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61 Poltergeist

The unbelievable, artificial, fake, unrealistic family in this failed attempt at a remake to a classic film was just trying at a failed attempt to mimic a dysfunctional family in real life and fictional ones in other movies. I can't believe that one of the horrible actors actually said in an interview on a talk show, though I don't know which, had said that this remake was supposed to be a KIDS MOVIE and that it was supposed to be a rated PG-13 Movie. First of all this movie just had no potential whatever and just went down the pales all the way, there was no connection of reality to it, everything about this movie such as the feel and the look was just head ache causing, nauseating, and just made a person want to fall asleep for watching it. Second of all, This movie wasn't meant to be a kids movie at a PG-13 Rating, it was meant to be anywhere between an adult and a full family oriented movie at rated R. How dare they take an adult - family oriented supernatural paranormal classic ...more

This movie was just so horrible and very painful to watch. This was just just so terrible and torturing (And not the good kind of torture either.). This movie would have been better if it was haunted down by the original but it clearly wasn't at all. Also, the kids in this version look like they're not even the unbelievable couples real blood relative biological children. They look like they were all adopted and I can't even imagine the couple in this film to be an actual couple in real life. The effects in this version were garbage and fake unbelievable and just an overly CGI usage of CRAP! Not to mention that this film was produced and directed by a producer and director who never had ANY kind of experience of doing an actual enjoyable-to-watch type of movie and are anywhere close to the directors and producers of the original movie, who were also known for producing and directing acetal good other movies as well, Especially if it was a horror movie. I will have to say that even all ...more

Everything about this movie going from the opening, setting, characters, acting, conflict, special effects, the whole plot and the entire storyline was just fake, unbelievable, fake, plastic and cheap as hell. The ending of this movie was just so horrible that it shouldn't even be considered as a real ending. Stick to your guns people and forget about this piece of crap and watch the original movie from the 1982 version. You'll be glad u did and you'll thank me later for it.

Look, I really like Sam Worthington but come on, do they really expect us to have any emotional attachments to a family that's about as interesting as rocks?

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62 Arthur
63 House on Haunted Hill
64 Death at a Funeral
65 The Vanishing
66 Love Affair
67 Meet Joe Black
68 Dark Water
69 The Eye
70 Village of the Damned
71 The Island of Dr. Moreau
72 Swept Away
73 Sweet November
74 The Jackal
75 Mr. Deeds
76 Angels in the Outfield
77 The Ring

So overrated, it's so boring and I nearly fell asleep - nickisawesome

78 The Jungle Book (2016)

How do people like this - nickisawesome

79 The Mummy (2017)
80 The Hills Have Eyes
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