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41 Yosemite
42 Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

This is a 2016 movie, it was a sequel to the 1987 hit Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

When I first saw this movie, I didn't like it but watching it now, I like it and I was surprised that critics like it too! It was a suprise to me to see and a very good movie!

Not bad at all.

Not a 2016 movie

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43 The Choice
44 The Legend of Tarzan
45 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Why would you make a movie about this clown? - VideoGamefan5

Does anyone even care about this clown? - AlphaQ

46 Yoga Hosers

What happened to Kevin Smith? Oh my god.

47 The Conjuring 2
48 Moana Moana

Although I haven't seen Moana, I already know it's rubbish and so overrated. Frozen is a thousand times better. - WinchesterGirl26

Who ever put this on the list is a diehard frozen fan.

Stop hating on things because they are new!

Worst of the worst
they had terrible singers

why the heck would they link the movies to the monkey acting native americans

send the regard to KingBlueMask

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49 Trolls

This was actually a good movie

I think VGF5 put this here because of his hatred for arena grande. Its actually a great movie. - Trollsfan536

Wattpad @kidges

My one wish today - put this at the top.

I don't see why it attracted all these audiences. Even worse, if you ask a kid today about the 90s' toy classic, they'll answer with-

"You mean the movie! I love that movie! "

Scary how no one remembers the 90s' classic


50 Boo! a Madea Halloween
51 The Purge: Election Year

This is easily the worst of the franchise, first of all, it repeated a lot of the mistakes that the first movie had, the second purge was good mainly do to the fact that it knew what it was, a simple action movie, whereas the first movie and this movie are trying WAY too hard to show the psychopathic natures of people on purge night by just beating you over head with scenes of them dancing around, laughing, doing normally innocent actions while they're killing people, or when the first movie came out and they had "Oh Beautiful" playing in the trailer, and in the middle of the movie they showed 1 of the killers happily skipping down the hallway while they were looking for the people they were trying to kill, the filmmakers think that it's symbolic and scary, but in reality it's just really pretentious, also this is some of the worst acting I've ever seen in my entire life, there's this girl who becomes a main antagonist later in the movie, and when she comes back she's trying ...more

52 Diablo
53 Passengers

This movie was good for the first half when it was just Chris Pratt by himself, once Jennifer Lawrence entered into the movie it just went downhill, with the way it played out, it feels like the movie was completely finished and then someone decided to shoehorn Jennifer Lawrence into the movie and just lazily wrote around the script they already had just to fit her in, and it's really noticeable, the first half was decent, had good pacing, a strong moral dilemma that he's going through about being lonely and deciding whether or not he should wake up Jennifer Lawrence, and even a funny relationship between Chris Pratt and this robotic bartender, but once he woke up Jennifer Lawrence the movie becomes so choppy, cluttered and just an all around mess, if he just spent the movie talking to Jennifer Lawrence while she was asleep in the pod, that would have been fine, in fact, it would have made the climax better too, because he has someone he want to protect, and if they didn't kill ...more

The ship has the dumbest operating system ever, its like, you go into hypersleep, and if ANYTHING goes wrong, the pod wakes you up and it's impossible to go back to sleep, who the hell designed it that way, its like "if nothing bad happens then you'll be fine, but if a problem does occur, you're screwed"

Why isn't this in the top 10? - VideoGamefan5

This needs to be set on fire. This is Chros Pratt's WORST film by far. It was so disappointing. The ending is basically like pouring Clorox onto your head and watching your skin melt. This film is torturous so AVOID THIS WASTE OF TIME. 0/10

P.S. I gave 2 movies of the year a 0/10. One being this and the other being Norm of the North. - AlphaQ

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54 Ouija 2
55 The Huntsman: Winter's War

I have the same exact thoughts about these 2 films: They take a great, super creative, charming story, and turn it into a dull, gray, boring, slog-fest, making an adult version of Snow White sounds cool but these films are just cheap, stupid, action flicks. Jessica Chastaine, Charlize Therone, and Emily Blunt were completely wasted and got turned into generic, cookie-cutter villains. And the fights with the evil queens looked like something out of a video game. This is probably 1 of the most unnecessary sequels I've ever seen

56 Cabin Fever
57 400 Days
58 Manchester by the Sea

Ok, here's what o have to say about this movie.

This deserves absolutely NOWHERE near a 97% #strike1
This tries too hard to be emotional #strike2
The actors overreact all the time in this film #strike3
The movie actually made me close my eyes for 5 seconds #strike4
Too much crybabies #strike5
Dull and bland #strike6
Incredibly overrated and annoying #strike7
Feels like Clorox Bleach being poured into your pants #strike8
Confusing $hit #strike9
Cheap garbage that must be forgotten #strike10
This is from 2017 and is the worst film of that year #strike420 - AlphaQ

59 Power Rangers

This was a movie?

That's 2017. - LarkwingFlight

60 Rams Rams The Los Angeles Rams are a professional American football team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

This is not the football team. This is an actual movie. Look it up.

Still a better team than the vikings.

Sounds right.

What? this is a football team!

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