural disaster movies are just boring build up movies with short climaxes

24 War

Whoever added this to the list has obviously never seen Saving Private Ryan. That film is a masterpiece.

How is this so low? - AlphaQ

25 Summer Camp Movies

What if you combined this with a horror movie?

Stop it, just stop with the summer camp bullcrap. It's either a kid who does something wrong in school or the parents want to get him to do something. There is always a sentinel or drill sergeant yelling at the protagonist like he's the only male to have a menstrual period, and a nerdy kid, one of them are put in a movie!

26 Religious
27 Parody

This is easily the worst genre

28 Crime

*Enhances image so that it could act as a close-up of what is too small on the image to even have an idea of*

Boring and WAYYY too Complicated. - AlphaQ

29 Sci-Fi

I like sci-fi because it's the art of the possible. Not the impossible. It could give us new ideas to open up a better future.

Star Wars enough said! Take this off

Favorite syfy movie van hosing

30 Documentary
31 Adventure

It's very usual for adventure movies to repeat themselves and the ending is always so predictable.

32 Concert
33 Slasher

Some slasher films are ok - ElSherlock

These things are nasty and repulsive! I can't stand them.

34 Fantasy

Here's the thing, these movies always go 1 of 2 ways, they're either REALLY good or they REALLY suck, and in recent years every fantasy movie that's not lord of the rings or the hobbit has sucked really hard

How ironic that one of the best genres of film is at the bottom of the list for worst genres.

All fantasy movies suck, no matter which decade. Also "Lord of the Rings". It is middle age, very uncool, and not beautiful to watch. - Strobo

Original gantasy movies - not so much. Movies based on fantasy books - GREAT! - 445956

35 Spoof

You have not heard of Mel brooks then

Ratings (IMDb)
Epic Movie: 2.3/10
Meet the Spartans: 2.7/10
Date Movie: 2.7/10
Superhero Movie: 4.5/10
Disaster Movie: 1.9/10
Vampires Suck: 3.5/10
Breaking Wind: 2.5/10
The Starving Games: 3.3/10
Best Night Ever: 3.9/10

Scary Movie is the only spoof film, that has more than 5 points in IMDB's Ratings - Yona_db

Oh really? Here are some more IMDB ratings...

Silent Movie 6.7/10
Spaceballs 7.1/10
Best in Show 7.5/10
Spinal Tap 8/11 (lol)
Young Frankenstein 8/10 - ThatoneMetalhead

36 Slice of life

This genre is the worst because it has no plot whatsoever.

37 Marriage

I hate marriage movies! In fact, I hate marriage.

38 Anime Anime
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