Worst Movies of 2012


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41 ParaNorman

Wreck-it ralph, Hunger Games, Avengers and this should not be on the list

How dare they put this on the list

Way too emotional... - Trollsfan536

No this BELONGS on the list! - docreywashere

42 Snow White and the Huntsman
43 Red Tails
44 One For the Money
45 Ivan the Terrible
46 Lockout
47 The Dark Knight Rises

Why in the world is this movie on this list. Did you check the top ten movies of 2012? This movie was number 1 on that list and it deserved every bit of it! Come on man!

It should be #1 only film in 2012 I didn't enjoy watered-downed action, an annoying mask breathing villain this makes it a tepid conclusion to a trilogy that started out red-hot!
How is The Avengers, Battleship, and John Carter higher than this mess those films are great but this was the worst Batman movie since Batman And Robin!

48 Rise of the Guardians

If only the cult that's sprung up around this movie would realize there's a reason it flopped at the box office

This movie is excellent, get it off the list! - Trollsfan536

So boring, and how I just wanted to smack Jack Frost in the mouth!

49 Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
50 Fun Size
51 The Collection
52 The Watch
53 Act of Valor
54 Doin' Time
55 Het Bombardement
56 Chernobyl Diaries
57 Nitro Circus: The Movie
58 Wrath of the Titans
59 The Possession
60 Wreck-It Ralph

Who voted Wreck-It Ralph. I will kill you.

The only thing that's indecent is Sonic the Hedgehog being in the film.

Incorrect wreck it ralph came out in 2013 - docreywashere

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