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81 Against the Sun
82 American Sniper

The worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. It's completely racist. How did this crap get nominated for Best Picture? Well, I'm just glad it didn't win.

Movie about a real life liar because why not - VicarSlayer23

83 Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome

Oh my god, OH MY GOD, OH MY... (i start to think than I goon to transform in a hater of this) this movie is WEAK THAN TRANSFORMERS 4 IN ALL SENSES, the jokes are lame, the caracters are the tipical cliches of the teenagers, the villain is...A... twist? The animation, ok I give a point, but the plot is a tipical cliche of the animations movie, the only thing than save this movie to get in the to its because is underrated, if been rated, WAS IN 1, SURE

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84 Birdman
85 Whiplash
86 The Grand Budapest Hotel V 1 Comment
87 Under the Skin

Not true! She's highly attractive and I don't care what some people about her! Even if she is a little fat which is okay on my standards! And please don't tell me you don't find that ass attractive!

This one proves how Scarlett Johanson beauty is overrated. Her nudity scenes are a let down. She's not very attractive at all.

88 Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

How the hell did people ever find this crappy character funny?

89 Dumbbells
90 The Angriest Man In Brooklyn
91 The Cobbler
92 Men, Women & Children
93 Reasonable Doubt
94 Open Windows
95 And So It Goes
96 The November Man
97 Penguins of Madagascar

Another lame spinoff movie, when will Hollywood realize these movies don't work, the penguins were my favorite part of the Madagascar movies but just like shows like planet sheen, this movie shows you don't put the comic relief in the spotlight, in the Madagascar movies I was always excited to see the penguins because their wasn't too much of them, after about 10 minutes of the penguins in this movie I was like "you've worn out your welcome" plus the movie is really generic in terms of story and the humor is really weak, the only people I could see saying this movie is really good are kids ages 1-11, cause that's what most of the humor is like, just a big giggle-fest for little kids

98 Unfriended

It's about this bratty rich popular high schooler named Blaire, she sees a video about her best friend Laura's suicide, (She commits suicide because anonymous people uploaded an embarrassing video of herself). Blaire Skypes her friends Jess, Mitch, Ken, and Adam. A user named "billie227" joins them. And they all kill themselves. THE END!

THIS CAME OUT IN 2015 (srry for caps)

99 Miss Meadows

This is the world's most annoying movie of all time. SHUT UP WITH THE "toodlooo" STUFF. YOUR ACTING STINKS!

100 The Prince
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