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21 Exposed
22 Ratchet & Clank

Movie doesn't really look appealing. It ruins some of th characters if you look at the trailer.

If there's anything 2016 has taught, it's that you never make a movie based off a video game. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Big disappointment

Wow, this was actually in theaters?

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23 Sausage Party

This literally looks like something for kids, but it's DEFINITELY not. It's a legit food orgy. - Powerfulgirl10

It's not made by Disney which thankfully means it's not garbage cause Disney = Garbage - AlphaQ

My immediate thoughts when I saw it were "I can't wait to see all the parents complaining because they took their kids to see this" (note to dumbass parents: just because something is animated it doesn't automatically mean it's for kids)

Am I funny yet?

It's a good film, but repeating the word "f" 150 times doesn't make it a Adult Animation film, just saying. - Mumbizz01

A movie that felt like it was written by middle school dropouts

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24 The Boss
25 The Brothers Grimsby

Seriously! That scene were that elephant does that disgusting thing makes me wanna smash my screen! - Neonco31

Come make it be on the top ten.

This should be on the top 10.

Vote for this movie for the Razzies.

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26 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Michael Bay Should Just Give Up Already.

Agree This movie made me hate TMNT - TheAwesomeFire

This movie was an improvement over the last one, which was all I really cared about.

27 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Why would you make a movie about this clown? - VideoGamefan5

28 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
29 Independence Day: Resurgence

It just really angers me that when the first trailer came out, it said Will Smith's character died and then they just moved on like nothing happened, REALLY?!?! Look, I know he said he didn't want to come back for the sequel, but at the very least they could have had at least 1 scene with him so it can show his death, I mean, who the hell would want the main character of the franchise to not only be killed, but to be killed OFFSCREEN! It's like making a new James Bond movie but having someone who's not James Bond as the main character and just being like "oh yeah, by the way, James Bond died", and then just moving on.

This Movie Has some Of The Worst Plots I Have Seen In recent Cinema Film History, The Plot Is Just Plain Bad, And Where's Will Smith In This Movie? , Oh Wait He Had To Be In Suicide Squad Another Mess Of a Movie, UGH, I Just Hated this Movie So Much, Avoid It, Just It's Not Worth your Time, 3/10 - VideoGamefan5

Making this movie and not bringing Will Smith back is like making mission impossible 6 and not bringing Tom Cruise back

Review-"That is definitely bigger that the last one" yeah! Looks like a better movie. but its just like a regular alien movie. I understood why the reviews were bad. TOO CRAPPY. I find it 50/50 because of its action packed and nonsense story. This movie was better but still couldn't keep a great film

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30 Assassin's Creed

Oh Wait It Did Disappoint, Crap, The Next Video Game Film Is Resident Evil The Final Chapter That Comes Out Along With The New Game (Biohazard), That Film Looks Boring, So Yeah We're Not Getting A Good Video Game Film Soon, Sadly - VideoGamefan5

This One Better Not Disappoint! - VideoGamefan5

Why, why? is it really so difficult to make a good video game movie?


31 Warcraft V 1 Comment
32 Kung Fu Panda 3

How does this got here?

The movie was good

I actually enjoyed this more than the first two movies.

Was good until the ending

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33 Nina
34 Inferno

An incredibly dull movie that feels like something you'd find on a basic cable channel

35 Dirty Grandpa

The only reason this movie exists is so boys can be like "hey look, boobs"

Is it true that there is a lot of naked people? My friends says so

Why Robert De Niro? Why? - jack2244

I hate this - maloneyscott

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36 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
37 The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave

How many of these dumb movies are they going to make? I saw them 15 years ago and thought they were stupid then! They want good reviews...show the asteroid wiping them out!

This series still exists?!? - The01Bro

Wait, this is still going on? - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

38 Ben-Hur (2016)

1 of the worst ending I've ever seen

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39 Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

This is a 2016 movie, it was a sequel to the 1987 hit Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

When I first saw this movie, I didn't like it but watching it now, I like it and I was surprised that critics like it too! It was a suprise to me to see and a very good movie!

Not bad at all.

Not a 2016 movie

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40 Yosemite
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