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41 Moshi Monsters: The Movie

WHAT!? They made a movie based on MOSHI MONSTERS?

This film is crap. It's just a bland excuse to cash in in the game.

I imagine that this movie was horrible! I played the game and I liked it, but seriously a movie!? - funnyuser

Great! I've been dying to come here and post my opinion on this movie. To start with, I loved the original Moshi Monsters world. I still do. The movie...I don't really like it, but hate is such a strong word. Katsuma is a spoiled, narcissistic brat who just wants the world to revolve around him. Poppet is smarter, but still annoying. Zommer takes drugs. Diavlo is aggravating for how he gets angry so easily. Furi eats everything. And Sweet Tooth's voice is so ear-piercing, I considered shutting my phone off, while watching. The colors are bright... really bright. The main villain Dr. Strangeglove is the only saving grace, because unlike the other villains from other movies, Strangeglove is actually smart. Although... I can't really hate this movie. The concept is so cute... but every single character is just so pug fugly... I know some people might say it looks just like the Moshi Monsters world, and if I think this is hideous, then I think that the virtual world was hideous. Sure, but ...more - redhawk766

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42 Triumph of the Wall
43 Pain & Gain

"It's the worst movie I've ever watched" then I'm assuming you've only seen this movie in your life, have you seen troll 1 or 2, catwoman, disaster movie, son of the mask? Pain and gain is a good movie

It's the worst movie I've ever watched

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44 Beautiful Creatures V 1 Comment
45 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

To the other person who commented: Really? I haven't seen it, but I figured Carrey would be the only saving grace. - VicarSlayer23

Terrible movie especially Jim Carrey

46 Hammer of the God
47 R.I.P.D. V 1 Comment
48 Getaway

Beware! I got a pop-up when I try to click on the image from this film.

49 Dark Skies
50 Syrup
51 Spring Breakers

I wish Gabriella Montez and Nina Pennington went to prison. Their lovers are nobodies.

52 The Starving Games

The Hunger Games movies are amazing. Now this parody of it? I watched the trailer, it's a piece of crap and filled with another magical world of unfunny jokes. Its like the new Adam Sandler movies.

This is just a supercopycat and they added Avengers, with fake costumes.

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53 Grudge Match
54 Into the White
55 American Hustle

I didn't like this movie, it's really bad

56 White House Down

Olympus has Fallen copied and pasted

It is the same a Olympus has fallen
And it is stupid American crap

57 Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie

Dude, this is awesome. Whoever put this here should take it out. I'm so impressed when the cockroaches used lightsaber for battle

58 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

None of the elements which made FiM so popular under two audiences (little girls and the periphery demographic) are present.

It's a rip off of the first two episodes of Friendship Is Magic

MLP: FiM, eat a Snickers. You tend to get a little tacky when you're hungry.

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59 Gravity

This was one of the best films of 2013. Who put this here? - PositronWildhawk

After watching this movie, I feel like I wasted some of my life. - letdot52

It is not a film. Films have storylines that cannot be spoiled with a single sentence.

Overrated as hell. I can't believe this trash swept the Oscars. Proves how much dumb they are.

60 47 Ronin
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