Worst Movies of 2014

Every year has its stinkers. 2014 is no exception. Rank 'Em as you See 'Em.

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21 The Book of Life

What's Wrong With This Movie? My Mom Likes It - CuteGirlJigglypuff

I liked that movie Its not that bad :/

This is a good animation movie

Not bad pretty good

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22 Vampire Academy

This could have been a great movie if it was a comedy.

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23 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
24 Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

This movie is garbage the entire way through. This movie didn't win the Golden Raspberry award for worst picture, currently has a 1.7/10 stars on IMDb, and has 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for nothing...

Let's just make this a rule now: Anything with Kirk Cameron is going to be awful. - VicarSlayer23

Why is this movie on here? It was the best comedy of the year!

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25 If I Stay

Hate it, I like the book much better, Chloƫ Grace Morez auditions for every movie so she can have the attention

26 Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B

Why isn't this top 10? Even Timbaland and Missy are disappointed in it. It's so BAD! The main actress looks more Asian than black (not being racist), there were barely any Aaliyah songs, it wasn't based on her life at all! It seemed like one of those bad romance movies. Also the person who played Aaliyah seemed more like a Nickelodeon character than Aaliyah. Lifetime, take a few notes from the TLC movie. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

27 300: Rise of an Empire

Actually not so bad as they say. I found it very entertaining and also liked it better than the first one.

I always thought it was like some sort of Roman war movie, when it wasn't, and I didn't even see the movie.

What the hell was that? I liked the part where all nations fight the Persians but it was the end. The Whole movie was really crappy. And Sullivan Stapleton wasn't a good leader here. Gerard Butler was a good one

Worst movie ever! It's not history at all.

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28 Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie
29 Brick Mansions
30 A Haunted House 2

I liked the first on I think it was a guilty pleasure, but the sequel no. This movie was lame, some of the jokes were recycled and made no sense, the acting was really bad, and this movie made 3 times less at the box office than the first film, but still managed to pass. This movie does not deserve that. This movie got a lot of bad reviews and didn't get any Razzie nominations, probably because of transformers 4. Don't watch this movie watch the first one instead. I don't think there will be a haunted house 3 anytime soon.

31 Annie

This movie ruined one of Broadway's most famous musicals... Extremely disappointing

Actual review Bill Maher gave it: "In response to N Korea's threats about The Interview, Sony put a bomb of their own in theaters: it's called Annie"

This movie was REALLY good! Is it here because reasons?

Well, they did it with the Wizard of Oz, so why not Annie, right? - VicarSlayer23

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32 Sabotage
33 The Monuments Men
34 Transcendence
35 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Very annoying. Too much screaming and it is so idiotic, the plot is stupid, the characters are stupid, and is badly animated. - Buddyswimmy

No, it's not. I saw it with my family, and we all like it. This movie it great!

It's not even animated

Awesome movie. Get this off the list.

There's a movie 4 that? - mpgami

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36 Divergent

Divergent is nothing like the Hunger Games. If anyone would actually read both book trilogies then they would understand that the two trilogies are NOTHING alike! Plus the movie is never exactly like the book. Many things were changed, but it was still close to the book and it was done very well.

Total copycat of hunger games. Just the fact that Lenny kravitz's daughter is part of the movie proves that they are totally copying hunger games. Plus, it bored me to sleep.

MOST UNORIGINAL THING EVER. It ripped off so many other movies (most of which were awesome) but was never as awesome as those movies.


I loved the books, and I quite like this film, but what I hate is when loads of important bits are cut out. Like where is Uriah? Part of the plot is that Tris also makes friends with the Dauntless born!
Also they changed the ending a bit. Thanks producers - Aquaturtle

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37 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

This film is boring In thousands of ways

I can't believe how boring the songs were, and I can't believe some of them were written by the great Bryan Adams!

The voice acting was ok I'll give it that. This movie had unfinished animation and a story and characters that were not in the original. This is more of a knock off movie.

This is below guardians of the galaxy,something is wrong. - DapperPickle

38 Endless Love

Seriously? More like endless stripping!

39 Robo Cop
40 Rio 2

This movie was awful. There is no plot to it. First of all blu, Jewel, and the key kids go to the Amazon river and don't do much. And there is too much going on with the villains. People are trying to destroy the rainforest, and nigel tries to kill blu. I mean, What the heck!? The first movie was so much better.

I really did not enjoy this movie. Everyone said oh this and oh that but I really enjoyed the first rio much better!

It was only made so people will stop asking the question on " How can Blu and Jewel repopulate the world with blue macaws if they are the only ones left? " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This movie is by no means terrible, honestly it's just weaker than the first film. However I don't like how Blu is treated in this movie it's hard not to feel sorry for him (ex. Basically being forced to live in the Amazon despite being a pet for most of his life) also Jewel's Father is somewhat of an @$$! #%* as well. Overall while it's not a terrible movie it could have been done better. I will also give them some credit for that plot twist involving that poison dart frog it completely changed what I (and possibly a lot of others) thought was going to happen between Nigel and that frog. (In case your wondering if I hate this movie, no I don't, but that doesn't mean I dislike some things about the movie.)

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