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21 Cloud Atlas

The problem is there's no emotional hook in this bloated fantasia of special effects and make-up wizardry.

22 The Paperboy
23 Total Recall
24 The Devil Inside
25 Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
26 The Cold Light of Day
27 Gone
28 Won't Back Down
29 Resident Evil: Retribution
30 Project X

This is such a stupid movie with no humor. One would think that to qualify as a comedy, a film would have to make you laugh. This film provided no laughs and was a pain to sit through.

P.S. what is The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter, The Hunger Games, and Wreck-It Ralph doing on this list? Those were great movies!

Project X, That's My Boy, A Thousand Words, This Means War, The Three Stooges, and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax deserve to be on this list though (in that order).

This film sucked. Todd Phillips isn't even trying anymore. - Hernandez1614

31 The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This movie is PAINFUL, the main reason is the parents, Why would they try this hard to adopt a child when they have seen the bad stuff they put Timothy through and even told the adoption agency about all the mistakes they make and that they will make in the future, you know what went through everyone's head at that point? They're THE WORST PARENTS EVER! If I was running an adoption agency and saw these 2 morons come in I would kick them out, and at the end of the movie they SOMEHOW were able to adopt a kid, who will probably drown in pool and die a few hours later if the kid is being looked at by these 2 moronic parents.

This movie barely makes sense.

32 The Guilt Trip
33 Dino Time

It looks very dull and childish. We have way too much movies these days.

34 Rise of the Guardians

If only the cult that's sprung up around this movie would realize there's a reason it flopped at the box office

This movie is excellent, get it off the list! - Trollsfan536

So boring, and how I just wanted to smack Jack Frost in the mouth!

35 The Raven
36 This Means War
37 Underworld Awakening
38 Wanderlust
39 Brave

The plot was kind of weird

40 Ivan the Terrible
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