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41 Zoolander 2
42 Weekend at Bernie's II
43 Halloween - Resurrection
44 The NeverEnding Story III

You should be happy with adaptations we have today because what if they all turned into this? That would be an imagination disaster!

THIS SUCKS! - robertoiglesias271

This movie really deserves to be acknowledged by moviegoers today because of how terrible it is. while there are some films that often betray some aspects of the original, this goes far into betraying the original. right down to the character's personalities being completely changed. (like in the first one, falkor was wise and optimistic. in this one he's a complete idiot. the rockbiter was a tragic character. Losing his friends from the nothing. in this one he has a wife and a son who watches T.V. even though T.V. doesn't exist in fantasia, and it all looks like an old cheesy sitcom. and after that he's off riding his stone vehicle with his son while singing "born to be wild" by steppenwolf). this movie truly is one of the worst sequels of all time. period.

This movie doesn't respect the book or the first film it's literary mocking in fact it didn't even feel like I was watching the never ending story it felt I was watching an unfunny robot chicken sketch even through those sketches are funny as hell in fact they made a sketch on the never ending story it was kinda mocking but it's not has big of an insult as this, I rather watch that than watch this any day and yeah none of the original cast are in this film I guess they were to old then but why have the free willy kid as bastian it doesn't really make any sense when you think about it bastian is a fat little 10, 11 or 12 year old kid with brown down hair, James richer whatever he's name is was a pretty skinny blond Crley haired kid who was roughly the same age but yeah just wasn't the right casting and the little tween sister in this film is a bitch she's not likeable I guess if the librarian in the films meet her well he did but didn't know much about her but if he did he will ...more

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45 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

I love this sequel and I hate seeing this on worst sequel lists. Despite Simba and Nala's design changes the movie was great with great songs as well

This movie was awesome! If you hate it then that's your opinion

Shoot the characters in the pee pee

Don't mine him I thought this was O.K.

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46 Return to Oz

It isn't the worse sequel in fact I thought was pretty decent it's obviously not the best sequel or kids movie or anything obviously none of the wizard of oz projects can top the 1939 masterpiece but this is pretty close its way better than oz and the great powerful or Tom and jerry meets the wizard oz or the cgi wizard oz cartoon of the black version the wiz or all that other insulting but this movie is pretty dark it's not really musical it's not like the happy go lucky wizard of oz everyone knows and loves even that was starting to become a little intense and I mean little this is like 50% it has children having shock therapy and the witch is even creepier in this and this is one of those old dark fantasy children films that am sure people who are like in their late 20s or 30s 40s and 50s know there was a time where kids film had little bit of a dark edge and that's fine as long as it doesn't go too dark but the problem with kids movies nowadays is that there too happy and go lucky ...more

This movie was unnecassary. I give it credit for giving us the backstory of The Wizard, but if they wanted to do that, they should have made this movie BEFORE they made the 1939 classic - BigBerry25

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47 Paranormal Activity 2

The first one was decent but, the sequels where bad.

The first one sucked, why did they make a new one? - MoldySock

48 Piranha 3DD

The first one was good, but when a movie only gets 10,000,000 budget, you can't expect much

49 2 Fast 2 Furious
50 The Karate Kid Part III

I liked part 2 it was underrated but 3 and 4 the next karate kid were bad and cheesy. The only good thing about this movie was that it had the same actors as in the first 2 films.

This is my favorite. It's something that could happen and does happen often in real life - Sabbath

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51 Predator 2
52 Caddyshack 2
53 Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

This shouldn't be here

54 Saw IV
55 The Hangover Part II
56 The Lion King 1 1/2

Timon and Pumbaa ruined all of the Lion King Movies

Retarded movie that messed up the original.

This film is retarded!

I hate hate hate this TLK Movie. Uninteresting, Bad Plot, Bad Jokes. Plus it ruined one of the most memorable TLK scenes, Circle of Life with Pumbaa farting and then the animals all bow down... What the Hell

57 Spider-Man 3

F$&@ you, this movie shouldn't be on this list. This was the best Spiderman and next to Avengers is the greatest superhero movie ever

Why do people hate this so much wait I know because of venom and emo Peter Parker. Those reasons are not even good reasons, this movie is actually decent sandmans scenes were good, symboite Peter Parker is actually good and James Franco was actually a great villian

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58 Grown Ups 2
59 Pocahontas 2 - Journey to a New World

I wanted Pocahontas to be with John Smith, but she ends up with the other guy.

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60 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Oh my God, I sat down and watched this movie on my IPad, and now I know this is on my worst movies of all time list because only 40 minutes in it was so painfully bad that I turned it off. The storyline was so idiotic and horrible. The 2nd movie I think is the best, and this one is absolute crap.

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