Worst Movies of 2014

Every year has its stinkers. 2014 is no exception. Rank 'Em as you See 'Em.

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1 Transformers: Age of Extinction

This is the worst movie ever.

Well obviously - darthvadern

Dear Michael Bay,

Please stop ruining our childhoods. We accept that you like making money and this franchise is the biggest contributor, but aren't there other projects which you could use?

Also, why have they agreed to make another two films out of the Transformers franchise when it's been ruined so much it's beyond repair?

This is a joke. No story, no character development (especially the villain) and nonsense.

2 The Legend of Hercules

Oh god, I'm hesitant to say this film is better than Jack and Jill, Jack and Jill

Awful. The special effects are terrible, the acting is wooden, and it's as much an exciting action movie as Free Willy. Not even worth the price of renting. - BKAllmighty

This movie is the worst ever people who watched this get a life I mean transformers and the Lego movie is way better then this stupid movie.

This should be #1

3 The Nut Job

Only seen a bit of it - darthvadern

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE CGI movies, my favorites being Big Hero 6, The Incredibles, The Lego movie, and Wreck-it Ralph. But who said ALL CGI movies are good?

Not me.

This movie was horrible. Terrible characters, dry and stupid humor, and the animation looked like it was made in 2000.

Hollywood, what are you thinking? Stop making childish movies like this one. The US wants kids to grow up with good education so they can help the future. They aren't going to learn that with movies like this. STOP! Just STOP! PLEASE!

I agree this movie sucks and is one of the worst movies of the year and of all time. Also when I went to see big hero 6 and this movie the same problem we all have in PG movies was there, THOSE ANNOYING ASS KIDS IN THE THEATRE! Seriously, when I saw nut job the kids where talking and repeating everything, and even if it was during the end credits, when I saw big hero 6 while we were waiting for the after credit scene some ass 8 year olds were waving their hands in front of the projector, and no one said anything to them. Why do kids get away with things like that? I wanted to punch them in the face, and I'm 15 so it would hurt. There should be a new requirement for PG movies, put tape over the mouths of all the little kids so they would shut up during the movie!

This is the worst movie of the year, one of the biggest ripoff movies I've ever seen. I feel sad for the people who took part in making this movie, this movie was a major ripoff of over the hedge, which I didn't mind when I first heard about this movie because over the hedge wasn't that good, so I thought this would be like the better version, and it wasn't, it is 1000x worse. This is The worst movie of the year

4 Ouija

Horror movies these days... They suck

Good Spielberg but stupid Bay. This is Michael Bay's worst movie yet

Haven't seen it but I hope to soon. Sounds great.

Never seen it hope its bad maby even terrible! 1

5 Sex Tape

Speaking of sex in a horrible movie of 2014, please put Behaving Badly on the list! Rick Stevens (Nat Wolff) is just a nobody that is the center of the attention of a spoiled teenage girl (Ariana Grande) that has an arch-rival named Nina Pennington (Selena Gomez) and thinks she is so sexy. That's not really the story of Behaving Badly, but either way, Nina Pennington would be Rick Steven's lover.

Sucks sucks sucks etc

6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ok I've had enough of people saying the 90's film is better just because the turtles weren't cgi, If the cgi looks good then it doesn't matter if they're costumes or cgi, the turtles are still intact and they still have the personalities you remember, Splinter was done a lot better in this movie than the 90's movie, in the 90's movie all he really did was sit there say philosophical things, this Splinter was a hardcore teacher and a really believable father, cause when they disobeyed the order to not go above ground he rightfully disciplined them, and they didn't just call him master they called him dad, Megan Fox was fine in this movie, neither of the actresses they had for this and the 90's movie were that great. Shredder in the 90's movie was terrible, the main reason was HE NEVER DID ANYTHING! He was just like, "I'll just let my ninjas do the fighting while I just stand here and watch" the 2014 shredder wasn't great either but he was good, he had the cool ninja skills ...more

The Turtles in this movie don’t look like the actual Turtles. Instead, they actually look more like zombies.

HOW IS THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 WORSE THAN THIS?! Seriously this movie was terrible, awful story, no character development, lack of heart, it was all just a big fat joke, the turtles were basically on steroids, and they clearly did not learn the most important lesson from the Transformers movies: DO NOT CAST MEGAN FOX IN A LEAD ROLL! Michael Bay, stop ruining everyone's childhood! First Transformers, now TMNTs! I swear, you go anywhere near Thundercats, and you're gonna get bulldozed to the ground!

First off, HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN!?!?!?! The story is terrible, the characters are bland, there's a lot of Michael Bay cliches, and the turtle look uglier than Shrek. Thank's for ruining my childhood Michael Bay, this is a horrible excuse of a reboot.

7 Annabelle

How is this movie scary? It was lame! Even the sequel (Annabelle Creation) was lame!

The conjuring is scarier than this, is more, DOOGAL IS SCARIER THAN THIS

In fact, the trailer was scarier than the movie

Executives at New Line Cinema: "Hey, you know that really good and successful horror movie that critics and audiences loved, The Conjuring? " "Yeah, what if we made a sequel to that? " "Actually, let's just pull out one of our really lazy horror scripts and adapt it into a movie! " "People won't wanna see the-" "No, wait, just hear me out, man. We can try and market this god-awful movie as a sequel/prequel to The Conjuring! " "Wow! That's a great idea! But, does it have to be good? " "No, in fact it can be boring as sh! t and we'll still make a crapton of money! " "Awesome! "

8 I, Frankenstein

What the hell was this movie? Ok so Frankenstein's monster is caught in the middle of a war between demons and gargoyles and turn into rings of fire when they get killed, what drug induced weirdo thought of this?

A Frankenstein movie? What is this,1940? - DapperPickle

Stupid and rubbish

Frankestein is a character to make movie on?

9 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is the best Spider-Man movie to date! It really gets way to much hate. It doesn't belong in this list.

The best spider-man movie?! Are you kidding me?! I know that this movie is not as bad as left behind but it's definitely the worst spider-man movie. The best one is spider-man 2 (2004) by far! This movie is a complete mess and only like two scenes save this movie from being a total disaster. - Ale99

Why is this movie here? It's awesome

It's ridiculous how underrated this movie is. I remember the first week it was released, everybody was saying it was fantastic, then once person said it sucks, and now everyone says it sucks. And the fact that The Other Woman and TMNT is lower than this is just insulting.

Overhated - darthvadern

10 The Other Woman

I love this movie Nicki Minaj is in it - iggyjepsen

You can tell this is not a good movie to watch - FerrariDude64

How is this here honestly one of the best comedies from 2014 :X

The Newcomers

? John Wick

The Contenders

11 God's Not Dead

As a Christian I find this offensive.

Look Christians, I know this movie is about you guys and you wanna portray your side as the good guys, but come on, you guys are making atheists or just any non Christian people look like stereotypical jerks

And of course someone brings religion into this... Let the war start

This is an awful movie with offensive stereotypes of athiests.

12 The Book of Life

What's Wrong With This Movie? My Mom Likes It - CuteGirlJigglypuff

I liked that movie Its not that bad :/

This is a good animation movie

Main characters in the book, look like wood

13 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

The 1st and 2nd we're good. The rest are too horrible to even mention.

14 The Interview

I only came here from The Supreme Leader's death at the movie's climax.

The only reason this got so popular is because of the reaction from North Korea and the hacking of Sony. The movie itself just relies on bathroom jokes, sexual innuendoes and stupid people for laughs.

I seem to be the only one who likes this movie.

Dude, this is one of the best James Franco/Seth Rogen movies ever! I know that's not saying much, but still!

15 Ride Along

This movie was dead on arrival, the plot was too horrible, Ice Cube was his usual self like he always does, so tiring wonder why all the fuss and great anticipation before it came

It's stupid, boring, and was only made to sell money. It's a grown ups and men in black ripoff. Kevin hart is not funny and ice cube has no brain. At least it's not as bad as the sequel.

You can tell that Kevin Hart really tries his best here, but his best still wasn't enough to make this movie a riot. It was very boring and generic - Mcgillacuddy

Some people that I know said it was a great movie. So I decided to watch it and I'm like "what?! "

16 The Lego Movie

The sequel will possibly suck. I can tell you this. When thrle sequel makes it debut on Netflix, I will have a Lego Movie marathon and if the sequel sucks, I will convince someone I know to sell the game. I heard the sequel has a Fortnite reference just like every other movie nowadays. Not even Emoji Movie would do that, or would they in Emoji Movie 2.

It's not really a bad movie, but it WAY overrated. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was the best animated movie of the year for my money.

Not bad - darthvadern

You guys hate the emoji movie, I do too, but look, Lego movie. Based on a trend too. Yet you like it? Also, why do we need a movie based on real life toys. Look, Toy Story was good, but this abomination needs to go. - TeamRocket747

17 Blended

How can it be behind movies such as Spider-Man and 300. You're all nuts!

Will this guy ever go away?

Pretty decent - FerrariDude64

Having had this movie repeated over and over again at school (like a lot of films) I find it hard to not hate this.
It's so cheesy, it hurts - Aquaturtle

18 Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B

Why isn't this top 10? Even Timbaland and Missy are disappointed in it. It's so BAD! The main actress looks more Asian than black (not being racist), there were barely any Aaliyah songs, it wasn't based on her life at all! It seemed like one of those bad romance movies. Also the person who played Aaliyah seemed more like a Nickelodeon character than Aaliyah. Lifetime, take a few notes from the TLC movie. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

19 300: Rise of an Empire

Actually not so bad as they say. I found it very entertaining and also liked it better than the first one.

I always thought it was like some sort of Roman war movie, when it wasn't, and I didn't even see the movie.

What the hell was that? I liked the part where all nations fight the Persians but it was the end. The Whole movie was really crappy. And Sullivan Stapleton wasn't a good leader here. Gerard Butler was a good one

Super ugly movie, it's not even history anymore

20 Devil's Due

Look like a dumb film

21 Noah

This should be in the top ten

My paster Rev. Stewart said it stunk to the high Heavens when he saw it with his wife.

There's something about it becoming more like Dragon Ball Z towards the end.

Nothing like the original Bible story. - ethanmeinster

22 The Inbetweeners 2

My parents like the T.V. series much better

23 Left Behind

This is only 51? Is this a joke? This is clearly the worst movie of 2014 IDIOTS. - 445956

24 Annie

This movie ruined one of Broadway's most famous musicals... Extremely disappointing

Actual review Bill Maher gave it: "In response to N Korea's threats about The Interview, Sony put a bomb of their own in theaters: it's called Annie"

This movie was REALLY good! Is it here because reasons?

I find you guys RACIST! - Puppycutsies

25 Maleficent

Disney are you bored or something? Cause all Disney seems to be doing is making live action versions of their own movies, are you so bored that you have to do that? This and Cinderella I can kinda understand but A live action Dumbo and Jungle Book, really? If you wanna make a live action version of one of your movies disney do one that doesn't star talking animals

I agree with you people Disney is making live action versions of their classic movies and now they are making a live action Cinderella movie are they running out of ideas here and what if Disney makes a live action Pinocchio movie would you like to see that

I kinda agree with the first comment. Disney must be really bored.

I really liked this. why the hell is this on here - evil7

26 Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

This movie is garbage the entire way through. This movie didn't win the Golden Raspberry award for worst picture, currently has a 1.7/10 stars on IMDb, and has 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for nothing...

Let's just make this a rule now: Anything with Kirk Cameron is going to be awful. - VicarSlayer23

#42 is way too nice for this piece of crap. It should be number 1.

Why is this movie on here? It was the best comedy of the year!

27 If I Stay

Hate it, I like the book much better, Chloë Grace Morez auditions for every movie so she can have the attention

28 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Very annoying. Too much screaming and it is so idiotic, the plot is stupid, the characters are stupid, and is badly animated. - Buddyswimmy

No, it's not. I saw it with my family, and we all like it. This movie it great!

It's not even animated

Awesome movie. Get this off the list.

There's a movie 4 that? - mpgami

29 Edge of Tomorrow

You can't really call this a movie since it showed the same scene too many times. A movie so bad even my parents hated it. Worst movie of 2014, even worse than Divergent. - SelfDestruct

That's why you should stick to your daytime job because you clearly don't know what a boring movie is example the longest ride - moviegoerJ

I ran out this movie. You know, I'm really not used to any violent movies.

30 Divergent

Divergent is nothing like the Hunger Games. If anyone would actually read both book trilogies then they would understand that the two trilogies are NOTHING alike! Plus the movie is never exactly like the book. Many things were changed, but it was still close to the book and it was done very well.

Total copycat of hunger games. Just the fact that Lenny kravitz's daughter is part of the movie proves that they are totally copying hunger games. Plus, it bored me to sleep.

MOST UNORIGINAL THING EVER. It ripped off so many other movies (most of which were awesome) but was never as awesome as those movies.


Divergent sucks so bad and too much talking. Insurgent is better

31 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

This movie sucks the soundtrack is boring the animation is ugly and it sucks

This film is boring In thousands of ways

I can't believe how boring the songs were, and I can't believe some of them were written by the great Bryan Adams!

The voice acting was ok I'll give it that. This movie had unfinished animation and a story and characters that were not in the original. This is more of a knock off movie.

32 Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie
33 Rio 2

The worst animated theatrical movie sequel of all time but I still enjoyed it somewhat - darthvadern

This movie was awful. There is no plot to it. First of all blu, Jewel, and the key kids go to the Amazon river and don't do much. And there is too much going on with the villains. People are trying to destroy the rainforest, and nigel tries to kill blu. I mean, What the heck!? The first movie was so much better.

I really did not enjoy this movie. Everyone said oh this and oh that but I really enjoyed the first rio much better!

It was only made so people will stop asking the question on " How can Blu and Jewel repopulate the world with blue macaws if they are the only ones left? " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

34 Sabotage
35 Transcendence
36 22 Jump Street
37 Need for Speed

A rip-off of fast and furious

This one is crappy to another level. It's just a rip-off of Fast And Furious (wich I really love) and the effects sucked. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

It's not that bad. - SelfDestruct

38 The Monuments Men
39 Exodus: Gods and Kings

An all white cast? claps slowly Nice job, producers on being historically inaccurate... - Turkeyasylum

It actually managed to suck as much as Noah! This should be in the top three with Noah!

This film was a lie! A LIE!

Not perfect, but better than Noah, because it tried to been more faithful with the biblical story

40 Vampire Academy

This could have been a great movie if it was a comedy.

Enough of F-N Vampires already!

41 Endless Love

Seriously? More like endless stripping!

42 Muppets Most Wanted

I used to love it when I first saw it, but now I hate the fact that they put Kermit the Frog in... oh I don't know... JAIL!

What has Disney done to the Muppets? They ruined this franchise, and followed it up by ruining the Star Wars franchise. They like making cash-grab films, eh.

It's actually ok.

I Fall Asleep In The Movies - CuteGirlJigglypuff

43 A Haunted House 2

I liked the first on I think it was a guilty pleasure, but the sequel no. This movie was lame, some of the jokes were recycled and made no sense, the acting was really bad, and this movie made 3 times less at the box office than the first film, but still managed to pass. This movie does not deserve that. This movie got a lot of bad reviews and didn't get any Razzie nominations, probably because of transformers 4. Don't watch this movie watch the first one instead. I don't think there will be a haunted house 3 anytime soon.

44 The Boxtrolls

A movie about trolls taking a child away from is possible family. Wait there the good guys!?

When this movie first came out I avoided it but heard some people saying it was pretty good, then about 2 years later I went on a trip and on the bus they played this movie, and now I see why I avoided it when it first came out, this movie is AWFUL! I still to this day am trying to figure out how a piece of crap like this was nominated for best picture, it's for sure in my top 10 worst animated movies list

It was totally stupid! Why would a guy whose lactose intolerant still want to eat cheese?! And the plot was weird, too! But it did have its moments

Who would want to see the most unoriginal movie ever? Come on, it's about trolls in boxes. - Minecraftcrazy530

45 How to Build a Better Boy

Wasn't this the movie about the black girl from that one show that no one liked and some nobody making a guy on Disney Channel? Well, if it's modern Disney Channel and not Gravity Falls, yes it should be on the list.

Disney movies are great. Disney Channel movies are agreeably the worst movies on earth

Gravity Falls is now the only good thing Disney Channel plays

*fake laugh* China Anne McClain and Noah Centineo are in this! I bet Nat Wolff likes this movie for being really sexist and Nickelodeon-esque.

46 Winter's Tale

I don't wanna make waves, but this whole movie was, like the Grinch said,


47 Tammy

All the writers in Hollywood need to realize that having Melissa McCarthy starring in your movie doesn't give you an excuse to not have any story

This is the movie that made me go "Mellisa McCarthy, I'm sick of you"

48 Brick Mansions
49 The Single Moms Club
50 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This movie is far from bad I didn't really like the first one to much but this one blew me out of the water it was epic

Take this of the list or I'll kill you mother! DOTPOTA is the best planet of the apes movie and the best movie this year!

This movie is OK, but it is too overrated. Critics are giving it 10/10, I would give it a sold 5 or 6. I prefer Rise of the Planet of the Apes. - RickyReeves

WHO on EARTH wants to look at THIS Garbage?!

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