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One of the most popular mobile crazes of the 2010s was Angry Birds. It was a typical and somewhat generic slingshot experience where the goal is to get the birds to defeat all of the pigs on the screen each level. I find mobile apps like this to be very overrated, but admittedly, the first title was a pretty decent game overall. After that, it got so much unwarranted popularity. It got THIRTEEN games, all of which basically just rehash the same crap we played before. There's been TWO Angry Birds Star Wars games. There was also the Angry Birds: Space game, which admittedly changed the gameplay formula slightly, but it was still just the same thing. There was also an Angry Birds: Transformers game that bares pretty much no resemblance to the original game, a racing game, an RPG, and an expensive 3DS remake of the first three titles in the franchise. It also got a line of merchandise, THEME PARK ATTRACTIONS, and a CARTOON due to its popularity! Yeah, it got really crazy until people started getting sick of this series and the hype died out.

Unfortunately, in 2016, when we thought that the hype over this repetitive and stale game franchise was completely overwith, Sony has now given us The Angry Birds Movie. This is a 3D computer-animated action -adventure comedy film, quite obviously based off of the game series if the same name. Believe me when I say that it's as pandering and ridiculous as it sounds.

Plot Synopsis (Potential Spoilers in this Paragraph)

The plot centers around Red, the bird shown front and center in each game, who has anger management issues, who is forced by the mayor of Bird Island to attend anger management class. At the class, he meets (and tries to avoid) his classmates; Chuck, the speedy yellow bird, Bomb, the explosive black bird, and Terrence, the giant red bird, as well as his teacher, Matilda. One day, King Leonard and his group of pigs show up to the island as friendly visitors. They create slingshots and other useful gadgets for them. Red doesn't trust the pigs, so he, accompanied with Chuck and Bomb, goes to find the Mighty Eagle, a legendary bird who was looked up to due to his ability to fly, and ask him to keep an eye on the pigs. Unfortunately, the Mighty Eagle is useless at this point, but Red looks through his telescope and sees that the pigs are actually planting bombs around the island as well as stealing the birds' eggs. When the birds find out this has happened, Red rallies them up to let loose their anger, and they go off to save the eggs.

I felt like the plot took a major step backwards once those gosh-darn pigs showed up on the island. Before the pigs showed up, this movie was about Red trying to learn that anger is not always the answer. Once those dang pigs stole the spotlight, as well as the eggs, this whole character arc was basically scrapped in favor of a rescue mission story. We barely talk about this character arc from here on out and it's really just about Red and all the other birds getting angry, the one thing that was discouraged at the beginning of the film. This ridiculous turn of events leads me on to my next topic:

The Morals

We always question whether movies like this are kid-friendly or not. I'd say that it's trying to pander to kids because it's a movie about a popular kids' franchise, but the lessons make that conclusion implausible. I worry that the lessons taught in this movie might anger the parents of younger children. Let's talk about Leonard and the other pigs. They befriend the birds to try and convince them that they are nice, but they were really there just to steal their babies. This makes me think the movie is trying to tell us that if visitors to your country/land show up and try to befriend you, they're really just there to steal and eat your babies. Yeah...not a very good moral for a kids movie. The movie also ignores Red's character arc during the climax and he makes the happy go-lucky birds build up their anger. The result of this is that all of their problems are solved and they get the pigs back. When you see this, you think that this is just necessary for the movie, hence the title, but then you realize the movie thinks that anger and violence is the solution to all of your problems. This doesn't really affect me per say, but this can make lots of moms angry because I guarantee that is not what Little Timmy was taught by his mommy.

The Humor

While humor may be subjective (you may find it funny, but I don't), the humor in this movie was ridiculous. Earlier I brought up that this movie is not be suitable for young children, and the humor is strong evidence to prove it. It consisted mainly of...creepy innuendos. No, I am not making that up. One example is that early in, Red gets agitated and mutters, "Pluck my life", which is an obvious and straight-forward implication of dirty language. There's also a scene where Red walks past of a statue of birds piled on top of each other, and he says, "Hmm...exotic.", which is clearly referencing an ORGY. There's also a scene where Chuck tells the birds, "We gotta replace the babies that got stolen! Ladies, get BUSY!!!", with a humping motion to accompany the last little fragment of this quote. Obviously, parents would despise this humor because it's not kid friendly in the slightest. Now, you could make the argument that this humor is targeted towards a teenage demographic, but what teenager would wake up and tell himself to go see a movie about Angry Birds?? (Except for me, of course.) Oh, and if you like pee jokes, since we all know how well those are received, then this movie is definitely for you. There's one scene where Chuck and Bomb start drinking water from a lake, but right after that, the Mighty Eagle comes along and pisses into the lake...with visible urine...for 40 seconds...then you realize that lake is where the eagle pees and that's where they just drank from...and it's just as cringeworthy as it sounds.

Let's just hope you don't have to do some explaining for your kids, folks!

Final Thoughts/Reccomendation

Overall, The Angry Birds Movie is a halfway decent video game adaptation in comparison to other video game adapted movies, but it's still a poorly-structured, disgusting, and shrill pile of garbage that parents will despise due to it's gross humor and nonsensical morals. Kids will probably enjoy this movie because it's Angry Birds and they enjoy the game series, but it's really not something parents will be highly fond of. If you are a fan of the game series and you want to see this movie, I'm not stopping you at all. Go check it out if you are a fan of the series. However, if you aren't a fan of this series like me, my recommendation here would be to give this one a miss.

4 -- Below Average (The Angry Birds Movie may have SOME high points, but as the movie progressed, it gave way to glaring faults. It wasn't the worst movie of 2016, but it is too difficult to recommend.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 43% (4.6/10), 47% of Audiences Liked It (3.3/5)🍅

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