Worst Movies of 2006


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1 Doogal

Wow 4? Is very low for a crap like this

Probably worst of the last 10 years

You know than a chuld movie is bad, when the most little kids seen the movie and they start to sleep

Yes! Number 1.
It was The Magic Roundabout.
Dougal not Doogal.
Robbie Williams voiced Dougal.
Take That & The Magic Roundabout Movie 2005

2 Date Movie
3 Turks in Space
4 The Reef

This is the wrong poster. This is suppose to refer to the animated movie, not the 2010 horror movie (which is better than the animated movie)

Not just a bad and ugly Finding Nemo clone visually but also a failed Karate Kid clone. It's so bad, the plot is distracting and boring, the animation is on par with Foodfight on how bad it is, the movie is ugly filled with ugly characters and background, the characters are bland and obnoxious, the sound is annoying, what else could I say? Whilst Foodfight is worse OBJECTIVELY (With a massive $65,000,000, Foodfight was at least less annoying. All it does is make you cringe but this movie will piss you off or just bore you to death. Foodfight was bizzare but this movie was obnoxious. I'd say they are on par with each other.

5 Phat Girlz
6 Surf School
7 Crossover
8 National Lampoon's Pledge This!

How many of these are they gonna make?!

I hate you Paris hilton

Number 1 please - 445956

9 Keloglan Vs. the Black Prince

Just like the poster of the proffer x smiling like a retard know how this is bad

10 Basic Instinct 2

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11 The Class of Chaos 3,5
12 The Wicker Man

Nicolas cage's worst performance

13 Araf
14 The Benchwarmers
15 High School Musical

How the hell you forget this one?

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16 Ice Age: The Meltdown
17 Stay Alive
18 The Black Dahlia
19 Barnyard
20 How to Eat Fried Worms

The most grossiest movie than I ever seen in my life, who the hell think that was a good idea to make a child movie that was ABOUT EAT WORMS?

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