Worst Movies of 2016

This list compiles the biggest balls of dung released in theatres over the many months of 2016. May The Academy have mercy on their screenplays.

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61 The Finest Hours

This movie was ok, but wasn't bad.

62 The Wild Life
63 Manchester by the Sea

Ok, here's what o have to say about this movie.

This deserves absolutely NOWHERE near a 97% #strike1
This tries too hard to be emotional #strike2
The actors overreact all the time in this film #strike3
The movie actually made me close my eyes for 5 seconds #strike4
Too much crybabies #strike5
Dull and bland #strike6
Incredibly overrated and annoying #strike7
Feels like Clorox Bleach being poured into your pants #strike8
Confusing $hit #strike9
Cheap garbage that must be forgotten #strike10
This is from 2017 and is the worst film of that year #strike420 - AlphaQ

64 Hardcore Henry

The point of view gimmick was literally the only reason they made this movie, you wanna know how I know that? Because if you strip away the point of view thing what are you left with? A generic movie with generic characters a generic villain and generic action. Seriously there is no substance or originality whatsoever in this movie,

The first person view is just annoying, I thought we were supposed to learn from Doom not repeat it

This movie just feels like a gamer tried to make a mission impossible movie

Gamer: the movie. Bad, even markiplier said it was terrible.

65 Conner4real
66 Mother's Day

I think this is from 2015, but still cheesy as hell - Absolite

67 London Has Fallen

The major problem with this movie is the fact that it didn't take place in the White House, which is pretty much where the brand recognition comes from, this didn't feel anything like an Olympus Has Fallen movie, it just felt like a generic action movie with the characters from the Olympus Has Fallen movie

Positively average but it is kind of brainless. Mostly focusing on the storyline, that there is a shootout between the London Metropolitan Police and Middle Eastern terrorists disguised as Metro Policemen as well?! Pretty racist and confusing, acting is good though.

This was a good movie. The only reason it was so low in public opinion was because it tears apart liberal ideology & shows what it takes to kill terrorists!

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68 Pete's Dragon

Useless garbage and the visitor is right, Suicide Squad is so much better than this. 3/10 - AlphaQ

Suicide Squad > This.
Suicide Squad actually made 5x the money at the Box Office that this did.

69 The Shallows

This movie almost made me puke. - railfan99

70 Me Before You
71 Cell
72 Storks

Oh hollywood, the only good furry movies you have ever made are Rio and Zootopia

This is the worst movie in the entire universe EVER!

Am I the only one who thought this was the most boring idea for an animated movie in a long time?

73 Jason Bourne


74 X-Men: Apocalypse

It really sucks that it turned out this way, we were on a hot streak with 2 amazing X-Men movies before this one, but alas, this new X-Men trilogy ended on a sour note, it's not bad per say, it's just meh, personally I think they rushed into this story too quickly, X-Men First Class had no mention of this story ever happening and X-Men Days Of Future Past just decided to throw this story at us at the very end of the movie, imagine if in Avengers 2 they just decided to go straight to Thanos, it's like, slow down, you don't wanna play your cards too early, Overall not a bad movie, just a very subpar movie

Probably the best prequel ever

Not good, but not bad either.

75 I'm Not Ashamed

Don't lie to us. - Frouze

76 Collateral Beauty

No good. - AlphaQ


77 The Disappointments Room
78 Demolition
79 One Nation Under Trump

Guys, this is a political movie. It's supposed to be BORING. It's like saying a kids' show is the worst show ever or trying to roast someone with autism.

I've roasted people with autism before because I make jokes about lots of things (although I do protect autistic people sometimes...) - AlphaQ

He's Now Our President, So Deal with It Liberals, - VideoGamefan5

P.S, he's your president now. deal with it.

80 Shut In
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