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61 Winter's Tale

I don't wanna make waves, but this whole movie was, like the Grinch said,


62 3 Days to Kill
63 Neighbors
64 Edge of Tomorrow

You can't really call this a movie since it showed the same scene too many times. A movie so bad even my parents hated it. Worst movie of 2014, even worse than Divergent. - SelfDestruct

That's why you should stick to your daytime job because you clearly don't know what a boring movie is example the longest ride - moviegoerJ

I ran out this movie. You know, I'm really not used to any violent movies.

65 Exodus: Gods and Kings

An all white cast? claps slowly Nice job, producers on being historically inaccurate... - Turkeyasylum

It actually managed to suck as much as Noah! This should be in the top three with Noah!

Not perfect, but better than Noah, because it tried to been more faithful with the biblical story

This film was a lie! A LIE!

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66 Moms' Night Out V 1 Comment
67 Lucy

The start was interesting, but the ending was lame

This movie is crap!

They got their facts wrong

68 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Patrick Warburton and the guy from Modern Family were pretty good. Aside from that there isn't a real reason to watch this. It's better than the Dudley Do-Right and Rocky and Bullwinkle movie.

It was cute but made little sense

This movie is pure crap. It's the worst movie I've ever seen! This movie also is not as good as the cartoon

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69 22 Jump Street
70 Gunday

Officially the worst-rated movie on iMDB EVER. Of all the movies from every year and every genre and corner of the earth, this is the worst. - Hajj

71 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Oh Robin, why did you have to go out on this one?

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72 Dumb and Dumber To

I hate this movie

73 Drive Hard
74 Tarzan V 1 Comment
75 A Million Ways to Die in the West

What on earth is this doing lower than amazing spider man 2? You thought that was the most disappointing movie of 2014. Well I did too... Until I saw this movie. A Million Ways to die in the west combines stupid characters, effortlessly unfunny jokes and it just turns out to be one wild wild mess. But that's my opinion I guess.

76 Godzilla

The reason why this is on here is because Godzilla is barely even IN THE MOVIE! I still loved it though except for that one flaw

Whoa, I was scared of this Movie. As soon as Godzilla made that roar sound, I just wanted to jump out of my seat.

This is the best of 2014. I can't wait for the sequels. Godzilla is awesome and better than that crappy 1998. - asantalo

Agree, Godzilla appears only like 15 minutes

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77 Earth to Echo

This movie was alright. I saw it with my little cousins and they liked it. I thought it was a decent film, really underrated. - RickyReeves

This one was stupid, it's basically a little kids version of Super 8, why would we need that? Also these kids are a TERRIBLE actors, I know they're kids but super 8 had kid actors and they were great. It just bugs me when there's a sci-fi movie and it's rated PG, that means no intense cool action, not 1 swear word, bad acting, and a no one gets hurt Rap up in a nice little bow ending, this movie just felt like another grade B found footage movie, and trust me when I say we have WAY too many of those

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78 Pup
79 The Pyramid

People should seriously stop making horror movies

80 10 Rules for Sleeping Around
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