Exposed Movie Review

idontknow You wanna hear a bad pun, let's expose how bad this movie really is, huh,,no ok. Well at least it's better than the puns of Batman And Robin, okay- enough of the puns and lets get to the review- why, well because I'm forgetting this movie already. So Exposed is the first official 2016 film that I saw, I went in to this film open minded (because surprisingly, January horror movies are getting good reviews, yeah I think the world has ended and don't worry, I will eventually watch The Forest/Boy). I didn't know what to expect, I wanted to see Keanu Reeves again- but do not go in to this film (if you ever decide to watch it, why would you do that? Idontknow) expecting action, because what this movie is, it's a thriller, an investigation and I love those types of movies- so this should be good, well was it? The plot of Exposed is that- Keanu Reeves partner is murdered- Joey. Now he has a new partner, who's in the movie for 5 minutes or something and together they must solve the crime, who is Joey's killer? Oh yeah and then there is this sub plot about a girl who is married to this soldier and then there is this subplot of this little girl and then about a Gangster and the.. You get the point. So Exposed is a movie where I would just rant on and describe it's awfulness, believe me when I say this- this is not a good movie, however there were a few positives and my first one is that I could see the potential in the movie, I could see the directors ides- Delcan Dale (although he doesn't want to do with this movie anymore). This is a bad movie, but I could see what Delcan was going for, I could see his potential and his creativity in the movie- I could see what he wanted to do- The potential, however in Earth, potential and reality are 2 different things. However I did find some more positive with this movie (somehow): First of all I will give props to the cinematographer Trevor Forest, Exposed was shot pretty well- I'm not gonna lie the film looked beautiful at times and was shot well, it felt like a real world (because it's based on Earth, I'm a dummy and I am sorry). For example, near the beginning of the movie, there is a scene where Ana De Armas (the female protagonist in the movie) is walking in a subway and it looked great, I don't remember but I think it was one shot. With the addition of the cinematography, I think the acting was kind of good. Ana De Armas, Big Daddy Kane, did a serviceable job in the movie, Venus Ariel, who is a child actress, did not do a bad job in the movie,in fact, I bought into her character. Christopher McDonald, although not being in the movie for long, gave a really good performance, and so did Gave Vargas gave a likable performance in this film, he looks like a cool dude to hang out with. There were also some cool gems in the movie, for example the old grocery man and there was a part where he says to Ana that he remembers her and then at the end we see why and cool gems like that in the movie showed the great potentiality in the director in my opinion.

Now if you think that I was going to praise this movie more, think again? First of all, this hurts me to say, but I was disappointed with Keanu Reeve's performance, through the first half of the movie that he is in, all he does is stand there. It's like Kate Winslet in Insurgent, great actress, but all she did was just stand there the entire time and she was wasted. This is the same to Keanu, he was wasted in the movie and I don't blame Keanu, the script did not have anything for Keanu to experiment with. However there was this one hilarious scene in the car where Keanu rages out and he starts slapping his head, I was honestly laughing, it felt like a 3 year old when you tell him that you want to watch TV, then the baby rages out and looks like it's going to kill us, EVERYBODY, RUN!! Keanu was just a talking cookie,a boring, monotone one. The 2nd reason why the script did not allows a lot for Keanu to do is because the script contains many, many sub-plots (sighs and grunts). The sub-plots, where do I begin with these, it's like the director found out what the 6 degrees separation was and he was like, lets put that in the movie. First of all there is this sub-plot about Ana's characters and she is married to this soldier and she lives in the house (it's hard to explain, not even Keanu could digest it). Then there is this other sub plot where Ana's character meets this little girl (which somehow becomes interjected to the main story by the end of this movie), then there is this other sub plot with Big Daddy Kane and Gabby Varges character. It was like the director wanted to put a crap-ton of films into an hour and a half of a movie..WHAT!! This movie was an hour and a half, oh my. The more understandable sub plot was the one with Ana and the little girl, but it seemed that they put a twist to interject it to the main story at the last minute, it felt forced, the other 2 sub-plots like the gangster one was totally unnecessary. It made the editing bad and feel wired, like we get a minute or 2 with Keanu and then 8 minutes with other boring people, then back again with a minute or 2 with Keanu, it felt wierd.. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that Keanus character has a son, it's very forced in and did not feel necessary. The sub plots are so bad and convoluted and confusing and unnecessary and ends abrupt, the sub-plot of Ana's husband and her family is in the movie for the first half or so, then they never appear again, it abruptly ended and never mentioned again. I feel that because of these sub plots, that they water the characters downs so much. I did not care about anyone, especially since one character releases a dog out of his leash and then a truck runs him over (it was funny, now you are going to write a comment on how crude I am, but the editing of the movie made it seem like it would be on Hot Pursuit, probably the most entertaining part of the whole movie). The sub plots are so heavy, the characters are never fully developed, the movie just tells us stuff about them, but I never felt it, I did not care if anyone died,I honestly wanted to see everyone to get ran over by a truck and die so I can go home and never watch this boring mess again, what a SNOOZE. This movie is one hour and a half, but it felt an hour longer than that, I was board so much in this bland movie, there is barely humor or suspense or thrill to keep it engaging (Like Bridge Of Spies which intrigued me all the way). I wanted to fall asleep and if you add a carp ton of sub plots, with unlikable characters and it's boring, just add a story full of nonsense and very, very incoherent. It never feels fresh, I was confused-but not in a good way like Inception, but in a crappy narrative way, like this movie, I honestly forgot half of this movie already. The movie's ending was very abrupt and the ending is the reason why the story is just so damn messy, I was thinking about the ending of this movie, the started thinking if this happened, then how could that happen, why didn't that occur and it creates so many plot holes and it makes 0 sense. It's nonsense.

Overall, it's shot well and acted kinda well, but the incoherent story, heavy handed sub-plots, boring characters, slow pace and an ending which is so bad and forced, this movie is also very forgettable and I won't Exposed remember in a few minutes.

Overall, Exposed Gets:


Never watch this movie, don't suffer- like I suffered.

So 2016 has started, yay, what would your top 3 Keanu movies be: Mine is

3. Point Break
2. Speed
1. The Matrix

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I Need Guns, Lots Of Guns (I'm sorry, this movie has Keanu, it was now or never- my favourite Keanu quote).