Top 10 Worst Movie Prequels

A Prequel can be of purpose and can help explore a character, contribute to worldbuilding or while some seem unnecessary, some can be pretty good and have a unique story to tell. Some would be good to see - some do far too many of them and some are completely necessary and fail. Some are unnecessary and fail and are pretty bad. They are so many bad, trash, unnecessary, cash grab, pointless, horrible and disappointing prequels. There's not a lot of good ones. These movies suck. All of these movies have one word from the before mentioned words in how bad a prequel can get. Oh there's continuity too and movies can be obsessed with that. Some good prequels exist - but a lot are really bad and do suck.

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1 X-Men Origins: Wolverine


"Wade is that you, I guess Stryker finally found a way to shut you up" - DenyYourMaker

No, this movie is awesome! - Userguy44

Bad movie - TriggerTrashKid

I'm sorry X-Men 3. This deserved to be on my list of 'Top 10 Most Disappointing Movies in Good Movie Franchises' list - not you. The was directed by James Mangold - who had also directed 'Logan' - but that was after this trainwreck of a film. This film was meant to start off a series of these type of movies - with a Magneto one as well. (X-Men Origins) but the series was cancelled due to this movie failing so miserably. And without a doubt - this movie was horrendous on all formats. The CGI claws for wolverine in this movie was laughable. Absolutely laughable. They used good characters like Deadpool, Gambit and the Blob - and none of them were good. Wolverine has zero interesting vulnerability in this film and the film itself does not use Wolverine to its full advantage either. Last Stand was a mess - this film followed up that trend. Except it being a much, much, much, bigger mess than The Last Stand. The plot has so many holes that in the film it is more than the amount I have ...more - iliekpiez

2 Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

The Star Wars Prequel trilogy is such an easy target for this list. And don't think I'm avoiding this. Oh no. All of the three movies in the trilogy suck - Episode I had lots of bad things and did suck but in fairness did have redeeming qualities. Episode III seems to be relatively liked to my dismay as it does suck and I do not understand why people seem to be fine with it. Episode II is by far the worst and has so little redeeming qualities that it is a horrible experience to sit through. It wasn't disappointing - the same director as Episode I. It had some of the worst dialogue in science fiction. "I hate sand." You can say what you want about Jar Jar - but they ruined Anakin. Hayden Christiansen was horrible and a lot worse than the young Jake Lloyd in Episode I. Natalie Portman was stale as the bland Padme, Yoda was ruined, Ewan McGregor for me - was a bad Obi Wan Kenobi, Samuel L Jackson was good as Windu - but we did not see enough of him. The CGI was yet again shoved in the ...more - iliekpiez

I really liked it, although it's the worst of the original six movies - darthvadern

Yeah this one sucked - Camaro6

As a Star Wars movie, its bad. - TriggerTrashKid

3 Exorcist: The Beginning

I never really liked The Exorcist - an extremely unpopular opinion upon moviegoers who usually love the movie and adore it - I am not part of that group. Even then, people forget just how many prequels and sequels it got. Like 'Psycho' in that respect. It got 4 prequels/sequels. It is also worth noting all of these sequels and prequels to the 1973 original are trash. This is no different at all. The film also apparently had a bunch of trouble in production and had zero payoff whatsoever. The CGI isn't great (it is actually pretty bad) and the film is glorified with it meaning it has lots of cheap stocks all around in the picture. So if the film was trying to be scary - which it wasn't and wouldn't be without the CGI anyway - and it even it had the build up to it to scare general audiences anyway it wouldn't have due the CG anyway. Scenes have zero explanation in them and seem like a waste of time. The actors are out of place - and while some of them are decent actors even they do not ...more - iliekpiez

4 Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Dumb and Dumber is a really funny film. It is pretty well received by both critics and audiences and the world seems to agree it is a funny movie. There was Dumb and Dumber To which was OK and then there is Dumb and Dumberer. A film which sucks. The original knew how to use the toilet humour and make it hilarious. The performances from the two leads replacing Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are actually pretty decent to my surprise. The humour is repetitive. Just rehashing the original's setpieces. And even after the 1994 original, we did not need a prequel to see how they met each other and we do not need it set in high school of all the places to set it in. And the world clearly agreed with this movie not even grossing 45 million which is absolutely pitiful for a movie most of the time. They help a fellow student expose a school principal. The concept itself is bland and forgettable and the setup is pretty poor as well. It has stooped to the low of being one of those bad high school ...more - iliekpiez

This movie was incredibly stupid. - RadioHead03

No Jim Carrey’ but I still get a good movie!

5 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

This movie is yet another unnecessary prequel. I don't think we needed another live action Flintstones movie considering the first one sucked. It's for kids. No one else. Even if the Flintstones is certainly not one of the best cartoons - and not even my favourite Hanna Barbera production anyway. The CGI for Gazoo (the annoying alien anyway in the show) looks terrifying and is really annoying. There are jokes about dinosaur farts. If you are not above the age of two, you will not find it funny. But when you are two, you would probably laugh. I never laughed because I did not watch the movie when I was 2 years old. There's numerous unfunny name puns in there as well. All the subplots I do not care about. The acting is awful. Stephen Baldwin especially as Barney Gumble is horrendous. Whoever cast him must have wanted to lose their job. They go to Viva Rock Vegas. The number of words replaced with "rock" wasn't even a funny pun. The villain wants to foil a romance and that is one of the ...more - iliekpiez

Put is this movie a prequel to the first movie, I don't think so - germshep24

6 Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal activity needs to end. The franchise is done. No more. I didn't even like the original and did not find remotely chilling. It zaps the audience with too many to count Gotcha! moments. The shots are repeated, repeated and repeated again to make it really annoying. Sometimes I thought Casper The Friendly Ghost was more likely to scare somebody than this. This is the worst of the franchise in terms of Paranormal Activity - quite the accomplishment indeed. Some people are fine with 1919929932 of these movies. The film does not bring any new tricks and no interesting things to the movie at all. The build up is extremely slow to a absolutely terrible finale as well. There is zero innovation in this movie as expected with this franchise as well. The spook moments meant to be spooky are repeated. So of course they are not spooky as a result. This movie is another part of the crap that is this series of crap movies. - iliekpiez

7 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
8 Annabelle

The Conjuring is a pretty great horror movie. One of the best horror movies of the 2010s for that matter. But Annabelle was awful. It does rip off Rosemary's Baby - a great movie. They just steal their imagery. Not what made them liked by audiences and critics.Annabelle did well at the box office - much more than it deserved. The movie never taps into anything deeper as well - the movie took zero risks and was a bland horror movie trait. The climax is one of the worst parts of the whole movie - and one of the worst climaxes in horror movies I have ever watched. It is misguided and has no effect on the viewer other than the viewer being shocked at just how bad the climax was and that the movie got worse. Nothing in the movie is developed very well - the villain does not improve which should be part of the aim of a prequel focusing on a character - to add extra layers to that respective character. Wallis and Horton are unengaging and uninteresting characters. It is a movie that says ...more - iliekpiez

9 Final Destination 5

If you don't think this is a prequel, then you are wrong. Even though the movie completely tricked people into thinking this was actually a sequel. Even then, the franchise had died. No more of these movies which are almost as repetitive as The Transformers Series. As Flight 180 is flown in this movie. The title itself is a spoiler - to the movie. A rarity and something that should remain rare in movies. The issue with the movie is that is boring. The Final Destination Series got old fast. It should have been one instalment. Not five. The characters have no character to them whatsoever. It also has zero atmosphere - something the franchise seems to agree on as well. Also the concept has no faith pumped into it by the director either. It uses far too much 3D - something that can be done right but has become severely oversaturated in cinema. They explain the rules again as well which is at this point highly unnecessary in this franchise. The drama is also missing here as well. Not ...more - iliekpiez

I completely disagree I think the movies had gotten better since the first one, they give exactly what you want from Death, creative death scenes, sure their not great story wise but you don't watch Final Destination for story - germshep24

10 Minions

Some could say this was a spinoff film - but yet I see as a prequel also. Illumination Entrainment are an awful company who mostly make bad films and this was one of the biggest cash grabs of the 2010s. The minions have become so oversaturated and so annoying now they are actually unbearable. The animation is again uncreative. Audiences seemed to eat up this movie. I did not eat up and this movie sucked hard. The humour was not funny at only was only made to fit it. As ralphthemoviemaker stated in his video about it, the movie does not know what it wants to be - and kind of wants to be both. Probably just to get higher audience ratings to add to the huge box office takings and the gross this movie got undeservedly. The movie itself was harmless it took no risks yet people ate it up and Illumination might have started this horrible pattern in animated movies that needs to end. This is a movie deserving all the flack that people who don't like it throw its way. - iliekpiez

Although it's the worst of the Despicable Me series I found it to be a guilty pleasure - darthvadern

This was when the minions started annoying the hell out of people. - Not_A_Weeaboo

I might be in minority but the minions honestly never annoyed me, for some reason - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Monsters University

Pixar messed up the words "prequel" and "sequel." I wanted a sequel, not a prequel. I mean, who said they would like a movie where Mike and Sulley went to collage? Who was screaming out, waiting in excitement? The movie is awful for the most part. I love the ending and that's it. The humour is very generic and you've seen it 338383838 times. You've seen the characters before - you just have enough of them at that point. And that depends if you like 80s college movies. If you don't like them like me, you dislike this movie. The teacher just decides to not like them. Not even showing us any reason why the teacher would hate Sulley and Mike. No reason. No explanation whatsoever. The movie is predictable, barely takes no twist and turns until the ending - one of the best Pixar endings in fairness. But overall, this is my least favourite Pixar movie and not their best work. An unnecessary movie that had bad marketing and was not a good movie at all. - iliekpiez

I thought this movie was great, although the original was better - darthvadern

I thought this movie was good - germshep24

12 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
13 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
14 Hannibal Rising

Why does a great movie like Silence of the Lambs even have prequels? - Userguy44

Make a prequel to movies like Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs but take out absolutely everything that made them work and instead replace them with a painfully dull, made-for-cable presentation that slaps stupidity all over the original source material. Easily the worst prequel I have ever seen in my life, it makes X-Men Origins: Wolverine look like Logan. Top it off with some of the worst performances I've ever seen for a movie of this calibur and we've got a film that does nothing but devalue the character of Hannibal Lecter and the series he comes from. Truly embarrassing. - nerffan8000

15 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I like it - CrypticMemory

The three Star Wars prequels should be in the top three. And this is the worst offender.

This movie was really good - PeeledBanana

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