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61 I'm Not Ashamed V 1 Comment
62 Yoga Hosers Yoga Hosers

What happened to Kevin Smith? Oh my god.

63 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
64 Cell Cell
65 Captain America: Civil War

Nope. This movie will be epic

This one better not disappoint! - SelfDestruct

Not a bad movie but it is overrated. - RobertdDowneyRobertDowneyJr

This is my favorite movie of 2016 and there is no way that this movie is worse. - Lucasw14

V 3 Comments
66 London Has Fallen London Has Fallen

The major problem with this movie is the fact that it didn't take place in the White House, which is pretty much where the brand recognition comes from, this didn't feel anything like an Olympus Has Fallen movie, it just felt like a generic action movie with the characters from the Olympus Has Fallen movie

Positively average but it is kind of brainless. Mostly focusing on the storyline, that there is a shootout between the London Metropolitan Police and Middle Eastern terrorists disguised as Metro Policemen as well?! Pretty racist and confusing, acting is good though.

This was a good movie. The only reason it was so low in public opinion was because it tears apart liberal ideology & shows what it takes to kill terrorists!

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67 Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice Through the Looking Glass V 2 Comments
68 X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse

It really sucks that it turned out this way, we were on a hot streak with 2 amazing X-Men movies before this one, but alas, this new X-Men trilogy ended on a sour note, it's not bad per say, it's just meh, personally I think they rushed into this story too quickly, X-Men First Class had no mention of this story ever happening and X-Men Days Of Future Past just decided to throw this story at us at the very end of the movie, imagine if in Avengers 2 they just decided to go straight to Thanos, it's like, slow down, you don't wanna play your cards too early, Overall not a bad movie, just a very subpar movie

Probably the best prequel ever

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69 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange

Whoever put this burn their computer right now.

Take this and Zootopia off the list please.

Couldn't wait till the end of the movie, horrible!

70 Bad Santa 2 Bad Santa 2
71 Shut In
72 Collateral Beauty Collateral Beauty
73 Demolition
74 Ouija 2
75 Tarzan
76 Now You See Me 2
77 The Jungle Book The Jungle Book

It's actually a great remake since... Oh wait, they all are bad. - Mumbizz01

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78 Me Before You Me Before You
79 Criminal Criminal

Not bad but it has plenty of generic material. - RobertdDowneyRobertDowneyJr

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80 The Legend of Tarzan The Legend of Tarzan
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