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21 Beastly

Probably The Worst Vanessa Hudgens Movie I Have EVER Seen it made no sense it was HORRIBLE!

Vanessa Hudgens and Hilary Duff in the same movie... need I say more?

22 Jumping the Broom
23 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
24 Rio

This movie was boring. I feel like it took the Finding Nemo plot because the lady was looking for her bird.

Stole many ideas from other movies. Had a good plot, but that's it. The characters weren't very well-made.

To The Person Who Gave This Great Film A Negative Review
You Have A New Enemy
I Hate You

Whoever put this movie on here should be ashamed of themselves (and it's at number 10 I can't believe it) this movie is the best animated film of 2011, yes it's a bit clich├ęd but it's actually not terrible it's a really great movie. So to the person out there go $&@! yourself. You are wrong, VERY wrong.

25 The Three Musketeers
26 Phineas and Ferb: The Movie - Across the 2nd Dimension

This film is one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

Overrated crap, surprise me than are more haters of transformers than this crap

27 The Dilemma
28 From Prada to Nada
29 Bucky Larson Born to Be a Star

How the hell isn't in the top with jack and jill?

30 Sucker Punch
31 Priest
32 New Year's Eve
33 Happy Feet Two
34 Season of the Witch
35 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Common people this movie is some funny

36 Attack the Block

To put this bluntly the comedy of a movie cannot be based around one stereotype. And that's what Attack the Bloack does. - Shadsilvson11

37 The Muppets

I think I'm the only one who hates this movie but it's one of the stupidest, dumbest and boring movies ever. Shame Amy Adams and Jason Segel are in this godawful movie - Elysium

38 Apollo 18
39 Sanctum
40 Green Lantern
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