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1 Batman and Robin

Awful, horrible, George Clooney should be ashamed! I knew when Batman/Robin popped ice skates out of their boots to deal with a frozen floor that this movie would be a stinker. Towards the end, it almost turns into Batman on Ice with the silly, blinking vehicles they drive.

It is very very awful, with terrible characters, horrible acting and confusing morale.

Seriously? Puns? What Batman movie in the history of time had PUNS in it?

When I was little I didn't even like then and I hate even more now this almost killed Batman. Thanks Christopher Nolan, for saving it

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2 Son of the Mask

It's just an insult to the first film and the comics and the cartoon series I mean we have no Jim Carrey I know a lot of people complained about too but still and we have no plot no humor no comedy no nothing it's just pure crap also the effects are bad they're still using the effects from the first mask film which is pretty dated because I think the first mask came out I don't know 10 years earlier! And your using the same effect and the baby is for some reason trying to get rid of the father oh did I mention they had a baby in this and the villian is pointless and boring it's just a waste of time and film and everything I feel sorry for the actors it's not one of the worst movies but am telling it's Pretty close so my advise is stick to the original cartoon and the first film and the comics ok the comics are little too Gory and dirstrubing so for those who can't stand yeah they are probulay not for you or your kids but this is still worse I know it doesn't have any gory scenes in it ...more

Worst movie sequel ever that and the fact that they replaced jim carrey with the very unfunny jamie kennedy

This is a waste of time, money, and film. Who the heck wrote this piece of trash?

Makes Batman and Robin look like the fifth Star Wars movie.

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3 Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

The first one was hilarious and I was so looking forward to this one, it was s*, not funny, and bad acting

But isn't this a prequel not a sequel? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This isn't a sequel, it's a prequel so it shouldn't be on the list.

The first and the second movie was better

4 Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House

I have to admit that there are SOME funny bits in this movie, but it's certainly no masterpiece. I can tolerate it, but I don't really recommend it. The more I watched this, the more mediocre I found the acting to be. The original cast members of the original Home Alone could act circles around the cast of THIS movie and no offense to Mike Weinberg (who plays Kevin in this movie), but he's no Macaulay Culkin. According to IMDb, even Daniel Stern refused to return for the role of Marv simply saying the movie was "an insult" and "total garbage" and I don't blame him at all. And to think that they made a fifth Home Alone even after this one was considered a flop.

WHY would they have a new kid WITH the name Kevin Mcallister and get a new actor. If they're going to get a new actor, then make a new character instead of Kevin.

Boring and why did they get this new kid?

I'd hate to see this. If there's a new actor for a remake, I'm out!

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5 Superbabies - Baby Geniuses 2

Did the first movie even need a sequel?

No it didn't

6 Jaws - The Revenge

This is the reason why there are no more jaws movies. Jaws 3 was bad but it was so stupid that some of it was funny. This movie wasn't like that. The shark roars like a lion, the shark's mouth doesn't move, the visuals made superman 4's visuals look good in comparison, and the actors felt like they didn't want to be there on set. This movie has the same plot as jaws 3 except now it takes place in the Bahamas.

This film is hilarious, but all for the wrong reasons. Its flaws, errors and depictions have been covered enough, so you get the picture... - CrimsonShark

Horrible, awful, disgraceful, laugh out loud moments of ridiculousness, stupid, butt-munching, waste of time of a sequel.

Dull, stupid and laughable, this terrible, awful sequel deserves all the scorn it gets. Just terrible.

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7 Superman IV - The Quest for Peace

This has to be one of the worst sequels in history and I mean superman 3 was bad but this this I don't know what the hell this is I mean the visual effects are terrible even by 80s standards and the scenes with superman flying are just recycled scenes from the first three movies and the villain in this movie is so dull and boring to watch that he makes the villains from Care Bears look like best villains ever and the fighting scenes in this film are not impressive it's just superman and the villain smashing up and beating up each other which should be impressive but it's not and I admit I'm not big fan of the old superman movies but I liked the first one fine I barely remember the second the third I thought was this one shinned against nature and it's almost one of the worst movies I've ever seen but personally I think there's way more worse movies out there but not like there was any reason at all for this to be made I mean it bombed thank god.

8 Troll 2

So terrible its a classic


9 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Michael Bay is not America's favorite director! Shia Labeouf turned down the fans and we know Megatron was supposed to be dead! But at least Megan Fox is still my favorite actress!

Anything Michael Bay tries to do basically sucks. I was literally furious after seeing this.

The first one was undoubtedly way better than this crappy sequel.

This movie was awesome, actually!

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10 Basic Instinct 2

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? The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
? The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

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11 Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
12 Speed 2 - Cruise Control

Keanu Reeves dodged a bullet there when he was asked to return to "Speed" with a sequel. Not so much on Sandra Bullock though...

"Speed" wasn't just a great action film, it was a great film in general, even winning two Oscars based on Sound Mixing and Editing, and remains one of the best action films of the 1990s. Then there's a new question: "What happened on the sequel?!

Forget about the fact that the sequel is worse, "Speed 2: Cruise Control" is in itself, a terrible movie, not even being able to gross half of what its predecessor performed back in 1994. That's a damn shame. The film is also badly juxtaposed from the title, considering the pacing is actually quite slow and takes place on a cruise ship, which doesn't exactly picture "Speed" as a term if you ask me. Its even more surprising when "Speed" has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes when this garbage is at 2%. That's just sad :(... - CrimsonShark

13 Daddy Day Camp

More like daddy day crap

14 Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

The Predator and the Xenomorph are horribly butchered by concept in this film. Why are the two trying to be Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees? Yeah, Freddy and Jason are horror icons and so are the Predator and Xenomorph, but the problem is that the latter two are completely different in concept. This film is actually trying too hard to be a slasher, but it terribly fails. Do we really need to see Xenomorphs killing people that we don't care about and root for a group of rather unlikable and forgettable protagonists?

What pisses me off is the extent this film tries to go in horror. A child gets his chest burst open by an infant Xenomorph, killing him instantly and another Xenomorph lays its eggs inside a woman who was just about to give birth to her child and broke her water. Is that supposed to be terrifying? HELL NO! That was vile, disgusting and worst of all, unnecessary. And the Predator wastes its time trying to find a Xenomorph-Predator hybrid and the fight scenes between ...more - CrimsonShark

15 Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace

Take this off the list - Harri666

Even Darth Maul couldn't save this one.

No attack of the clones was worse. This was an ok film. If it sucked then why was it successfull in box office and stealbook, bluray, and DVDs sales.

16 High School Musical 2

Nothing wrong with High School Musical. Disappointed that Zac didn't sing the songs in the first film but still good film. High School Musical 2 was never my favourite though because its not exactly school.

Like high school musical 2 movie

All 3 of these movies need to burn in Hell, they're the worst movie trillogy on the face of the Earth

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17 Exorcist II - The Heretic

Oh, christ almighty. It is terrible. Will never live up to it's prequel. At least William Friedkin was able to make a horror movie that both made you jump and was good. Also, the third movie was good, it was directed by the author of the books (The Exorcist). But, my point is, watch the first and third movie, not the second. It is not worth your time - Top15Playthroughs

Wow. This film made me not be so afraid of the first one anymore. Just because of how totally bad it is.

18 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

it frightend children and just stupid

Biggest mistake ever that was supposed to be a found footage.

19 Silent Hill: Revelation
20 Staying Alive
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