Worst Movies of 2015

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61 Pitch Perfect 2

Why did they even make another one?

This should not be here!

But oh well, still going to watch number 3 - Aquaturtle

Most overrated movie so far. When I asked everyone what they saw during the weekend, everyone said PITCH F**KING PERFECT 2! Seriously mad max was out too people

62 Poltergeist

Couldn't really get into it because a ginger kid was being haunted.

And another horror remake done wrong...

63 Furious 7

Without Paul Walker's death surrounding this film, nobody and I mean NOBODY would be talking about it as much as they are now

Iggy Azalea made the film even worse

That dude who put this here does not fell bad for Paul Walker because I feel bad for him. (PS-I was one one the dudes who voted for this in people's choice awards)

64 Get Hard

Disgusting, Unfunny!

Will ferell is a freak in this movie and no one should be watching him do his dreadful acting!

Fail! Kevin Hart is like that too. It's Suppose to be a Comedy, Well It Isn't!

This movie reminds me why I hate Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is good at stand-up comedy, but as an actor, no.

This movie is hilarious.

65 The Lost River
66 Avengers: Age of Ultron

No offense to Marvel, but this film was disappointing. Not bad, just disappointing.

Good luck getting in the worst movies of all time. The fighting is not bad but the story is bad

This is awesome movie, best Marvel Movie, but you must take this out! This is not suppose to be on the 20 worst movies of 2015.

The #1 most disappointing and worst movie in the marvel cinematic universe.

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67 The Last Witch Hunter

It's basically every bit as stupid and terrible as seventh son, in fact you can just call this movie seventh son part 2

Probably the dumbest movie I've seen all year

What a gigantic piece of stupid

68 The Longest Ride

I think they should replace Britt Robertson with maybe Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson. They're both awesome actors.

Another year, another Nicholas Sparks movie.

69 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Decent remake. Would like to see a sequel

Probably the most forgettable movie I've seen all year

70 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


71 Krampus: The Christmas Devil

An evil Santa who kills people. Not the kind of guy you want delivering your Christmas presents. - RiverClanRocks

I watched this on my iPad. It wasn't even scary, but it's not bad either. - Powerfulgirl10


72 Krampus: The Reckoning
73 Jurassic World

I may be wrong, but this film feels like a complete rehash of the original 1993 film, since it one again follows the process of having to close down the park due to dinosaur outrage. It also seems to be aiming for grabbing money out of people's pockets than actually coming up with a good premise or storyline (Which it fails to do).

Not so good and not so bad. Just okay I didn't enjoy it that much but it was better than the 3 Jurassic Park series, I also felt scared closing my eyes and ears especially the bad dinosaur attacks

Soulless is the word to describe this movie, it ignores having the charm or whimsical feelings of the first movie and just goes for the simple bland popcorn summer movie feel, I think the summer release was the biggest if not only reason it made so much money

The problem with this movie is it has all the style but none of the substance

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74 Seventh Son

This is the most bland, unoriginal fantasy movie I've ever seen, just from the story alone you can see how phoned in it is

A big bad witch queen is gonna cause chaos so this kid gets trained by this old mentor to kill witches


75 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I know I'm in the minority here, but this was my least favorite movie of 2015. Disney and J.J Abrams really screwed up this movie as the main characters are a token girl and a token black man, and the inclusion of Han Solo and Chewbacca was completely unnecessary. The story completely contradicts the books, the dialogue was bad, and it was just boring. But my biggest problem with the movie is that it is extremely disappointing. I expected more from the sequel to my favorite movies of all time. And they're making a new one this summer. If this is the direction they're going with the Star Wars franchise, than I'm officially done with the Star Wars franchise altogether.

Star Wars fans seem to have a delusion that they fall under every single time a new movie comes out, they see it and even if they thought it was terrible, bad or just ok, for the first few days or in most cases weeks, they will just blindly go "it was absolutely perfect in every way possible just like all Star Wars movies are" but thankfully, over a period of time they'll finally start to snap out of that delusion and realize that the movie wasn't good, just look at the prequels, nearly everybody who got out of episode 1 was just desperately trying to convince themselves that it was amazing, but after a while it started getting all the backlash and hate that it originally deserved

Coming from a non-Star Wars fan I thought it was just lame, I can understand why people would like it but apart from Harrison Ford returning as Han Solo I don't really get why people are loosing their minds over this movie, I didn't find any of the new characters interesting at all, especially the villain, and honestly I just thought it was kinda forgettable, This movie is lucky though because until Deadpool comes out, it'll have nobody to challenge it for the #1 spot at the box office

Why is this number 33
This should be number one

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76 Outcast
77 Vice
78 Aloha
79 The Ridiculous 6

I heard Native American actors walked out during production for this. When stuff like that pops up you know that the movie is bad before it is even aired.

And I thought Jack And Jill was bad...

Thos makes Fantastic Four looks like The Dark Knight, and also makes jack and jill looks like Mothy Python &The Holy Grail

Surprised than Inside Out Is higher

80 Goosebumps

It's good. It shouldn't be here. - Powerfulgirl10

Who put this here, its awesome? But this should be higher, but please do not make the monsters creepy especially slappy.

Meh, it was weird.

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