Worst Movies of 2013

This list compiles the biggest pieces of trash the film industry had to offer in the year 2013.

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1 Movie 43

WHY DOES THIS EXIST, AND WHY DO A RARE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THINK ITS COMEDIC GENIUS, I just got finished watching the balls on neck scene and just from that I HATE THIS MOVIE I regret buying this, because I was thinking that it'd be a so bad its good film, BUT NO this movie can only be good for people who roll on the floor at the very mention of the word "poop, genitalia, diarrhea" and so on and so forth now if you'll excuse me, I got a dvd to incinerate.

:I... Does it even sound like it tried to be a good movie. DOES IT! I feel bad for the great actors to be apart of this trash.

I was even drunken and it wasn't funny...

2013 was a weak year for movies! And this movie proves it!

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2 One Direction This Is Us

It's One Direction. One Direction sucks. Therefore, their movie sucks.

Okay now! These days singers are making their own auto-biography film to gain fame! Its not a good way! I mean people already knew much more about them before the movie came! A movie is what in which actors show their acting skills not just sitting in front of the camera and telling their life time story! ! They did it because they knew girls are mad for them, they would love their handsome faces and their publicity would increase but they could also write a novel instead of making a movie! Even one direction is the reason of fight between me and my sis! I don't hate them but I don't love them! They'r just ok to me but the movie was really a waste of time! I can't believe some girls watch this movie 100 times! Beyonce's life is but a dream is better than this! Having a true message... !

I hate it, just like every other movie about boy bands!

I have not seen it but I don't think it's good because of One Direction.

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3 After Earth

More like worst film in history

Will and Jaden Smith have a whole movie? Really?

It bothers me how great of an actor will smith is and he shoves his son down our throats while without even today he makes entertaining movies like focus and the finale to men in black

So many plot holes and dumb moments. - VicarSlayer23

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4 Grown Ups 2

There was no plot at all they just walked around and said offensive things about other people and disgusting things about what's happening to their bodies. - BeefJesusSupreme

It's annoying to see Adam Sandler and Kevin James play together just to make one horrible movie but this, I will blame Chris Rock that this movie is bad because of being so annoying.

Worst movie of the year. No plot and character development whatsoever.

The First Grown Ups Was Good, This Was Just Poor And Unfunny And Stupid - VideoGamefan5

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5 Man of Steel

What the hell is this movie doing here. It is an awesome movie. - yeshal

Absolute crap, not fit to hold a candle to the classic films. There is no thought and consideration put into the action scenes and is just a CGI overkill. The only positive is the very short development of Superman which is down to David Goyer who adds so many dimensions to his characters. SIDE NOTE - It feels too rushed.

This movie ruined superman for me. I've always been annoyed by superman because he's just lame, cliche and way too overpowered for any real conflict. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's nothing but a stereotypical action movie with flat characters, an overdone plot line (oh no, Aliens are going to destroy the world! ) a crappy ending and way to many explosions. Most overrated movie of that year in my opinion.

Man of Steel was terrible. Zack Snyder is overrated crap and his fanboys are the worst thing ever on internet.

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6 Scary Movie 5

This movie is one of the worst comedies I have ever sen in my life. The jokes are disgusting and offensive and compose almost entirely of bathroom and sexual humor. There are so many different movies that are being satirized that there is no time for originality. There are a billion subplots, each leading nowhere and each a ripoff of the plot of a much better movie. The righters clearly had no understanding of how horror movies work (unlike awesome movies like space balls and young Frankenstein) and were unable to apply that understanding to make a decant comedic parody. Instead they just took overused tropes from terrible horror movies (that nobody will remember 10 years from now) and made them into poorly thought out jokes. If this is what parodies have come to these days, I don't want anything to do with them.

This film was just crap and rubbish. So gross and awkward and also WHY IS MAN OF STEEL ON THIS LIST! It was such an awesome movie!

Usher would be a way better voice for Sonic the Hedgehog.

This movie made me puke

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7 The Smurfs 2

This movie was SO STUPID. We actually walked out on it. This one was just as terrible as the first one.

Why the Smurfs needed a movie to begin with was odd. I'm sure kids can enjoy it but come on, these are the little pains in the asses that made shows like Almost Naked Animals (no seriously, look it up).

The Smurfs 2 was many things. Unfunny, unoriginal, bland, repetitive, unrewarding and that's me being nice. Stupid perhaps, maybe even hatable beyond belief. Still, I suppose if you can make a McDonalds toy on the movie, the movie must exist.

This movie and smurf number 1 sucked the cartoon is better and they ruined classics like they did to some of the other ones. - Midnight_Dream

This movie was so bad.

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8 Teen Beach Movie

THIS IS NOT A TEEN MOVIE FULL STOP. A proper teen movie would be rated 12 - ArpstaAmy333

Best name ever. NOT! Horrible movie I literally watched 5 seconds of it. it sucked balls

Really? Teen beach movie? REALLY?

It's a bunch of singing and something about a mermaid and there's mention of someone contracting AIDS.

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9 Justin Bieber's Believe

Anything with Bieber in it is terrible, unless he's being made a villain by the national/international news.

I haven't seen it, don't plan on seeing it. Why would I waste my time watching a crappy movie about a crappy little girl? Why would anyone waste their time with this?

Nobody would watch this. I don't know if this is a sequel or prequel but Justin Bieber: Never Say Never might be the worst film ever. Why would they make a movie about Justin Bieber is there are a-lot of haters of him. You should just make a movie about Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson

Ok its Justin Bieber the title is a dea giveaway that it will suck

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10 Frozen

Super cheesy and not even sad. Plus the snowman is ugly and annoying and not funny. The story replaces "The Snow Queen" with crap. Also the songs are too catchy and stupid. It also doesn't make sense how "Hans" suddenly turns evil. Oh, and the plot is silly and stupid. They made the characters look like complete idiots. Anna is a dumb and ditzy girl who suffered over her sister ignoring her. Elsa is a annoying cheesy "diva" who trapped herself in an ice palace that would melt anyway. Hans is a power-hungry sociopath who wants to take over a kingdom. So there, frozen fans. Also, it tries too hard to be funny, but it's not.

It sucked oh god it sucked. I went to the bathroom 6 times while seeing this bull crap movie. Horrible singing, horrible lines, horrible lines, but most of all horrible horrible story. Who would've thought to make a movie about a girl with snowpowers, a talking snowman (which made the movie a little decent) and a guy who has rock trolls for a family (loner). I give this movie 0/10 and it will FOREVER be 0/10 because of the randomness, singing, acting, and story. Frozen censored was better than this and that was SO funny!

This movie should be number 1 worst because on the worst movies of all time it was at number 5. This movie had too many pop culture references, inappropriate references about gay marriage, horrible fan base, bad voice acting, annoying overrated soundtrack, treats the audience like total idiots by remembering the viewers every 2 minutes what the plot of the movie is, and overexposing the movie and selling too much merchandise. This movie also has too many plot holes and no likeable characters. Stay away from this movie and stick with movies like the peanuts movie despicable me 1 and 2.

So annoying, sloppy animation, and unfunny. The emoji movie is better than this.

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11 A Good Day to Die Hard

Why did this happen. Ruined one of the best franchises of all time. Also the tag line doesn't make sense because he wasn't on vacation at all. This movie sucks.

There are bad movies and then there are complete let downs of awesome franchises.

Dreadful. Bruce - what were you thinking? The first was genius. This one as disgusting as Miley Cyrus.

He's a cop who doesn't play by the rules! His son is the villain for some reason.

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12 The Hangover Part III

And I still got a hangover from Hangover II, too

None of the characters are likable. They made Alan into a dick. I hated him the whole movie. I wish Mr. Chow would have killed him.

13 The Host

This movie looked exciting but the way she narrated it just sounded like a 15 year old girl's diary.

I'm disappointed. "The Host" is my favorite book, but the film... It is really peace of trash

This was a great movie! Not as good as the book, and a lot of people said they hated it. But I liked it. - ILostMyShoe

I'm sorry to vote 4 it..but I wanted my word to reach everyone..guys its a good film

14 A Haunted House

This movie flat out sucked, a complete waste of time do yourselves a favor and don't see it. - egnomac

I don't know what you guys are talking about I think this movie is funny

It is not funny

(Meanwhile, at Open Road Films in 2012)
"Hey, remember that really funny, original script we have? "
"Yeah! "
"Yeah, throw that out. We're gonna make A Haunted House."

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15 The Lone Ranger

No I find this movie to be underrated and it deserves a sequel and more merchandise.

This movie definitely isn't crap. It was fun!

Stop slamming this movie! It's great and entertaining.

This movie is awesome and one of my favorites of 2013 and Disney. I love Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in this film. They're both awesome actors in this movie also.

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16 Inappropriate Comedy

How much worse can you get than some of the most intentionally offensive sketch comedy out there?

So bad that 0% of critics liked it

17 Safe Haven

I have not seen that many bad movies in 2013, but this movie, at first I liked it, but with all the others I have seen, I would not say this is the worst I have seen in 2013, but my least favorite of 2013. I did not like the characters too much, the story wasn't the best, and it doesn't feel like your normal Nicholas Sparks based movie instead a little worse than your normal Nicolas Sparks based movie. it was barely sad at all and it was just not a very good movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

What the hell was this?!


Movie based on Nicholas Spark novel, rubbish that is total nonsense. It is copy of bollywood movie to an extent (Agni sakshi 1996)

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18 Texas Chainsaw 3D

One of the girls teams up with him because this movie is awful. Trey Songz is in it too.

19 Oz the Great and Powerful

Why is this on here!?! I loved it, take it off!

This should definitely be #1! I mean come on? IT'S SO STUPID. I mean really. The wizard of oz dee serves his own movie. This is almost as bad as the upcoming return to oz or whatever.

This movie was wonderful, please take it off

It's not so bad, better than the original which is garbage

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20 R.I.P.D.

Men in black for dead people. I did think bridges was pretty funny though.

Its actually a slight rip off of men in black but only a fool whould like this and this should be number 2 on the list it sucks!

I LOOVVVED RIPD why on list so high! Easily my favorite movie, story line is borderline GENIUS. Ima just say hater honna hate on this one

21 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Coming from a Percy Jackson fan this has about two percent of the things that actually happen. I mean who goes hey. ! Lets have them defeat worst villan in the series in the second movie! Hate hate HATE

The dude who put this here is a bad reviewer. This is so awesome and it has more monsters than part 1, which sucked

What why did he defeat kronos in the 2nd book its supposed to happen in the 5th?

It's not bad. It's terrible.

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22 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

This is another example of how Hollywood is running out of ideas. I mean, first Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and now this crap?

I can't believe you guys I love this movie it's define toy worth your time watch it

You guys don't like this movie. This movie is about hunter that hunt witch

Pointless movie that was a total waste of my time. I hate it

23 American Hustle

I didn't like this movie, it's really bad

24 Getaway

Beware! I got a pop-up when I try to click on the image from this film.

25 Free Birds

Name one person you know who went to go see this movie. Yeah, that's what I thought.

The men sound wrong in this movie.

Reggie and Jake vs. Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna (in their Sonic Boom designs)
Sonic Boom Sonic and Sonic Boom Knuckles are even better than Reggie and Jake, so thus they win!

Time to have Thanksgiving... Pizza?

This movie is so weird

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26 Escape From Planet Earth

I am a kid, and like a lot of things, but this movie, ruined my sleepover! I actually had high expectations, but was very disappointed. Cheesy, predictable, and lame! I mean, The one direction movie is more memorable than this

I honestly was thinking, Not even children would like this. But it was okay to put up with.

Worst alien animated film I ever saw, even worse than planet 51.

You can tell (this doesn't apply to all movies) that when people are running on the theatre poster/DVD that the movie's pretty terrible. In addition, if it's not made by a proper company (i.e Studio Ghibli, Disney, Dreamworks or Aardman) then you know it's pretty crappy.

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27 Jack the Giant Slayer

It wasnt THAT bad, it definitely wasnt amazing, but I thought it was okay.

28 Paranoia
29 Storage 24
30 The Last Exorcism Part II

The LAST Exorcism PART TWO, really?

All of those films were AWFUL poor

31 Gravity

This was one of the best films of 2013. Who put this here? - PositronWildhawk

It is not a film. Films have storylines that cannot be spoiled with a single sentence.

After watching this movie, I feel like I wasted some of my life. - letdot52

Overrated as hell. I can't believe this trash swept the Oscars. Proves how much dumb they are.

32 G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Why do they kill off some main characters in the beginning?

33 R.I.P.D.

So bad it's on here twice.

34 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Here are the reasons why I hate this movie.

1. Flint's character is totally different now. He acts like a total idiot at all times. He just does whatever stupid Chester tells him to, even hurting and being mean to his friends. It's like when he kissed Sam it sucked all his brains out.
2. Stupid Chester. Why is he even here? Apparently he is Flint's biggest idol, funny that they didn't mention him in the first movie. He is extremely dumb and annoying. Also his company makes no sense. He only hires one scientist a year to be in his team? He would have only a couple scientists working for him!
3. The Ape/Monkey I don't even care. It's stupid and annoying. It's also mean, which makes it hard to feel sympathy for it when Chester calls it a monkey.
4. The entire plot. It's dumb and nonsensical. It doesn't even make sense! How would the machine create life! The food monsters couldn't grow brains and organs so they couldn't live. And how would the monsters learn to swim? They ...more

The new characters look like you want to beat them up or kill them they look so ugly

This movie is way worse than the first one!

The dumbest film of the year.

35 The Counselor
36 Planes

Well I kinda like this movie.

It is way better than Frozen.

come on it is the best 2013 Disney film.


37 The Starving Games

The Hunger Games movies are amazing. Now this parody of it? I watched the trailer, it's a piece of crap and filled with another magical world of unfunny jokes. Its like the new Adam Sandler movies.

This is just a supercopycat and they added Avengers, with fake costumes.

ripoff, this ruined the hunger games for me.

38 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

It says it in the title.

39 I Spit On Your Grave 2
40 Runner Runner
41 A Perfect Man
42 Zanjeer

Worst Movie Ever Watched

Worst movie in tolly wood

43 The Bling Ring
44 Her

This movie is just basically a horny man having sex with his phone

Not that bad. Seems that many people didn't understand the message of this movie. This is about a future where everybody is so obsessed with their phones, computers... that they forget about real human relations. Everybody is lonely and they are trying virtual relationships because they don't know better.

Why... WHY? People think it's so great and artistic and it's like... ew man, no... - MoldySock

45 Triumph of the Wall
46 Pain & Gain

"It's the worst movie I've ever watched" then I'm assuming you've only seen this movie in your life, have you seen troll 1 or 2, catwoman, disaster movie, son of the mask? Pain and gain is a good movie

It's the worst movie I've ever watched

This movie is funny.

It's funny!

47 Parker
48 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

To the other person who commented: Really? I haven't seen it, but I figured Carrey would be the only saving grace. - VicarSlayer23

Terrible movie especially Jim Carrey

49 Hammer of the God
50 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


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