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61 The Hunger Games

Whoever put this on the list is and idiot, but they might be persuading the fact that this movie did an awful job at attempting to follow the book! - docreywashere

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62 Ted

Not only that this film suck to some people like me, it's also offensive to women! watch the scene when they go to the store, you'll know what I mean. - dsr32011

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63 The Avengers

No one agrees with me. This film upon release had universal acclaim by fans and critics alike. I usually agree with critic's consensus. Then I watched the movie and I was utterly disappointed. I found it to be a cheesy Hollywood movie that was predictable, had no suspense in the suspenseful scenes, and a god-awful Captain America suit. I will admit that this is not an awful movie. It was pretty funny and had amazing visual effects (but so did Transformers 2), but this in my opinion is not deserving enough to be considered one of the greatest superhero movies of all time along with The Dark Knight Trilogy, Iron Man, and Spider-Man 2. And I bet anyone who reads this will hate me, but I want you to know that I wish I had liked this movie.

Wow I want to see you make a movie that ended up getting VERY successful in 2 days! - docreywashere

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64 The Amazing Spider-Man V 1 Comment
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