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1 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

Poor celebrates I know this is a baby move but why would they put this in theaters I feel sorry for the parents who had to bring there kids to this move if there were kids watching instead everyone was watching wreck it ralph or rise of the gardens the story is simple 3 kids with the dumbest names in the world zoozie toofie and doozie I think who have a birthday for their friend sluffy who for some reason is a pillow but they can not have it because they lose the balloons they could have the party with out the balloons but since the balloons are so in portent that they have to get them and waste 90 minutes of there lives the characters are really bland the green one is a nerd the purple one keeps losing his pants the yellow one is a girl the pillow his a weird voice the fish is the only good character who is like us if we were in the move you also have to dance and move a lot about 9001 times in fact I watched some of the clips to see how bad it was one was about teaching kids to not ...more

I SO AGREE WITH ANYONE ABOUT THE OOGIELOVES! This film sucks-ass! It's a film for preschoolers! Thank god this film got negative reviews, and becoming the biggest box office bomb of all time! This is the worst movie ever! This film won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.

So 3 mutated worms try to find Some balloons for a pillow. Yep, I'm in some terrible times.

2012 was a good year until THIS came

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2 Foodfight!

Foodfight is one of the gayest comedies ever worst animated movie ever made

52? SO LOW? The three stooges only is bad because the Jersey shore cameo, this is bad... Well... ONLY SEEN THE Google PICS

In all seriousness, this should be in the Top 10.

This should be higher

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3 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Come on, it wasn't that bad. At least it's way better than the Cat in the Hat.


A magical word for spitting Dr. Suess' funeral. Ouch!

It's so annoying I can't believe this excised the singing was annoying and characters were annoying the cartoon version was a lot better

When the Once-ler referenced Donkey Kong I wanted to throw a chair across the room

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4 The Three Stooges

This movie was based on the iconic slapstick film series called The Three Stooges. It's pretty funny of how the three main characters tried to slap each other with some comical sound effects. Also, it's popular back in the 1920's up to the 1960's (the 60's era where the short film eras are obselete with Looney Tunes and this). But this movie really made the glory of the three of the characters and they died back in the 70's (the theory is that the Three Stooges are incarnated and they are born in the 70's in the orphanage where they grew up like in this movie). If you haters wanted to hate this movie, just watch the short film series and like I said, they are popular in the 20th century.

Just awful. I just wish that people would start understanding the difference between "comedians" and "actors. " They are not interchangeable as some people like to believe.

Seriously horrible very bland and not much really happened. - Blubby1804

I thought this was funny, you all love it

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5 John Carter

Was just overall confusing. I didn't know what was happening.

Conan the Barbarian in outer space? Definitely awkward! :P

I hear this movie was bad, so I'll never watch it! - docreywashere

6 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The only good thing is the actuation of bella and edward's daughter, but the movie still been boring

I like the little girl. But, I didn't like the movie itself.

Just bad

7 Where the Dead Go to Die

This and Foodfight are both worth winning a Razzie

This movie is so AWFUL! It's not funny at all, there's no positive for this film, NOTHING MAKES SENSE,... EVEN REN AND STIMPY'S ADULT PARTY CARTOON AND THE NEW SpongeBob EPISODES ARE BETTER THAN THIS ABOMINATION! I'd rather watch Modern SpongeBob AND the Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon than this thing!

1 thing: Jimmy ScreamerClauz's animation is trash

How is this losing the number 1 spot to a baby movie? - 445956

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8 That's My Boy

The worst Adam Sandler film since Jack and Jill, and even that is not as offensive as this abortion.

9 Hotel Transylvania

I feel bad for the voice actors, almost all of them are very talented people but ended up in this horrible film, with bad charters, Bad story, and even bad humor (Except for when John freaks out when he see's everyone is a monster) And don't get me started on how much I hated Johnathan, Dracula you should have just kill that guy.

I treat it more like an animated series more than a film. They took way too much focus on making it funny. How can it be funny when it's SO POORLY EXECUTED?!

This movie was so poorly done. To be honest, I don't think I ever laughed.

Seriously, Sony? This movie is so boring!

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10 Fred 3: Camp Fred

Gave me nightmares

There was a third one?!?!?! Jeez...

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11 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
12 Silent Hill: Revelation

So terrible it hurt my brain


13 Total Recall
14 Project X

This is such a stupid movie with no humor. One would think that to qualify as a comedy, a film would have to make you laugh. This film provided no laughs and was a pain to sit through.

P.S. what is The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter, The Hunger Games, and Wreck-It Ralph doing on this list? Those were great movies!

Project X, That's My Boy, A Thousand Words, This Means War, The Three Stooges, and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax deserve to be on this list though (in that order).

This film sucked. Todd Phillips isn't even trying anymore. - Hernandez1614

15 Battleship

I feel like the creators of this movie saw the previews for The Avengers and were like "hey we can blow more crap up than that" so they made this movie and said "ha, top that avengers! " Then the movie came out and did poorly, then The Avengers came out and what do you know? The Avengers completely obliterated battleship at the box office

Come on guys, Rock of Ages wasn't that bad.
Battleship was little more than a bloated overblown action trying to compete with The Avengers, only they forgot to add charm and likable characters.

Robot Chicken told us this would happen, but did we listen? Nope.

What's next? A movie about chess?

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16 Resident Evil: Retribution
17 The Words
18 Rock of Ages

Only watch this if you want to see famous actors butchering classic rock. - Elric-san

The musical was wayy better!

19 Ice Age: Continental Drift

This Pathetic Mediocre Disappointment Should Be Higher

The is the worst film of 2012 I've ever watched. It doesn't live up to the original's heart and humor at all in any way, shape or form. Sid was at least funny and loveable in the first film (and probably the second film), but now he is completely and utterly stupid, irritating and unlikeable. Sid's family are a**holes for ditching Sid and Granny, Diego has no personality and Manny is okay (I don't know). The only good character I suppose is Granny becuase she's hilarious. Another good point is that the animation is a million times better. Aside from that, there is nothing good about this film. The jokes are lame (Holy Crab? Seriously), the story's predictable and the voice acting is horrendous (why are pointless celebrities like Drake, Nicki Mianj and Jennifer Lopez in Ice Age 4? ). It's clear to see that the producers made this film just to cash off the other three films (not about the characters or the story) and that is what made it suck so hard. Let's hope 5 is the last one ...more

20 Cloud Atlas

The problem is there's no emotional hook in this bloated fantasia of special effects and make-up wizardry.

21 What to Expect When Your Expecting

I love this movie. Why in the worst list? I like this with J-Lo.

22 Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

This boy is thoble.

23 Branded
24 The Paperboy
25 Ivan the Terrible
26 The Devil Inside
27 A Thousand Words

Definitely #1 on worst list. Eddie Murphy has gone from bad to worse and is terrible in his acting career now. It was not the slightest bit funny or cute or relevant to itself at all in anyway shape or form!

Eddie hits rock bottom... Again. - Hernandez1614

This should've been higher than any animated movie on this list (except oogieloves because that was pure crap) none of the critics loved it 0 percent!

28 Brave

The plot was kind of weird

29 Mac & Devin Go to High School
30 The Cold Light of Day
31 Snow White and the Huntsman
32 Fun Size
33 Gone
34 Won't Back Down
35 One For the Money
36 The Guilt Trip
37 Taken 2
38 Dino Time

It looks very dull and childish. We have way too much movies these days.

39 The Raven
40 Underworld Awakening
41 Wrath of the Titans
42 Piranha 3DD
43 This Means War
44 Pitch Perfect

Why is this on the list


45 Wanderlust
46 The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This movie is PAINFUL, the main reason is the parents, Why would they try this hard to adopt a child when they have seen the bad stuff they put Timothy through and even told the adoption agency about all the mistakes they make and that they will make in the future, you know what went through everyone's head at that point? They're THE WORST PARENTS EVER! If I was running an adoption agency and saw these 2 morons come in I would kick them out, and at the end of the movie they SOMEHOW were able to adopt a kid, who will probably drown in pool and die a few hours later if the kid is being looked at by these 2 moronic parents.

This movie barely makes sense.

47 The Amazing Spider-Man


48 The Amazing Bulk

This is the worst superhero movie ever. It just insulted The Avengers and copied The Incredible Hulk. The story is horrible and the animation is ugly.

49 Frankenweenie

Haven't watched yet yet I know it's gonna be damn creepy

50 ParaNorman

Wreck-it ralph, Hunger Games, Avengers and this should not be on the list

How dare they put this on the list

No this BELONGS on the list! - docreywashere

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