Worst Movies of 2016-2017


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1 The Emoji Movie

This is one of the worst animated movies of all time, it's rated a comedy because it's hilariously terrible. Who even asked for a movies about emojis? - PeeledBanana

Kill this movie with fire and cover it up with sacrificial lambs. This movie sucked. It's only purpose was a quick one-liner for Patrick Stewart playing an actual pile of feces and Jacksfilms spinning fidget spinners on a Youtube livestream for no reason other than to mess with Sony.

One of the worst animated movies made to date, it's on the 100 lowest rated movies on IMDb too! - Phillip873

Its cringeworthy - Bikerninja1997

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2 Fifty Shades Darker

One of the worst movies 2017 had to offer but hey, at least it wasn't as bad as Fifty Shades of Shi-, I mean gray. - PeeledBanana

A garbage fifty shades movie. Who asked for the fifty shades movie franchise to come though? - Fullwalking2

I don't even want to see this garbage, no way... - Phillip873

AWFUL! - MegaSoulhero

3 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

One of the worst superhero movies I've seen, complete with bad acting/laughable performances (aside from maybe Affleck), incoherent and incredibly pretentious story, Wonder Woman and the Flash included for LITTLE TO NO reason, and some bad CGI. If I could give this garbage ANYTHING positive, I liked a couple action sequences, that's it. - Phillip873

Rough Night is like a Scorsese film compared to this!

A bad superhero movie. I like Batman and Superman but I hate this movie. - Fullwalking2

Why does everyone hate this movie? It's sooo good.

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4 Transformers: The Last Knight

Better than Age of Extinction but still horrible - MegaSoulhero

Another Transbaymers movie... - Fullwalking2


5 Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Not them! - MegaSoulhero

The worst one of 2016 so far! - Fullwalking2

6 Norm of the North

Wow, I've seen part of this movie and let me tell you, I can't... The humor is... ugh. And the story makes 0 sense and is retarted, even at a movie aimed at children, it's garbage. Bad voice acting too, and the animation is pretty trash level quality compared to a lot of better movies. Don't waste your time with the worst animated movie of 2016. - Phillip873

Why do people hate it it's good? Let me tell you a horrible movie... The Emoji Movie

Second worst animated film of all time! - MegaSoulhero

Garbage. - Fullwalking2

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7 Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
8 Suicide Squad

This movie sucked, the worst thing about it was that horrible Joker portrayal. - PeeledBanana

Film was better then Dawn of Justice, but not really by much...

Worst superhero movie ever

Another garbage. - Fullwalking2

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9 Gods of Egypt

This movie is another garbage. - Fullwalking2

10 Finding Dory

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11 Sausage Party
12 Zootopia

Why is this movie so high on the list?

13 The Lego Batman Movie
14 The Lego Ninjago Movie
15 The Nut Job 2

How do you go from Lego Batman to this, Will? - MegaSoulhero

16 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

The other 3 wimpy kid films are guilty pleasure for me (whether you find funny or not, I sure did, and the actors definitely liked playing their parts) but this just is TRASH! Terrible actors, Greg and Rowley look 8 years old, and Rodrick looks like some Asian lesbian. - Phillip873

Chevy Chase can do better Vacation movie than this kid in this movie

Hot, burning, steaming pile of garbage. - PeeledBanana

Not my Rodrick. - dingodile2603

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17 The Little Prince
18 The Angry Birds Movie

A movie that came 6 years too late - MegaSoulhero

Nah, this movie was great. - PeeledBanana

19 Independence Day: Resurgence
20 Batman: The Killing Joke
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1. The Emoji Movie
2. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
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1. Zootopia
2. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
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