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21 A Fox's Tale
22 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

it frightend children and just stupid

Biggest mistake ever that was supposed to be a found footage.

23 Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

Disturbing+porn+violent=Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

Why are 8th in the list of 21th century best movies?

Don't even know what to say - kylebuschfan18

24 Blues Brothers 2000

HORRIBLE. Loved the original, walked out of the theater with this one

The original was just pure class, this follow-up was pure garbage.

John Goodman in this movie ruined my life.

Seriously, I've seen pornos that have more story than this movie

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25 Rocky V
26 Jason X

Jason in space. Hands down, the worst movie in the Friday the 13th Series.

27 Rocky Balboa V 2 Comments
28 Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace

Take this off the list - Harri666

Even Darth Maul couldn't save this one.

No attack of the clones was worse. This was an ok film. If it sucked then why was it successfull in box office and stealbook, bluray, and DVDs sales.

29 Jaws 2

This one is good... but 3 and 4 were terrible

Not the worst jaws movie, but kind of a lackluster sequel in my opinion. Most of this movie is kinda slow and most of the action scenes minus the boat explosion and helicopter scene are kind of uneventful. a lot better than jaws the Revenge, but still kinda of a letdown considering how much I enjoyed it at the beach.

30 Home Alone 3

This is just an insult to everything home alone stands for it's so bad! That I absolutely have nothing to say about it all can say is how can it be home alone if Kevin isn't in the film? Was the only reason why this film existed was because someone wrote John Hughes a pay check and yeah the kid actor in this film is obviously not as good as mculkin but he was alright I don't know what the hell he moved on to do and yeah the parents are worse in this film how can you leave your 8 year old who's sick home alone remember in the first film they freaked out on plane because they had realized what had happened to him here they leave at home by himself every single day all I have left to say is screw this insulting botched and stick to the first two.

How can it still be called Home Alone when Kevin isn't even in the movie. - egnomac

So let me get this straight, these SECRET AGENTS are constantly foiled by easily avoidable traps set up by a 5 year old? Good God, that is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen

This shouldn't even be called Home Alone since Kevin isn't in it.

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31 God's Not Dead 2
32 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
33 Fifty Shades Darker

At least the firstone was somewhat enjoyable, this one legit had no story and completely disregarded the events of the first movie and what was the helicopter scene?

34 Halloween III - Season Of The Witch

Was Michael Myers even in this movie? I think not. This was a really dumb movie, it made no sense. WHO WROTE THIS MOVIE? NOT JOHN CARPENTER, RIGHT?!

Am I watching a completely different movie? Where as all the characters? Where's Michael Myers? Where's anybody?

35 Sex and the City 2
36 Grease 2

I was so sickened in how bad it was compared to the original, most people haven't even heard of it!

Grease 2? Noo thanks. I'll stick with the much better and original Grease thank you very much.

Stephanie loves Michael. But does she love him unconditionally?
It's clear where their relationship is headed.

37 The Godfather, Part III

This was a movie that unfortunately had everything going against it. First it was a decade plus sequel to two of the greatest movies ever made. Secondly, and more importantly, Coppala's love of his family caused him to make one of the worst casting decisions ever. After Wynona Ryder dropped out in the middle of filming, he cast his daughter Sofia who was so bad that when I saw it in the theater, the whole audience cheered and clapped when her character was killed at the end. Just a side note Sofia went on to become a respectable filmmaker in her own right.

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38 Scary Movie 4

Not as bad as number 5 but this movie was really cheesy.

39 The Matrix Reloaded

It was confusing and had a bad ending.

Why is this movie so high up on the list? Being honest 'Reloaded' is my favouritmovie in the Matrix trilogy. The action is great and all the fights are amazing. Also the relationship between Neo and Trinity deepens a lot. They are such a cute couple.

40 The Smurfs 2

Did the smurfs really need a sequel?

I think they're just trying to make a franchise of crap

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