Worst Movies of 2016

This list compiles the biggest balls of dung released in theatres over the many months of 2016. May The Academy have mercy on their screenplays.

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1 Norm of the North

I've been noticing more and more that 99% of the time the really horrible animated movies are the ones that come from those no-name animation studios

Awful - ElSherlock

No character development, no commercial appeal, and no entertaining values. Yes, it is a kid's movie, but kids are smart enough to know how cheap and dull this movie is. - yaygiants16

I'm 10 years old, and even I felt super bored watching this movie! It was stupid and didn't make any sense. Oh, and did I mention it was BORING!

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2 Ghostbusters

Just saw it, it's pretty awful. The entire time I was watching it I was like "is this supposed to be a legit ghostbusters movie or is this a ghostbusters spoof movie? " That's what it felt like, it felt like a spoof movie, like the writers of the scary movie franchise decided "hey, let's make our next spoof movie a ghostbusters movie" Even some of the scenes in this movie look like they're set up like a spoof movie, like when they get out of the car in their ghostbuster outfits, they accidentally say their big epic line at the same time, the epic buildup music stops and they're like "oh wait, were you gonna say it? " And then the mood gets ruined and they just walk in casually. And seriously? A ghost being set loose at a concert and someone taking a selfie with it? A cringeworthy race/gender joke? (Which by the way seemed like the only kind of jokes Leslie Jones made) And easily the worst part about this movie is Chris Hemsworth, his character annoyed the living hell outta me, at a ...more

I'm kinda hyped about Ghostbusters 3 in 2020 and forget all the lores of the 2016 reboot that really exists in the first place. But SJWs found out about and Leslie Jones blames Trump. I mean, Trump, too never realized the film really exists.

"They are making Indiana Jones without Harrison Fords. You can't do that. And now they are making Ghostbusters with only women. What's going on? " said Trump.

Alright, I'm sick to death of this war that's been going on about this movie so, as someone who thought this film was...average, I'll make a point to both sides.

To all the feminists out there, you need to learn to accept people's opinions about this movie even if they're negative without calling them sexist, you claim you're fighting for women's rights but your idea of women's rights is trying to insert women into the leading rolls in every form of media, especially ones that originally had men in the leading rolls, you claim you want to push the equal rights for women movement but in reality it's turned into the women overpowering men movement.

To all the Ghostbusters purists out there, you need to grow up and learn to accept that ghostbusters is getting reimagined, instead of whining like a little baby saying "they ruined ghostbusters" (which by the way, according to you it's already happened since all the hardcore Ghostbusters fans refuse to acknowledge the 2nd film) ...more

Hollywood has officially run out of ideas at this point, where they have to take one of the most classic movies of the 80's and completely ruin it. I wouldn't have a problem with it if they just left the plot alone and at least tried to replicate the original graphics in a good way. Yet another disappointment. Here's the logic of this movie's producer: "I am going to disguise a public abomination as female empowerment, and if anyone doesn't agree with me, I will deem them sexist". Same logic as Hillary Clinton. Anyway, even the trailer is cringeworthy, the music is a poorly remixed version of the original Ghostbusters theme song. What in the world is this? The original theme song was already upbeat enough, they had to mess up that, too! Don't watch this movie, save your money. - yaygiants16

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3 Suicide Squad

Sometimes, critics are RIGHT believe it or not. People only watched it because all of the teenage girls wanted to hear twenty one pilots and the boys just stare at harley quinn's boobs. No plot, bad cast, and should be in the top ten at least.

This could have been better if they only had three or four characters, and spent more time on their interactions. Just remember folks, this is getting a sequel

, I even think that critics were way too generous with this. This movie is one of the worst I've seen in my life, the trailers are a 100 times better, everything, just everything in this movie is bad - Ale9991

Movie sucks so bad, no plot, characters are not developed, worst villain, worst joker,worst music, it is no necessary to listen to rotten tomatoes, it's necessary to have a brain and to have a good taste of movies

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4 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

They could've done a way better job with the portrayal of Lex Luthor, and I wish Doomsday was NOT in this movie. I really wanted there to be a Superman Doomsday film in the future. - Mcgillacuddy

Probably 1 of the most rushed movies I've ever seen

This was probably the most predictable movie I ever watched. The only thing I liked were the effects but that ain't enough

Should be number 1 ben affleck ruined this movie

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5 Arrival

Why is this on the list and why on earth is it so high? Its an amazing movie what the hell.

Ugh I did not like this movie, not one little bit. Also I can't help but notice the comments from people who didn't enjoy the movie getting responses along the lines of 'Oh I bet you liked *insert rubbish movie here* if you didn't like this'. That really is beyond daft people.

I thought this movie was contrived and boring in my opinion no offense to those who liked it, its just my opinion.

2nd worst?!?! Jesus there were so many worse movies last year than this! I saw this one with my dad some months ago and I actually liked it. It's not some dumb "dur alien let's fight pewpew" movie. It's a smart movie about how aliens can really interacts with humans other than trying to kill them off. Not a favorite but definitely not a bad movie! - Phillip873

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6 Gods of Egypt

This totally offends the real gods of Egypt

The Gods look like American

This Is Number One Now, Lol - VideoGamefan5

It's horrible - ikerevievs

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7 Nine Lives

Terrible - ElSherlock

It's gonna suck I know it. Just look at the trailers. - Gamecubesarecool193

Jennifer Garner please stop starring in movies like this, you are a good actress but are not doing yourself any favours being in rubbish like this.

This movie is horrible. The CGI is ugly, the jokes aren't funny, and the plot is basically Shaggy Dog except with a cat. I hate cats as well.

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8 Ice Age: Collision Course

This one is a guilty pleasure for me. - PageEmperor

I don't find that movie bad. - DinoLover4242

Won't the Ice Age series just die already?

It started getting repetitive after the third one in my opinion. - Jessicarabbit

This movie was just awful than I expected but the franchise look like it's already dead after 3 installments and don't tell me with that # scene. But there are flaws and mistakes that I need to spit it out for you:

-Meteors are supposed to be hot and rocky but in the movie it was just a quartz crytals that make every living immortal and never get aged.

-I thought Buck never returned at the end of the third movie but this is the first time to see Buck was in the snow setting instead of a prehistoric ones.

-That Star Wars reference though.

-Speaking of Star Wars, that guy at the end (well, I forgot his name) told us that Mars was once a living planet like Earth but that meteor (possibly Scrat's spacecraft) hit it and it's red and lifeless. Impossible! Mars did'nt even live in the first place and Mars was Earth's neighbor. This is one of the most surreal moments that is ever existed in history of Hollywood.

-Like I said, that # scene, well those two ...more

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9 God's Not Dead 2

This is WAY worse than The Angry Birds Movie. I actually think The Angry Birds Movie gets WAY too much hate. I mean, it wasn't THAT terrible.
God's Not Dead 2 is just... garbage. - SurcaneWolf

Movies like this really show that Christians really need to understand more about atheism, because in reality they're normal humans just like you, they can be nice and they can be mean, just like any other person, but no, these movies choose to portray atheists as stereotypical 1 dimensional a-holes (because according to Christians, if you're not one, you're "EVIL") and the entire movie is telling the story of "the mighty Christians on a quest to defeat the "evil" atheists" and every atheist in this movie is portrayed like a cartoonishly over the top jerk

I was forced to watch this big piece of trash, being I go to a Christian school. The plot is stupid and racist (religiouswise), and they totally made a mountain out of a molehill. All they did was talk about Jesus for a minute and now their put on trial. What? That plot makes no sense. While I may not agree with atheists, I still respect their opinion, but come on guys, what kind of atheist would watch something called "God's Not Dead 2"? I'll vote for this until it's number 1. How is this only 64 and Norm of the North is number 1? This movie makes Norm of the North look like Zootopia. It's that awful. Stay away from it at all costs.

How is The Angry Birds Movie higher than this trash! The Angry Birds Movie may not be the best, but it has it's funny moments! THIS on the other hand is just GARBAGE! I agree with PhantomStrider, this is the absolute WORST movie of 2016!

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10 The Angry Birds Movie

At first I was like, "ooh an angry birds movie came out! " I looked at the trailer, and... WHY THE HECK DOES THOSE BIRDS HAVE HANDS?! AND FEET?! AND WHY DOES TERRENCE SEEM SO STUPID? Everybody just make me creep hard. Just look at them. And the Mighty Eagle part? It was funny, yeah, but it was horribly disgusting. Who would pee in your own crystal lake? The worst part is the three blue birds. They only just HATCHED at the END of the movie. What...

This was alright. - PageEmperor

I never think that this movie was even horrible. - DinoLover4242

Crap! Enough said

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The Contenders

11 Fifty Shades of Black

I'm glad marlon wayans gave up on parody movies after this. I mean his comedy is great but he is better in Marlon

What's next Fifty Shades of Blue? - Jessicarabbit

Never saw this but I'm not even gonna go down that road - RoxyTheWolf845

King Bach my man saved this. - AlphaQ

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12 Independence Day: Resurgence

Not too bad (if I remember correctly) - PageEmperor

It just really angers me that when the first trailer came out, it said Will Smith's character died and then they just moved on like nothing happened, REALLY?!?! Look, I know he said he didn't want to come back for the sequel, but at the very least they could have had at least 1 scene with him so it can show his death, I mean, who the hell would want the main character of the franchise to not only be killed, but to be killed OFFSCREEN! It's like making a new James Bond movie but having someone who's not James Bond as the main character and just being like "oh yeah, by the way, James Bond died", and then just moving on.

This Movie Has some Of The Worst Plots I Have Seen In recent Cinema Film History, The Plot Is Just Plain Bad, And Where's Will Smith In This Movie? , Oh Wait He Had To Be In Suicide Squad Another Mess Of a Movie, UGH, I Just Hated this Movie So Much, Avoid It, Just It's Not Worth your Time, 3/10 - VideoGamefan5

Making this movie and not bringing Will Smith back is like making mission impossible 6 and not bringing Tom Cruise back

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13 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Whhhy did I decide to watch this bad film? - PageEmperor

The books are better. - Jessicarabbit

Was a disappointment considering how good the books are and how good the first and second movies were

The entire movie franchise of Divergent is crap. Read the books instead. - 445956

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14 The 5th Wave

I haven't seen the movie but the book was pretty good. Even if you've seen the movie, the book is worth reading. - TheAlbinoWolf

Looked promising from the opening but then it just turns into an hour of watching 2 bland as hell teenagers fawning over each other in the woods

I watched this movie at my friend's sleepover. I didn't see all of it, but it was pretty boring. - Powerfulgirl10

One of my favorite movies

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15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I find the 2014 and 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie ok, it's the CGI 2007 film that was awful. - DinoLover4242

Michael Bay Should Just Give Up Already.

Agree This movie made me hate TMNT - TheAwesomeFire

This movie was an improvement over the last one, which was all I really cared about.

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16 Sing

I was disappointed as heck when I saw it. - bendyfazjazz234

They made bad songs worse and they ruined good songs as well.

This film is a complete ripoff of a much better Disney movie, Zootopia, except with some more cruddier animations, some bad songs, lack the charm, and the plot wasn't that interesting. - DinoLover4242

This movie is awful and overrated the characters were just animals for no reason you could change every character in the movie to a human and it would still be the same bland generic movie honestly Illumination has only 3 good movies and this one might be their worst one yeah might actually be worse than minions which that is hard to beat in terms of awful and this movie comes close - christangrant

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17 Inferno

An incredibly dull movie that feels like something you'd find on a basic cable channel

18 Alice Through the Looking Glass

They ruined a potential sequel - NickXH

Confusing,boring,and just not good.

I love it because it's more colourful than the first movie, which is awful by the way, and the plot is amazing like Thomas and the Magic Railroad, one of my favorite films of all time!

I hate this one because my sister has an obsession on wanting to watch it! She has a big obsession and made me have a hard time by being forced to watch it with her! I hate this movie!

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19 Zoolander 2

I haven't seen this movie, but the only thing I like about it is that they kill Justin Bieber. - Powerfulgirl10

I loved the first one but this was #@#%

The Only Good Thing Is That They Screw Justin Bieber - VideoGamefan5

I hate this movie

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20 The Do-Over

Why Can't Adam Sandler Just Retire Already? - VideoGamefan5

21 Ride Along 2

I'm trying to remember if I saw this one. If I did, it just blended into my mind with all the rest of those pointless bland comedies with repeated tropes. - shiftaltkey

How the hell is that little twerp Kevin Hart considered funny?

22 Assassin's Creed

This movie wasn't that bad. I honestly loved this movie. - MrSnuffleupagus

Oh Wait It Did Disappoint, Crap, The Next Video Game Film Is Resident Evil The Final Chapter That Comes Out Along With The New Game (Biohazard), That Film Looks Boring, So Yeah We're Not Getting A Good Video Game Film Soon, Sadly - VideoGamefan5

This One Better Not Disappoint! - VideoGamefan5

Why, why? is it really so difficult to make a good video game movie?

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23 Dirty Grandpa

The only reason this movie exists is so boys can be like "hey look, boobs"

Is it true that there is a lot of naked people? My friends says so

Why is this horrid film so low in this list?! (as of writing this, it's at #34. This film may win the Razzie Award for Worst Film of 2016! )

Below La La Land, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Arrival? Screw the voters! - 445956

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24 Exposed

Didn't even know this movie existed. - shiftaltkey

25 Max Steel

I have not seen this one...and I probably won't. - shiftaltkey

Why is this so low in the list if it's the worst movie of 2016? This movie was just terrible, it's just like a How To Train Your Dragon parody. It's just that the creature is the one who's training the human. So this is more of How To Train Your Robot. With HTTYD, Big Hero 6, and Power Rangers, combining into one movie, BOOM! You have Max Steel. Another thing I've noticed in this movie is that the story is just exactly the same as the T.V. show. It's so predictable. And Dr. Miles Edwards is one of the worst villains in the world. He is so lame as a character and was never explained on why he was the villain until the last second of the movie. Well, yeah, the battle lasted in the last minute ofthe movie.

Max Steel and Power Rangers are the same but it feels like this one is all copy writing power rangers already.

Deserves the 0% - 445956

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26 The Darkness

This Movie Was Atrocious - VideoGamefan5

My vote was going to go to suicide squad at first but now it's going to this, so we can get arrival and angy birds movie lower - VideoGamefan5

27 Sausage Party

Garbage - ElSherlock

My immediate thoughts when I saw it were "I can't wait to see all the parents complaining because they took their kids to see this" (note to dumbass parents: just because something is animated it doesn't automatically mean it's for kids)

This literally looks like something for kids, but it's DEFINITELY not. It's a legit food orgy. - Powerfulgirl10

It's not made by Disney which thankfully means it's not garbage cause Disney = Garbage - AlphaQ

Am I funny yet?

It's a good film, but repeating the word "f" 150 times doesn't make it a Adult Animation film, just saying. - Mumbizz01

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28 Ratchet & Clank

Movie doesn't really look appealing. It ruins some of th characters if you look at the trailer.

Big disappointment

BlackCriticGuy said it was a bad movie. I was thinking the same. Haven't seen the movie yet but from the trailer it's really not one worth watching. - SelfDestruct

This movie looks pretty corny to be honest. - Powerfulgirl10

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29 Meet the Blacks
30 The Brothers Grimsby

Seriously! That scene were that elephant does that disgusting thing makes me wanna smash my screen! - Neonco31

I didn't know putting elephant porn in movies was legal. - Powerfulgirl10

Elephant porn? That's something I never thought I'd hear in my life. - Absolite

Come make it be on the top ten.

This should be on the top 10.

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31 Warcraft

Crap movie

32 The Secret Life of Pets

I like this movie! But to be fair what drove me away from it at first was a really negative review of it I saw, but then I checked it out out of morbid curiosity and it turned out to be great! - PageEmperor

The advertising tells us that this movie is all about what pets do when you're not home, and in this movie you get that...for the first few minutes, after that the movie completely switches plots and basically turns into a toy story knockoff, I mean note for note the same, the owner comes home to her dog and tells him that she got a new dog, just like what happened when Andy brought Buzz home, and what truly solidified the ripping off of Toy Story was when the 2 of them get captured and now they have to work together to bust out and get back home, and this movie comes complete with a boatload of jokes for 5 year olds, dogs walking in a circle sniffing each other's butts, the rabbit bursting out into laughter and accidentally pooping, I'm so disappointed in Illumination, the 2 Despicable Me movies made them seem like they had a good grasp on how to make humor that's good for kids and adults, but the minions movie and now this makes them look like they're just getting lost in all the ...more

This movie is basically the animal rip off of toy story

I deleted that comment and reply because I regret posting them. The movie's not horrible, but it's like Toy Story. - Powerfulgirl10

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33 Nina
34 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Worst movie ever - Dvafan2

Why would you make a movie about this clown? - VideoGamefan5

Boring - Dvafan2

Does anyone even care about this clown? - AlphaQ

35 Boo! a Madea Halloween

This movie is unfunny, boring and stupid in my opinion. - Swampert02

36 Kung Fu Panda 3

How does this got here?

The movie was good

I actually enjoyed this more than the first two movies.

It's easily the weakest of the franchise but not bad. However, the ending left me with mixed feelings.

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37 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
38 Ben-Hur (2016)

1 of the worst ending I've ever seen

Was this really necessary?

39 The Boss
40 La la Land

This movie not be great. It's kinda like a live-action Disney movie but more adult-like.

I'm sorry, but this is overrated. It really sucked hard. I'm not really sure what movie you all saw, but whatever it was, it seemed much more beautiful and original than this crap. 3/10 - DCfnaf

Entertainment Magazine said this was the best movie of 2016. They even think it is better than Moonlight. - 445956

This movie flat out sucked, I just could not get into it. - egnomac

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41 The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave

How many of these dumb movies are they going to make? I saw them 15 years ago and thought they were stupid then! They want good reviews...show the asteroid wiping them out!

This series still exists?!? - The01Bro

We're probably going to get the 15th one 2017

It was ok, but littlefoots voice, oh my god

42 Trolls

I'm starting to see why people don't like this movie. wonder if I should change my username. - Trollsfan536

It sucks the end good movie more like craps this sucks overrated fans of the movie sucks

This was actually a good movie

This is crap it’s just these ugly stupid trolls singing it’s like high school musical! God I hate this movie!

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43 Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

This is a 2016 movie, it was a sequel to the 1987 hit Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

When I first saw this movie, I didn't like it but watching it now, I like it and I was surprised that critics like it too! It was a suprise to me to see and a very good movie!

love it

Not bad at all.

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44 Fences
45 Yosemite
46 The Choice
47 The Conjuring 2

I've never seen it, but I do presume it is better than the first one.

48 The Legend of Tarzan
49 Yoga Hosers

What happened to Kevin Smith? Oh my god.

50 The Huntsman: Winter's War

This movie had an opportunity to be amazing with amazing visuals and set design and an a good concept, it could have been an amazing fantasy movie but instead we got a forgettable action flick, great actors like Chris Hemsworth,jessica chastain, charlzie Theron and Emily blunt are completely wasted

I have the same exact thoughts about these 2 films: They take a great, super creative, charming story, and turn it into a dull, gray, boring, slog-fest, making an adult version of Snow White sounds cool but these films are just cheap, stupid, action flicks. Jessica Chastaine, Charlize Therone, and Emily Blunt were completely wasted and got turned into generic, cookie-cutter villains. And the fights with the evil queens looked like something out of a video game. This is probably 1 of the most unnecessary sequels I've ever seen

No this was good. Just because it didn’t make a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. - PageEmperor

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