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41 One Nation Under Trump One Nation Under Trump

Guys, this is a political movie. It's supposed to be BORING. It's like saying a kids' show is the worst show ever or trying to roast someone with autism.

He's Now Our President, So Deal with It Liberals, - VideoGamefan5

P.S, he's your president now. deal with it.

42 The Purge: Election Year

This is easily the worst of the franchise, first of all, it repeated a lot of the mistakes that the first movie had, the second purge was good mainly do to the fact that it knew what it was, a simple action movie, whereas the first movie and this movie are trying WAY too hard to show the psychopathic natures of people on purge night by just beating you over head with scenes of them dancing around, laughing, doing normally innocent actions while they're killing people, or when the first movie came out and they had "Oh Beautiful" playing in the trailer, and in the middle of the movie they showed 1 of the killers happily skipping down the hallway while they were looking for the people they were trying to kill, the filmmakers think that it's symbolic and scary, but in reality it's just really pretentious, also this is some of the worst acting I've ever seen in my entire life, there's this girl who becomes a main antagonist later in the movie, and when she comes back she's trying ...more

43 Assassin's Creed

Oh Wait It Did Disappoint, Crap, The Next Video Game Film Is Resident Evil The Final Chapter That Comes Out Along With The New Game (Biohazard), That Film Looks Boring, So Yeah We're Not Getting A Good Video Game Film Soon, Sadly - VideoGamefan5

This One Better Not Disappoint! - VideoGamefan5

Why, why? is it really so difficult to make a good video game movie?


44 Storks

Oh hollywood, the only good furry movies you have ever made are Rio and Zootopia

Am I the only one who thought this was the most boring idea for an animated movie in a long time?

45 Sing

It Looks Retarded, Some Stupid Toilet Humor Crap, Overrated As well - VideoGamefan5

Calm down man, the movie dosen't even come out until December 2016.

It isn't even out and it's already getting a crap ton of hate

A rushed more unoriginal Zootopia. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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46 Diablo
47 Cabin Fever Cabin Fever
48 400 Days
49 Power Rangers

This was a movie?

That's 2017. - LarkwingFlight

50 Free State of Jones Free State of Jones
51 Rams Rams The Los Angeles Rams are a professional American football team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Still a better team than the vikings.

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52 The Wild Life The Wild Life
53 The Finest Hours

This movie was ok, but wasn't bad.

54 Passengers Passengers

This movie was good for the first half when it was just Chris Pratt by himself, once Jennifer Lawrence entered into the movie it just went downhill, with the way it played out, it feels like the movie was completely finished and then someone decided to shoehorn Jennifer Lawrence into the movie and just lazily wrote around the script they already had just to fit her in, and it's really noticeable, the first half was decent, had good pacing, a strong moral dilemma that he's going through about being lonely and deciding whether or not he should wake up Jennifer Lawrence, and even a funny relationship between Chris Pratt and this robotic bartender, but once he woke up Jennifer Lawrence the movie becomes so choppy, cluttered and just an all around mess, if he just spent the movie talking to Jennifer Lawrence while she was asleep in the pod, that would have been fine, in fact, it would have made the climax better too, because he has someone he want to protect, and if they didn't kill ...more

The ship has the dumbest operating system ever, its like, you go into hypersleep, and if ANYTHING goes wrong, the pod wakes you up and it's impossible to go back to sleep, who the hell designed it that way, its like "if nothing bad happens then you'll be fine, but if a problem does occur, you're screwed"

This Film Was GARBAGE, I Felt Asleep Throught The Whole Movie, It Was So BORING, Seriously, Such a Boring Movie, don't WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS MOVIE - VideoGamefan5

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55 Hardcore Henry

The point of view gimmick was literally the only reason they made this movie, you wanna know how I know that? Because if you strip away the point of view thing what are you left with? A generic movie with generic characters a generic villain and generic action. Seriously there is no substance or originality whatsoever in this movie,

The first person view is just annoying, I thought we were supposed to learn from Doom not repeat it

This movie just feels like a gamer tried to make a mission impossible movie

Gamer: the movie. Bad, even markiplier said it was terrible.

56 Warcraft V 1 Comment
57 Moana Moana

Who ever put this on the list is a diehard frozen fan.

Stop hating on things because they are new!


58 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
59 Keanu

Are you serious!?! They actually gave a film budget to a couple of crappy YouTubers? What has the world come to?

I thought Smosh The Movie taught everyone that we shouldn't let YouTubers make movies

First Fred, Then Smosh, and now this? , don't tell me pewdiepie or annoying orange get one - VideoGamefan5

Honestly one of my guilty pleasures - JamesBourne

I don't know what to say...

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60 Jason Bourne Jason Bourne V 2 Comments
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